My First Time...Blogging

When I first started this blog a little less than a year ago, I informed my readers at the time (that consisted of  myself, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my dear friend Randalin) that I would no longer be a 'Blog Vagabond'.  Go catch up on that post now - I'll wait.

{this is my waiting face}
 I have been blogging on and off for about 10 years.   However back in the day it was more like journaling.  Like online journaling.  A livejournal if you will.  YES - I had a live journal.  And NO you can not have access to it.  That would be similar to committing blog suicide.  Seriously - I started that Livejournal account when I was 22  the summer before I started dating Steve.  I didn't understand what the Internet was.  I am appalled at how freely I wrote.  Even more shocked at what I was writing about.  Who was that girl?  However I am too sentimental to shut it down permanently. There is a post titled 'Eff Taco Bell For Not Being Open Late' . It has nothing to do with Taco Bell besides the fact that I went there and it was closed.  But OK I am going to be brave and let you read an entry from April 8, 2002 (promise not to judge me too much - it was 10 years ago after all)

I love Vanilla coke and Ringalo's.

Have you ever wondered how one's night events can change everything?? I mean just being in the same place at the same time, even when you left and were half way home and for some odd reason you decided that it would be the best idea ever to turn around and go back for just one more drink. No idea of who is going to be there or who you are going to meet up with. And as soon as you walk in the door you see someone who will change everything from that moment on (but at that moment you don't realize it).

Again I am putting to much emotion and thought into this concept. I need to chill out a bit. It is sort of like a way out, but in the same it is the start of something and that something is not what I am in need of. My mind, already, has been wowed and wowed again. all because of one simple idea, gesture, and desire. Now I sit here and try to think of ways to not think about you or anything else for that matter. I hate being and feeling so weak.

I sit here and fight the temptation. what are you saying?"

Are you done laughing yet?  Do you see what I mean?  So dramatic and longing for meaning. And totally BOY CRAZY!  I am so glad that phase ended.  Along with my love for Vanilla Coke - that's just disgusting.

But I think I might have redeemed myself with this untitled post on September 25, 2005

I'm not so sure how I exactly feel about giant boobs that do not move.

And to be honest - I am still not sure how I feel about them.   What are your thoughts?

My Livejournal account remained active until March 2007.  That's five years of my life documented in one place. Maybe I am not so much of a Blog Vagabond after all?  But you can see why I am so sentimental about it.  Why the nostalgia overrules the embarrassment.   And you find gems like these:

After I put my Livejournal to rest - I attempted to blog at a few places before landing myself here at hope squared.  These blogs are a tad less embarrassing so I will share them with you.  You're welcome.

1.  Emily Sew Awesome -  I started this blog when I first got into sewing.  I think it lasts for less than 10 posts.
2. Emily is Thirty: Trials and Tribulations of Adulthood - exactly how it sounds.  This blog also only lasted about 10 posts.
3. Boarding Pass: One Itinerary|Two Views - A blog Steve and I co-authored while we started our trip in Vietnam.  I think we might pick it back up when we head to Thailand for our belated honeymoon.
4. Steve Plus Emily - My wedding blog.  Started as a wedding website - but turned into a blog.  

And that brings us up to date and you can see why I referred to myself as a vagabond.  I don't blame you for getting out of dodge!  But it would be lovely if you stuck around.  I could write about boobs more if you wanted?

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  1. Wow! I couldn't bring myself to link up any of my Xanga posts. But I probably should. Your early livejournal works were literary masterpieces. And Vanilla Coke? Ga-ross. Glad you're over that phase too. I'd have to unfriend you if we're still addicted. ;)

  2. i bet you have way more embarrasing stuff than that. i can only imagine what my 22 year old self would sound like in a journal. you are funny and sweet!

  3. I also had a live journal and cannot believe the stuff I wrote. On the INTERNET! WHERE EVERYONE CAN READ IT!! As much as it is embarrassing to look back on, I do miss the days that I could blog freely. I am much more cautious with what I put online now and sometimes that can be frustrating for me. Anyway, like you, I won't shut mine down permanently but there is NO WAY I would share it with anyone today!!

    I'm so happy you've stuck with this blog :)

  4. My first "blogs" to were livejournal. I think in the course of 4 years I had around 5-6 of them. Good times! Thanks for posting!


  5. Yeah I started my LiveJournal at age 17 and it is BRUTAL to read. It's like I was trying to keep it ridiculously shallow.

    You're a braver woman than I for sharing that shizz!

  6. I loved looking at your blog phases...you need to bring back the sewing posts since you are sew awesome. Haha. :) I will admit that Hope Squared is my favorite.

  7. I did the Livejournal in college too! It no longer resides on the internet, I checked earlier this year. I had a lot of whiny, boy obsessed, posts too. What were we thinking?!

    my embaressing blog name: antistatistic

  8. Oh, Wow..how funny! I love reading your dramatic and deeply-thoughted-out musings...

    Giant boobs? I'm just not familiar with them...

    I, too, had a LiveJournal... don't remember much about it though...had some clouds and some poetry...hilairous...I like my blog so much better now, but I look back at my first posts and cringe! That probably will continue to happen.

  9. So cute! I love going back to old journals and seeing how much I have changed. And I can totally relate to the whole "dramatic" thing. I used to think my whole world was beginning/ ending every day. Glad I grew out of that!


  10. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this post in your comment, Emily! I love it! We are sooo on the same page! I'm reading through all of those links now! I never had a Live Journal, but friends of mine did, and I think it's safe to say that anyone and everyone would be embarrassed to share what they wrote now that we're older! Ha!

    You are so great, Emily!

  11. Hilarious!! Every time I come here I'm giggling out loud... I absolutely LOVE the vanilla coke entry!

  12. You're the best. Thanks for linking up! boobs and cats and beer, stick to it. ;)


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