Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Week 4

Sunday's just sort of sneak up on you!   The best part of Sunday is sharing my interpretations for Scavenger Hunt Sunday and then checking out all the other better shots from peeps who know how to operate their cameras and frame a picture.  If you don't participate you really should.   Next weeks items are: facial feature, shadow, spicy, gold, and fabric.  Sounds fun right?  What are you waiting for?

Here are my interpretations of this week:

1. Strike a Pose
I feel like a huge loser showing off this shot - but I didn't want to ask Steve to strike a pose after asking him to photograph his hand for the Febphotoaday challenge.  Also I really just wanted to showcase my selfie shot taking abilities, not bad right?  And secondly check out my adorably awesome headband.  Did you know that I love headbands?  Well now you do.  

{This is what one looks like after 10+ hours of work}

2. Footwear
I love this topic and had a hard time choosing what to shoot.  I settled for my Toms.  Because if you have worn them  {not mine but a pair of your own} you know that they are the most comfortable shoes ever.  Unfortunately winter has interrupted our love affair but I can assure you we will pick up where we left off as soon as I am able to strip my feet from wearing socks.  I hate socks.

3. Hobby
I can't tell you enough how much I love to sew - it's my favourite thing to do.  It's terribly sad that I rarely make time for it.  My machine is so dusty - I really need to spend more time with it.  That thread has been in there since before Christmas.  Anyone need an apron?  I will sew you one. 

4. Shiny
Do you know what's not easy?  Photographing jewellery.  I can't even count how many attempts I made to get a good shot.  {probably good practice} Even after all my attempts I had to Photoshop the crap out of it and sadly I am not that good at Photoshop and it's still blurry.  I am sure if I knew how to adjust the settings on my camera and had a better flash and better lighting I might have been able to capture something better than this.  But this is what I ended up with.  Regardless I still like it because of what it is of. 

5. Colour Me Green 
Basil's eyes are really green.  It's hard to tell in this photo - but trust me they are green.  Plus I can't have a set without Basil - it just doesn't seem right.  And he wasn't really up for striking a pose this week with the whole not being allowed to sleep on the bed thing. However - I let him back on the bed to get a few shots this weekend.  He's not too impressed.

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  1. Great set...it's nice that you have a hobby outside of photography and blogging like most of us! haha. I really do like the hobby shot though!

  2. Like your choices very much.Especially the sewing machine.Why didn't I think of that?

  3. I've never actually tried on any Toms! Love your hobby shot, too!

  4. Thanks to you I am finally participating in the fun of Scavenger Hunt Sunday! Love the hobby picture and of course Basil's green eyes are stunning. :) Happy Sunday!

  5. That's awesome that you sew! And I'm totally with you on the TOMS. Also, I can never get any good shots with a flash- my advice is to just wait however many hours until you have daylight again! I think that your shot was pretty good considering that you were using a flash- mine always look terrible.

  6. I love your selfie - it's always my backup when I have no one else around.

  7. Love the Toms! I want a pair really bad!

  8. I just linked up too. And talked about you more on the blog. In the least creepiest way possible. I hope.

  9. Heeey! I just found your little blog! I love this scavenger hunt idea! Is it a link-up? Anyway, Hi! I can't wait to read more of your blog!


  10. Love both your sense of humor AND your TOMS :)


  11. Don't feel like a loser until you've seen MY "strike a pose." :) Toms ARE comfortable. (Love the red too.) I hope you can resume your love affair soon!

  12. I love your blog!! Thanks for leaving me a comment, and yes, Radley is a beagle. I'm a new follower & just grabbed your button! :)


  13. Awww, I love Basil - he looks like a good cuddler. Keep working on your technique shooting your jewelery - it is really hard! Your rings are beautiful nonetheless.
    Great set!

  14. I LOVE my Toms more then anything. I actually have a pair in my office and I wear my Uggs into work and change!


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