Get To Know Me: Ten Secrets

I thought it's about time to  get a bit more up close and personal here.  I mean I write a lot about my stinking' cute cat, and about my wedding, and my super handsome husband.  But I don't really tell you a whole lot about me.  And you probably need more Emily in your life, right?  I mean there is a whole lot of awesome your missing out on. 

I am sure that you have seen the '10 Day You Challenge' floating around blogville - I am unaware who the originator is {if you know let me know so I can give them proper credit}.  So I thought I would take an opportunity to share a bit more about me.  If you're not interested in learning more about e-ho {that's me} - you're welcome to leave.  I won't be {too} offended.  

So lets begin.  I am not sure if you're supposed to start with one or ten - but I am starting with ten.  Ten Secrets {that are no longer secrets - but not the deep dark ones - this will be more like 10 facts because people I know might read this and I don't need my skeletons out on the interweb}

1.  Though I will never admit it if you asked - but I have major baby fever.  I have a secret collection of baby blogs I read bookmarked away because I don't want to be caught following them.  I mean I am one day going to be a mom so I need to be prepared.  Sometimes when I am shopping alone - I'll stop into all the baby shops to ooh and aah over the little clothes.  This is probably completely normal.

2.  I hate vampires.  Not like I am afraid of them - but I dislike them immensely.  Whenever I someone brings up some sort of vampire book or movie I should watch it makes me want to barf.  Don't be offended if you strike this up in convo with me and I just walk away.  Don't try to tell me I would like the books or the movies - because you're right I probably would. But  I have read Salem's Lot and watched Interview with a Vampire.  I think I have satisfied my vampire curiosity.

3.  I have a love hate relationship with maintaining a blog.  You can read more about that here.

4. When I was younger I was out playing and I had to pee - but was far from home.  I crouched down {because that makes the pee feeling feel not so terrible} and a grasshopper jumped on my knee and scared me enough that I peed my pants.  I wasn't alone.  Since then - I effin' hate grasshoppers.

5.  The reason I claim to not like dogs is  because I was bit my one - twice on my face.  And it scarred me for life.  Literally. Basically that dog stripped me of my dreams of becoming a model. Oh actually that might be my short legs and big behind.  Whatever.  This is why I am partial to cats.  But the scar totally makes me look tougher, right? 

{I hate this picture - but note the scar right under my nose}

6.  I have a hard time planning for the future.  Which is probably the main reason we haven't decided to start a family.  If Steve asked me to pick up and move anywhere tomorrow - I would do it.  No questions asked.

7.  I have a hard time focusing on one thing.  This is why I have so many hobbies.  I don't think I have 'ADD' or anything I just get bored really quickly.  This is why I multitask.  For example, as I blog I will watch TV and play words with friends on my iPhone, and maybe read TMZ.  This is probably the reason most of my posts don't have good flow. And the reason it has taken me three days to complete this post.

8.  I can't write in cursive.  Well I can - but it's atrocious.  It looks like the handwriting of a seventh grader.   To this day I still print - in all CAPS.

{I don't know how to write some of the letters}
9.  The only swimming stroke I know is the doggy paddle.  I have reoccurring nightmares of being on a boat and it sinking and me having to doggy paddle all the way to shore.  I should probably take a stroke improvement class.  And stop dreaming about being on a boat.  But boats are cool I guess?

10.  I don't know how to properly tie my shoelaces.  Can you believe this?  I have a method that works for me - I should VLOG this for you sometime. 

Is anyone still here? 


  1. I think your baby fever is totally normal for our age. I worry more that I don't have baby fever. It's okay though because I'm still single so it's probably better this way :)

    I will have to remember never to talk vampires with you, I don't want you to run away lol

    I can't cursive write either :)

  2. Yes! I have come down with the secret baby fever syndrome as well. I'm glad there are other closet sufferers :-)

    Also, your cursive puts mine to shame. I think I learned because we had to in 3rd grade, and haven't used it since.

  3. My husband can't swim. At all. He can play every other sport under the sun, but swimming is a no go. I can swim, but that is all I can do athletically. But I am hoping Jesse's boys can swim. Cuz I want a baby. Sometime soon-ish. See how I tied two of your "things" into one comment? Yeah. I am cool like that. PS-Did I ever tell you the time a grasshopper crawled up my wedding dress and died, and then it's guts got smooshed all over the inside of my dress, and I walked down the aisle with grasshopper gut juice on my dress? Yeah. It totally happened.

  4. Your baby fever is totally normal. I'm the same exact way right now- I hate it. And I can't write in cursive either. I mean, I try, but fail miserably. I also write in all caps!!! I love this blog idea. I've actually never seen it until now! I may have to do it myself- goodness knows, I need some inspiration lately!

    Hope you're having an awesome weekend!


    PS- i'm your newest follower!

  5. I loved reading all your "secrets." You think you hate cursive? Try teaching it...I have to teach it to my kiddos this year and I'm scared. I will make them hate cursive like you and me. Oh no! I agree with you about vampires. Everyone seems to have a strange fascination with them. My husband forced me to watch the Walking Dead and I am scarred for life. Ew.


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