Get To Know Me: Seven Wants

I am ready to jump right into it today!  Today's topic is to share with you my seven wants.  I am not sure how I am going to keep this to just seven - I don't know about you but I want a lot of things.  And since we aren't talking about needs here - this could just get ridiculous - but I will try to keep it real.  Let's get to it shall we?

1. A House
I really really want to own my own house.  However I don't this happening anytime soon.  Since Steve and I started our careers later than most people our age we are still living a renters life.  There are a few perks to this like the 10 minute commute to our Toronto jobs and the freedom to pick up and go when we please - but the concept of owning our own space.  Not having to deal with noisy neighbours.  Outweighs that.  Ideally I dream of something like this - something in the country. 

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2. A Happy Marriage
I think the scariest part about getting married is the thought that it might not work out.  I want my marriage to last.  I want to grow old with Steve.  I want to spend the next 50+ years together. Do you remember that scene in Titanic when the ship is about to go down and there is the old couple lying in bed - spooning?  That part gets me every time.  That's love.  Did your eyes just well up?  Mine did.  Let's lighten it back up.

3. Be Brave
If you know me - you probably know I am a huge wuss.  I am afraid of everything.  In case you didn't read my eight fears post - you should do that.  I want to be braver in life.  I want to be brave enough to start a family.  I want to be brave enough to ask for want I want.  I want to be brave enough so I can become more independent. 

4. Get Rid of Cancer
Cancer is a bummer, right?  It causes so much heartache, pain, stress, sadness to so many families.  I want there to be better ways to prevent and treat it.

5. Get My Drivers License (again)
Yes you read that correctly.  My name is Emily. I am nearly 32 and I don't have a drivers license.  Well I had one 10 years ago but I let it expire.  I plan to get it this year.  Not only is this a want - but it's a need.  Not only for me - but for Steve.  I wont tell you how many arguments that we have had about this subject. Plus we just bought a new fancy pants car and I'd like to be able to drive it. 
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6.  Be Successful
This doesn't only mean in my professional life (though that makes things a lot easier) but in life in general.  Success to me means accomplishing my goals.  The ability to do the things I want.  To have a happy marriage.  To have a happy family.  To travel.  To be who I want to be.  All of those things make me feel as though I am successful. 

7. Be Creative
I find myself always having the excuse that there isn't enough time to be creative.  But truthfully I just don't make the time.  I need creative outlets otherwise I am miserable.  I love sewing.  I love writing.  I love making things.  I want to make for time for this in my life.  I want to make this a priority.  I want my creations to inspire others to be creative.  I want others creations to inspire me. 

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  1. I got arrested once for not realizing my license had expired and getting caught driving without it. It kinda sucked. They had to take me to jail and fingerprint me. The whole works. No cavity search, though. Thank goodness. ;)

  2. LOL I just looked at my license the other day and noticed it expires this year!! I hope not before my honeymoon..I'll have to dig out my passport from its secret safe hiding location. :) I hope I remember where that secret safe hiding location is.

  3. I'm totally with you on the house & happy marriage. I love that 'webcam for seniors video'. They are cutest old couple ever.EVER.

  4. So many things I love about this post. First your dream house is amazing...where is that? Second that part gets me in Titanic every.single.time. Third your new car is awesome...go get your license so you can drive it! Oh and get on that creative thing. I want to see more aprons ASAP! I'll be your crafting accountability partner. :)

  5. I just started reading your blog and I LOVE this challenge you're doing - I'm totally thinking of jumping on board! Did you come up with it yourself or did you find it somewhere?

    I'm from Ontario too and live in Ottawa :) It's always nice to find fellow Canadian bloggers!

    I have a Kia Forte too :) My best friend is in the same boat as you with her license, she let her g1 expire and just never got it again. I think if you've had it before you don't need to wait 8 months to get your g2 after getting your g1, you can just get it and then book your road test.

  6. Sounds like a good list of wants!!
    The older couple in the youtube is from my home state! Such a hilarious video!!
    Good luck getting you driver's license!

  7. Cool idea. Might have to try this some time!

  8. You should definitely get your drivers license again. Then you can visit me more. Which is something I WANT.


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