Wedding ABC's: Music, Newlyweds & Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

As I mentioned last week, I am trying to knock out some letters to finish recapping our wedding before our first anniversary.  Which is now only a mere 5 weeks away.  We currently don't have any plans - more on that another time.  I have a lot to say today so no time to ramble and get sidetracked.  I have three letters to get through - M, N, and O.

{M} Music
This had to be one of the hardest decisions to make while planning.  There are so many great songs out there - but then the lyrics never related to our relationship.  Thinking back I am not even sure if that matters - but it was the determining factor for every song suggestion that didn't make the cut.  Trust me there were a lot.  First of all I had asked Steve several times if I could walk down the aisle to The Darkness - Growing on Me {click here to listen}.  One this song is awesome.  Two it brings me back to living in Vietnam.  And three - come on this song is awesome.  Steve asked me why I was trying to make a mockery of our wedding.  So we finally decided on having a Cuban trio play but as I have mentioned before the wind was so strong we have to settle on using the stock music supplied by the resort. 

{photo credit - Live Laugh Pull Your Hair Out
They found us later and sang this song on request.
This still leaves us with the first dance.  We both weren't sure if we were going to do a first dance.  We decided to select a song - as back up - just in case the mood struck.  Or if our guest demanding a performance of our awesome dancing abilities.  We came to a decision to use Wake Up by Coheed and Cambria. 

However - my lovely stand in dad, Brandon, had other plans.  And had Total Eclipse of the Heart by the one and only Bonnie Tyler cued up.  Yes our first dance song was Total Eclipse of the Heart the 1983 classic.  Amazing right?  Steve and I both love this song.  Anytime it's played you can guarantee that we both stop what were doing - turn it up - and sing-a-long. 

Before you go any further you need to click here to enjoy the awesomeness

{photo credit - Live Laugh Pull Your Hair Out}
My eyes are closed because I am so into how epic this song is.

{photo credit - Live Laugh Pull Your Hair Out}
{N} Newlyweds
I love being married.  I like everything about it.  Nothing really changed in our relationship - but marriage feels right.  I like the sense of family.  The commitment.  I like when Steve refers to me as his wife - I get all tingly - barf-o-rama I know.  I am so excited to celebrate our first anniversary together and then 50 + more.

{O} Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
I tried my best to get this covered - but I am not very traditional.  And I really didn't pay too much attention to these small details.  Sometimes when I look back I wish I had - but that's what hindsight is good for. 

Old - For starters the only thing old is the little red cardigan {shown above} I busted out because the evening turned quite chilly.  I wasn't planning on it being cold - considering we were in the tropics.  My wedding colours were blue and grey.  The red however did look snazzy don'tcha think? 

New - Basically everything I wore was new.  Dress, shoes, jewellery.  You get it.

Borrowed - See this lovely comb in my hair?  Well this beautiful piece was borrowed from my dear friend Krysten. {Check out her blog - where her and her fiance tell you the ins and outs of home renos} Since the dress had enough going on - I really didn't want to take away from it.  Originally I was going to wear my mother-in-law's pearl necklace - but it really didn't go with the dress.  I am really happy with how well this hair accessory fit with the outfit. And I am so glad Krysten offered up this beauty.

Blue - My unmentionables of course.  Sorry but I can't show those on here.

Missing something?  Get caught up here as I recap our wedding, from A-Z. 

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  1. I love reading about other people's weddings!!
    You are gorgeous! Love your hair!

  2. It's so sweet to read about your wedding and see the pictures!

    I agree, the feeling of family & commitment that you experience after marriage is really sweet. In some ways, things feel the same...but there is a new depth.

    I want to hear more about you living in Vietnam!

  3. Yay I'm so happy you've started up with these again :) Love that your first dance was that song. Perfect. And the clip looked beautiful as did you :)

  4. I just think you're wonderful. Your description of Newlyweds are pretty much my thoughts spot on. J and I don't feel like anything has changed since getting married. Well I got a sweet hook up on health insurance. But other than that it feels the same. But it is so unbelievably awesome to hear him call me his wife. He walks in the door every night and says, "Hi, my wife." And I just lurv it. Sigh. (and yes, total barf city)

  5. Your pics are great! I wish I had been blogging when I got married....almost ten years ago. :)

    I came over from Chickadette's linky party. Following you now!

  6. what a cool way to recap your wedding! I've been sporadically recapping mine as well, got married last April! I love that clip in your hair. gorgeous!

  7. You guys are soooo cute! I love your dress!!!

  8. Found you through Joelle's blog! Love the photos, and your hair was gorgeous during your wedding! I'm about to go stalk the rest of your wedding recap!

    Happy Friday, Emily!

  9. thanks for linking up! you look beautiful and so happy!!


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