Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Week 6

Last Sunday I got caught up in the long weekend festivities that I forgot to take my photos for Scavenger Hunt Sunday - so made sure to get the themes for this week captured.  I even ventured out of the house with the camera.  And actually used it.   Be proud of me - because I am.  Here are my interpretations for this week. 

1. Crossed
This is my lame interpretation.  This is the basket that is home to some of my sewing supplies.  The basket has a crossed pattern.  See - super lame, right?  In hindsight I should have found someone who could cross their eyes.  That would have been more clever.

2. A Glimpse
This is a glimpse of Basil enjoying some catnip. He is wild for it.  If it were up to him he would have placed this photo under bliss because this is how catnip makes him feel.  He's not an addict or anything.

3. Handwritten
I decided to go with one of my most favourite items in my home.  Our handwritten love letters from our wedding guests.  This is hanging in our dining room.  It makes me happy.  Wouldn't it make you happy everyday?

4. Bliss
On Monday we celebrated Family Day in Ontario.  We had attempted to visit the Steam Whistle Brewery to get a tour - but by the time we arrived the next tour was nearly an hour and half wait so we decided to hit a pub instead.  My idea of bliss is a nice cold beer.  Beer is good all the time.  Any time.

5. Grey {because I am Canadian}
The Canadian National (CN) Tower is grey.  And tall.  Two years ago I climbed it.  Well I climbed the stairs.  1776 of them.  I don't recommend trying this.  This tower lights up beautifully at night.

Check out some not so lame interpretations here


  1. nice to know you :) your hunt is not lame! it's pretty sweet actually. I'm a cats lover too. we live with four precious felines. yes I did all my blogs design. yours is awesome too. xxo

  2. Great perspective on thd Cnn Tower. Fun shots.

  3. Nothing to be considered: Lame here at all.
    The Crossed is a good shot, I like the texture on your basket (I thought about crossed eyes too!)
    I like your Handwritten, what a great memento from your wedding,
    Your Gray/Grey shot is awesome, I love the perspective and kudos for attempting to walk all those stairs. I don't think I could handle that.
    Bliss....Well I like your photo, Beer not so much. I can't get past the smell long enough to taste it.
    My favorite though is of course (being the cat lover I am)your Glimpse Shot!

  4. Great finds! I especially like your shot of the CN Tower and the paws of your cat!

  5. I've missed 2 weeks in a row...dang it! Your interpretations are not lame. Love the tower...and I love family day. Bring it over to the US okay? Please! Oh and the only time we've given our cats catnip they pooped on our couch...and that was the end of catnip in the Renner house. Haha.

  6. I REALLY like your "gray" shot! The angle and perspective are fantastic.

  7. Great pictures!! Love the photo frame as a guest book! We did the same thing!

  8. I LOVE your gray photo. And I agree that the crossed eyes idea is very clever...maybe another time? :)

  9. Love the composition of the grey picture!
    Dougie loves catnip too. I'm going to try growing it this summer. He destroyed a catnip mouse the other day, so the stuff is in high demand around here.

  10. i don't think these are lame at all! i especially love the second... your glimpse shot. so sweet.

  11. hey, cool!... i just went to your followers widget to follow your blog, and i see i am your 100th follower! what do i win? =)

    love the name of your blog, btw!

  12. Great set of photos, love your grey and your glimpse. :)

  13. oooh love your last shot - fantastic.

  14. Your cat is adorrrable :)
    I love the hand written notes around the map! What a GOOD idea to do that at a wedding!

  15. Great handwritten shot! And I didn't even think of taking a picture of crossed eyes. That's smart.

    I'm posting my pictures later today, since I'm late this week. But the 5 prompts for next week are all my picks, so you should definitely do them!

  16. I'm with ya on the cold beer! any time any where!!! :)


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