What I am Loving Wednesday

Today I had planned on posting my last {the final, the end} of my wedding ABC's series.  But you know what - I can't do it.  Our anniversary is this coming Saturday and instead of being super excited about how we are going to spend the day.  Where we are going to eat. What we are going to do.  What I am going to wear. I am left only thinking about how fast the year went by.  How we worked so much and so late. And it makes me sad that our first year is nearly over.  Have other newlyweds felt like this - or is there something wrong with me?  So I am not going to think about it today and will wait until Saturday to pour over how much I enjoy married life and how sad I feel about the first year being over.

Today I'm going to keep it light.  Today I am going to tell you about some other things I am loving - besides being married.  That's right bloggy friends - I am going to tell you what I am loving this Wednesday.

I am loving (unlike my wedding anniversary) that my blogaverasary is coming up in 32 days.  That means that I will have accomplished my goal - to blog in the same place for one year.  I've contemplated it - and I don't think I am done with Hope Squared quite yet.  Actually I think we are just getting started, don't you?  I have developed some great virtual relationships with a few bloggy friends - and I would hate to give that up and/or the possibility of connecting with even more great people. I am talking about Canadian Bloggers Gone Wild People.  Okay not really! But I do I want to make some changes with the content - and I am just trying to sort that out now.  However I am super excited about it - you should be to.  Whoa - did I totally just do a blog plug here?  Sorry peeps.  Shameless.   I might even have something fun to giveaway to my readers - find out April 1, 2012.  Yup - totally shameless. But it might have something to do with this:

I am loving Polyvore.  I know I am a totally late band jumper here but this site is amazing.  Have you tried it?  Of course you have.  Everyone and their grandpa probably has. Why I love it? It's like an online version of paper dolls.  Do you remember those?  I can literally spend hours designing outfits that I will never be able to afford - but are pretty to look at.  Seriously I am not a fashionita - but I swoon when I see a pretty board pulled together.  It makes me what to hit the mall and drain my savings account.  I assure you that It's an absolutely healthy addiction.  You'll probably see me on Until Debt Do Us Part sooner than later {for those of you non Canadians -  it's a Toronto based show that helps couples who are having troubles with their finances and their marriages are suffering because of it}. This one of my favourite sets - not created by yours truly {I found this on Pinterest}.

I am loving mini egg season.  Yes that means Easter.  I love Easter treats.  Last year I cooked up a batch of mini egg cookies - and got rave reviews.  I was even asked to make them again this year.  I got the recipe from 'Just Cook Already'.  You should try to make these.  Eat them. Take a picture. And then tell me about it.  I will be jealous of each and every cookie eaten - they are that good.  p.s. you can send me some in the mail if you'd like?

{Just Cook Already}

I am loving that since Easter is coming - I get to plan an Easter dinner party with my favourite dinner guests.  So far we have celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, Hallowe'en, and Christmas/New Years together.  I am excited to plan an Easter themed dinner.  Obviously - we'll be painting eggs. 

please disregard Steve's really cool expressions in these photos - he refuses to pose for a picture.

I am loving that camping season is right around the corner.  We are planning on going over the long weekend in May {the weather is surely going to be terrible - but I don't care.  Also we call it May two-four - because it falls around that date.  But really it's probably because peeps in Canada are just drinking copious amounts of beer.  Yes friends we have a holiday dedicated to a case of beer}.  That's only three months away.  I can't wait to put up our tent.  Start a fire {or watch Steve do it} and roast marshmallows.   And obviously drink beer.  Apparently there is a new game we are going to play called wizard sticks - has anyone played this before?  Probably not because you are respectable humans. 

I am loving being married to Steve.  Ladies this man is awesome.  And even though I mentioned earlier my apprehensions with our upcoming anniversary I am truly happy to have nearly made it through a year of marriage with such ease.  I learned before getting married that relationships are all about compromise - I think this is all you need to survive it. 

Mini-golf with the Hope's - Steve was winning.  I didn't like it.  I told him to let me win.  Compromise!

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  1. I like that fashion outfit set, too!! It's super cute. Those capris/shorts are darling too :) Can I haz? ;)

    Love the photos :)

  2. I hope you stick around for a long, long time! =)

    You are NOT alone in being upset about your one-year being over. I get all sad about stuff like that too. I was just wondering the other day how long I'll be able to call ourselves "newlyweds." I love the word so much =)

  3. cadbury egg season and upcoming camping = perfection.

  4. I am so so so excited for Easter treats to start coming out! those cookies looked delicious!

  5. I am definitely making those cookies! Dennis has a weird love for egg shaped candy so he'll be thrilled. I'm also going to attempt my own cream filled eggs. We'll see how that goes? Maybe an Easter baking day is in order?? And I think those dinner party pictures are super cute :)

  6. Polyvore? Easter Cookies? Easter Candy? Camping Season? Are we the same person!? HA!

    Loving your cute blog..Really!


  7. You're not the only one that had a hard time with your one year anniversary! I started to panick when I realized how quickly the first year had flown by. I wish I could slow time down. How long is one actually allowed to call themselves Newlyweds? 2-3 years?

  8. Haha, I love how you described Polyvore as paper dolls--it really is exactly like that! But like a bajillion times more expensive to buy the real clothes!:) And don't even worry, we're only seven months in and it makes me sad to think about how fast time has flown by--I wish it would go a little slower!:)

  9. I can't wait for camping season!!! And I was sad when our 1 year anniversary came around too. It's a bitter sweet feeling. PS look at you and all your fancy new buttons! Love the long one!

  10. Remember what is was like to live in another country & not be able to get American treats (a la Cadbury eggs)? Ship me some!!! (just kidding, sort of.)

  11. Hold wizard sticks. That shizz sounds pretty sketch {and totally awesome.} Please, for the love of God, make sure there's photographic evidence that you share with your bloggy friends.

  12. Hey sweet girl! Just stopping by to say that you've been awarded the Sunshine Award on my blog! Happy Thursday!

  13. You have a day dedicated to beer?? Canada does it right obviously. Count me in! :)


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