Wedding ABC's: Travel, Unique & Vows

This newlywed is bummed out!  In as little as 11 days I will no longer 'technically' be a newlywed.  The thought of this makes me so sad.  Instead of looking forward to our first anniversary I am dreading it. Not in a bad way - but in an emotional way.  Seriously how am I ever going to have kids?  I am sure to mourn every month they get older. 

So here I am two recap posts left.  Regretting that I chose to speed through them.  But seriously - I don't want to be recapping well into my 10th year of marriage.  Hopefully by then I'll have had the opportunity to renew my vows several times.  Anyways I'll try to drop the Nancy Negative routine and pump you all up with sappy romantic stuff.

{T} Travel
We were super selfish and made our guests get on a plane in the wee hours of the morning and fly here for seven days of fun in the sun. 

{I stole this picture from the web awhile ago and can't remember where}
To be honest the main reason why Steve and I chose a destination wedding was just so we could make everyone go on vacation with us. It was nice to have a week to spend with the important people that we don't get to see too often. We had 4 days to hang out before the wedding - so it was a good way to get our time in before (and after) the big day.  It seems like more traditional weddings the bride and groom are so busy on the day of that they don't really get to spend that much time with their guests {correct me if I am wrong} but by having seven full days we were able to get in some time with everybody.  And that was really important for us.  I was a lazy photographer on this trip - but  here are a few snapshots from the week.

Disco Dave
I am just wondering how I am going to lure them all away again.

{U} Unique
If getting married barefoot on the sands of Cuba isn't unique enough (it's not - it seems like every Canadian is doing it.  This has probably got a lot to do with the fact that we only see pleasant weather 2 months out of 12) we tried our best to incorporate a few unique things into our day.

First of all, as I have mentioned before, we chose not to have bridal party.  The reason being that we didn't want anyone to feel obliged to attend. We realized that it was an added expense and are grateful for those who were able to just make the trip.  Also it was special just having Steve and I standing up there - I mean all eyes should only be on us right?  Well unless a man in a speedo walked by - then I could understand.  The ceremony felt short, sweet, simple and private.

{Just Because Photography}
Secondly, instead of lugging down a bunch of wedding favours that our guest would more than likely toss out, we opted to make a donation in lieu of favours.  I researched some local non-profit groups in Toronto that focus on work in Cuba but couldn't find one that was right - so we settled on Oxfam Canada - because they are pretty reputable right?  The fundraising lady I worked with said she would try to direct the funds to a cause in Cuba that needed it the most.  As a skeptic of large charities I can only trust her word.

{Wording on the place card}
In lieu of favours, Oxfam Canada gratefully acknowledges a donation in celebration of
Steve & Emily

Through this donation in your honour, Oxfam Canada is continuing our sustainable rural and urban development work, with a focus on organic farming and food security, along with gender equality and disaster risk reduction programs in Cuba

{V} Vows
Steve and I didn't really write personal wedding vows - we more or less wrote (or memorized) a love declaration.  I had such a hard time writing exactly what I wanted to say.  Thankfully I wrote what I had to say down because I would have froze. If you asked me what Steve said - I wouldn't be able to tell you.  I assure you it was sweet and it made me cry.  However we stuck with the legal Cuban marital vows - because honestly getting married is just making it legal right?  I think Steve's unromantic nature is rubbing off on me. 

Romantic right?  Sorry it's small - get out your magnifying glass! Or get a bigger monitor.

Missing something?  Get caught up here as I recap our wedding, from A-Z. 


  1. I honestly believe you are still considered a "newly wed" until you've been married 2 years...so you still have another year to go in my opinion. :) I love all your wedding recaps. I'll be sad when they are over!

  2. Wow - I can't believe it's almost been a year! As much as the time has flown by, I still feel as though you and Steve have been married forever. You are an old couple, even if you are newlyweds for 11 more days.

    As for how you get us to take another vacation with you? Show me the plane. I'm there.

  3. Your wedding looked AWESOME! I love the ring picture.

  4. I am still so jealous that you got married in Cuba! Your wedding looks like it was just so beautiful, and how fun that you got to spend so much time with your guests! Definitely a great decision, in my opinion ;)

    Thanks for linking up my dear!


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a great way to share all the pieces of your wedding!

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