Wedding ABC's: Quiet Moments, Reception & Shoes

I am feeling all sentimental these days as all these milestone dates are popping up.  Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Last year on February 14 I picked up my wedding dress.  I was excited to wear it in only 18 short days.  Now it hangs behind a door {because it's too long to hang in my closet}.  It still hasn't been cleaned.  I'm not sure I want to clean it.  Is that weird?  But I should have it boxed up.  I feel like that is some sort of dress funeral - I am completely avoiding it.  So for now it will hang behind a door.  And I will sneak peeks at it from time to time.

Last week I dedicated Wedding Wednesday to Photography.  This week I have a lot to get through.  Are you ready to relive the E-Ho wedding??

{Q} Quiet Moment
As I have mentioned over and over the ceremony was on the beach.  And it was windy.  Like sand in the face windy.  This meant that there was no way that we could use the microphone.  Which resulted in our guests being unable to hear what was going on.  At first I was a little bummed out about this - but now I am thankful.  With no one being able to hear what we were saying made the exchanging of the vows that much more special.  The best of both worlds.  It was amazing to share that quiet moment with Steve.

{R} Reception
 Again because it was windy - we were unable to have our reception dinner outside on the Palapas as planned for the risk of everything blowing away or eating plates full of sand.  We ended up moving the dinner inside.  This is where we were supposed to eat.

Pretty right?

Our reception was very casual.  We were given the option to book a private reception for after dinner - but because we were already on an all inclusive resort there was no need to incur any additional costs.  We had planned to just keep things simple.  For food - we ordered the set menu from the Cuban restaurant, chicken and rice.  The cost per guest was pretty reasonable.  The bride and groom were given the option to have complimentary Lobster.  I am not a seafood eater and at the time was a vegetarian - so I opted for Spaghetti.  Really bad spaghetti.  Eating spaghetti in a white dress?!  I was careful.  Trust me.  Check out the bib!

{blurry - but good}
There were a few amazing impromptu speeches {thanks to those peeps}, some dancing, drinking, and discotheque dancing!  With very little planning the evening turned out amazing.  I thank the amazing group of people we were with.  You're all awesome.

{S} Shoes
{Just Because Photography}
 Let me start with saying I loved my wedding shoes - I just love shoes in general - but my wedding shoes are my favourite.   However I was only able to wear them for the pictures.   They ended up digging into my toes and giving me terrible blisters.  Note to future brides - break those heels in.  Do dishes in them.  Vacuum in them.  Whatever - just make sure they are comfortable.  I ended up switching to my flip flops for the reception. 

I originally blogged about buying my shoes on our wedblog and about the shoes that I was originally going to buy.  If you are interested check that story out here. 

{Just Because Photography}
I love these shoes so much I am going to wear them for our anniversary date!  And you can be assured that I will have them broken in before then. 

Missing something?  Get caught up here as I recap our wedding, from A-Z. 

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  1. I love that table setting by the beach- so pretty! And those shoes (both) are so cute! Great picks!

  2. Sorry I have been out of the blog loop. Enjoyed reading more about your wedding. Those shoes are pretty darn cute. Do you have anniversary plans yet?

  3. Emily, I am SOOO happy that I am not the only one who has not cleaned and boxed up my dress!! It's hanging in our guest closet and every time I see it, I feel this twinge of guilt that I'm letting it hang there like an old winter coat!

  4. Ha I too have not cleaned my dress. It is in our guest room closet. I don't want to box it up, but I feel like I need to do something with it! I love those shoes and the fun story of how it was almost the blue suede shoes!

  5. Your wedding was gorgeous, windy but still beautiful :)

  6. I love the photo that has the shoes and bouquet w/ the beach in the background. Great shot, pretty shoes!

  7. Aww that is really sweet about the wedding vows. And those are some freaking fabulous shoes!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Even though we had micros, our guests couldn't hear a word of our vows... I guess we were not speaking very loudly. But I loved that too. It was a perfect quiet moment. A very special moment for us.
    Also, I changed my shoes after the ceremony. They were killing me, even though I had been wearing them at home for weeks!

  9. I have to agree that the loud wind during your vows was the best of both worlds! I remember you being nervous about saying them in front of everyone, so this way you didn't have to worry about us "listening in!"

  10. Beautiful pictures! LOVE the shoes!

  11. Oh my goodness! Could you be any more gorgeous! Wow. Your wedding looked so amazing!

  12. Aghhhh your wedding looks amazing!
    And your photographer was fabulous!

  13. I am really excited and bit nervous for my wedding renewal. We selected location for vows and found them amazing in all way. i hope to enjoy the day to the fullest.


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