Wedding ABC's: Photography

Yesterday I did a count - and there were only 25 days left until our first anniversary.  That means today there are only 24.  I have no idea how the year has passed us by so quickly.   It's Cuhrazzy.

Today I want to talk about something exciting.  And perfect timing. Today I am super excited to discuss our photographer{s}.

{P} Photography
When deciding to do a destination wedding selecting a photographer becomes a tiny bit more challenging.  For one the photographer would be required to attend the trip  meaning that you may be have to fork out the cheese to pay for both their trip and time shooting the wedding.  Luckily for Steve and I we didn't need to go this route.  Steve's sister, my sister-in-law, dabbles in photography.  And by dabble I mean takes pretty sweet pictures.  When I suggested the idea to Steve about asking his sister to shoot the wedding - there was no hesitation.  Probably one of the easiest decisions during the entire planning process.

I am not going to upload the photos she took here - because just yesterday she posted to her new photography blog - Just Because Photography - about shooting our wedding.  Now because I am so appreciative that she took the time to take amazing pictures for us - I offered up my 'skills' and designed a space for her to showcase her beautiful captures.  Yes - I dabble in blog design - we're a talented bunch.  I am not that great at it - but I am pretty proud of this new space.  It still needs some cleaning up - but head over and check out the gorgeous pictures.  I'll wait...but come back because I've got more.  {click the picture below to access the pictures}

Beautiful right?  And I am not just saying that because they are of Steve and I - though that might make me like them a tiny bit more.  For this shoot we rented an old jalopy type car - you know like the car that Archie drives to pick up either Betty or Veronica - and headed to a golf resort Xanadu Mansion - which was a perfect spot to get some additional shots. And the car made for a perfect prop.  I mean look at this gorgeous couple. 

Now - we also decided to hire the resort photographer.  Just in case.  The price was right and plus one can never have too many pictures.  We spent roughly an hour with this lady photographer {I forget her name - so she is now known as lady photographer} after the ceremony and seriously lady photographer had us posing in all kinds of weird and unnatural positions.  I believe half of them didn't turn out since I couldn't keep a straight face.  I'm immature.  Instead of writing about it - I'll just show you a select few.

{I was so embarrassed for this shot considering our guests and half the beach decided to watch this all go down}
{this isn't terrible - you know we be making out on da beach like this all the time}
I am not sleeping here - lady photographer asked me to close my eyes and look lovingly.  I am not a model so I wasn't sure how to make that work.

 I am so pleased with the shots we got.  And we thank all our guests with their cameras who also captured the day.   After the wedding we set up a group album on Photobucket so our guests could share with us all the photos from the trip.  To be honest I look through that album often.  

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  1. Oh jeeze the kissing the knee might be one of the greatest wedding poses ever!! Love it :)
    And the one Steve's sister did is beautiful :)

  2. OMG - the lady photographer shots had me in tears this morning (which, BTW, I really, really needed a good laugh - so thank you). The one of Steve kissing your chest makes me giggle just to think of. You're so lucky you had Vicki!!!

  3. such a gorgeous bride!!! Have loved learning about your wedding :) have a great day!

  4. That car is da Bomb! Seriously! That lady photographer is hilarious! I've never seen a photo of the groom kissing his bride's boobies! Hahahaha... But you look AMAZING!

  5. I'm not sure which I enjoy more: The knee kissing photo or the one where you are sleeping on his shoulder. Either way, I think I want to make this lady photographer my new best friend. Homegirl is far too hilarious for her own good. :)

    I haven't quite decided whether I love you or hate you for your gorgeous wedding in Cuba. I'll have to get back to you on that one.

  6. Wow. Those pictures from lady photographer are ridiculous! I really like the idea of going through your wedding with ABCs. That's a creative way of recapping. Also, I love your blog design. Looks great!

  7. Our photographer had us do a few crazy things, hence the grasshopper finding his way up my dress. We were laying in talk grass at one point. Made for a great pic but very awkward. She told J to pick me up and the look I gave the camera was priceless. Even though it showcases some serious back fat on me it is still one of my favorite candid shots. Your pictures are beautiful and I can't wait to go dig around a bit more on the site you created for your SIL. You're such a savvy gal.

  8. What is it about hotel photographers and cheesy poses?! Oh my God, clearly lady photographer and man photographer (from our honeymoon) went to the same photography school! I was asked to close my eyes in one of them too!

  9. These photos are so cute, look at how happy they are! Love them!

  10. OhmyGawd! I am totally getting you guys to recreate these poses in the near future!! xo

  11. I'm so impressed with you sister-in-law's skills- you're photos are gorgeous!

  12. LOL at the pictures from Lady Photographer! Those are both bizarre and hilarious!

    I do love the car you hired though, it's so cute!

  13. The one where your husband is kissing your chest cracks me up!! hahaha
    thanks for making me laugh! It was a good way to start my day!

  14. Your sister-in-law did a great job! And those pictures on the beach are too funny. Great memories though, right?!

    Thanks for linking up my dear! I hope to see you again next week!



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