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I had so much fun linking up with Kristen from Confessions of a Graphic Design Student last week for her brand spankin' new link-up 'Music Monday' that I couldn't resist participating again this week.  Especially with the topic: Top 5 Songs from your birth year.  Which means we are going way back to the 80's.

{remember I told you that I loved Corey Haim?  Well he wasn't born in 1980 {1986} but he did pass away on my birthday.  I can't be all nostalgic about the 80's without thinking of Corey!}

I know the 80's got a bad rap for clothing and style - which I don't quite understand because after watching the original 90210 I realize that the 90's weren't any better.  However the 80's did do one thing right - produce some of the best music of all time.  I am a real big fan of 80's music.  You know keytars, spandex, neon, crimped/spiked hair..it's all good. 

Thus we come to my birth year - the turn of the decade  - 1980.   That's right - I was born in 1980.  I am practically a dinosaur.  Since 1980 was stacked with so many hits - I had a really hard time narrowing down my selection to just 5 songs.  But I am happy with my choices.  You'll surely be rocking out by the end of the set.  Don't forget your lighters - because I will be happy to supply you with an encore upon request. 

Top 5 Songs of 1980 by Emily Hope on Grooveshark

Don't forget to rock on over to Kristen's to check out some other great hits...I have a feeling they are going to be wicked awesome

And while you are feeding your ears with some awesome tunes - why not feast your eyes on the two meals I managed to cook this week.

Chili Chicken Kebabs

 I got this recipe online from eatcleandiet.com. The recipe overall was simple to make.  I added in a few extra vegetables {green pepper & zucchini} to the kebabs because it only called for onions and 1. chicken and onions is just too boring and 2. Steve isn't an onion fan. 

As for cooking - I would suggest making these outdoors on a BBQ.  I don't think my tiny kitchen is equipped to grill these properly - which means that they took a lot longer than planned to fully cook.  I ended up taking them off the sticks and sauteing them quickly at the end.   I should mention that they are quite spicy - however we both are fans of spicy foods so we didn't mind. I will definitely be making these this coming camping season.

This is right before I pulled them apart to ensure the chicken was cooked

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese {AKA the cheese to my macaroni}

I am sure most of you have seen this recipe from Closet Kitchen floating around on Pinterest.  When I added this to my meal plan two weeks ago, my friend Randalin messaged me and asked me if this was the Closet Kitchen recipe and then proceeded to rave about it.   I was obviously excited because Randalin has good taste - for example she likes Chuck Bass, Britney Spears and wine.

Verdict - this is the best effin' grilled cheese. PERIOD.  Since making this - I took to the Closet Kitchen blog to get more.  I realized that Kevin - who cooks from his closet {sized kitchen} lives in Toronto.  I live in Toronto.  Which obviously means that we should be friends and that he should invite Randalin and I over for dinner so we can dine on delicious grilled cheese sandwiches together - like this one.  You should definitely add this to a future meal plan. I know I will be.

Hope to have satisfied your morning. 


  1. Yum. That chicken looks so good...

    Hey, how'd you build that widget? I clicked on the link, but it goes to an error page...I'm dying to know!

  2. Cory Haim + Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese = BEST.POST.EVER.

    We should invite ourselves to Kevin's (creepy?), catch up on GG, and eat massive amounts of grilled cheese and all other "buffalo chicken" recipes on Kevin's blog.

  3. That buffalo grilled cheese looks "totes amaze" (LOL I couldn't help myself- Shit Fashion Girls Say is rubbing off on me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojnnSZcQEpc) But seriously- I want to eat it for breakfast!

    And I'm SO glad you participated! You can't beat Journey- any way I want them that's they way I want them! baha

    ok I'm still sleepy, I should probably drink up my coffee before I leave anymore embarrassing comments :P

  4. Visiting from Music Mondays!! Love your playlist!! "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" totally reminds me of guitar hero lol. And ACDC!?! Lucky!! One of my favourite songs ever!

    p.s. that grilled cheese looks amazing!

  5. I pinned that grilled cheese on Pinterest...I pretty much love anything involving buffalo, chicken and cheese. Have you had buffalo chicken dip? So amazing. I'm so glad it's as good as it sounds!!!!! I will be adding to that to my future meal plan.

  6. @Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS Yeah so me & my best friend say "totes emosh" when people get shitty or sarcastic about a situation... we've started saying it quite a lot! woops!

  7. There are some right tunes on your playlist! Loving listening to them!
    And I am so making those chilli kebabs for Liam one night! They look SO YUMMY!

  8. OMG that grilled cheese looks amazing! Suddenly I'm hungry! drool :)

  9. your playlist is so fun and like everyone else Im dying to try that grilled cheese

  10. YUM! The buffalo chicken grilled cheese looks amazing!!

    Just dropping by from #FF!

  11. I'm not super into buffalo chicken, but that sandwich looks SO good!


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