Anniversary & Punk Rock

So Steve I have been suffering through the past week with a cold.  It's horrible.  We celebrated our first anniversary as married people this past Saturday.  Well we attempted to since half way through lunch we determined that we both didn't really have the energy to get involved in too much activity.  Here are a few photos from the weekend.

1. Basil and I usually hang out like this after work.  He tells me about his day and I complain about mine.  2. Steve had these amazing flowers delivered to the house on Saturday morning.  Remember when I said he wasn't romantic?  I lied - he's kind of romantic.  3. It took a few stop lights to get this one and only anniversary day picture.  And GASP Steve is semi smiling.  4.  We went to see a movie after lunch and then headed to the drug store to pick up some supplies for the evening.  We ended up cancelling our dinner plans and watched TV in our PJ's instead.  It was perfect in my opinion.  5. On Sunday we realized that we didn't eat any anniversary junk - so we hit up Dairy Queen for an Oreo Ice-Cream cake - there is still plenty left.


Now have you all participated in Kristen's Music Monday link up?   If not you should because I think more bloggers need to talk about music.  Music is so important.  It's almost like an old picture.  A song can take you back to moments. So share your love of music with me - because I am obviously living in past as I can't get away from the music that I fell in love with in high school.  This week our challenge was to share songs from our favourite genre.  I wrote a post back in January about my love of punk rock and shared my favourite SoCal punk rock songs with you. I feel that my musical taste just shut off at 18 and I can't seem to get into any of these new breaking genres.  Good old punk rock that makes you want to fist pump {and not like a guido} is what makes me happy.

I had a really hard time coming up with this list - since I have already shared my favourites with you {see link above}. As well  - sometimes the lyrical content I thought would be offensive to some.  But alas - I like these songs - so what can I do?!  I managed to keep it fairly PG - but there is the odd eff word and maybe - you don't want to listen to the first song.  But it's good so maybe you do? Here are six punk rock songs to give you a small dose of what I am talking about. Afterwards you'll want to pierce your nose and dye your hair blue.  I did {16 years ago}.

Punk Rock Countdown by Emily Hope on Grooveshark

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  1. I'm sorry you were sick, but at least you 2 were in it together! In sickness and in health right? :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sorry to see you guys had to spend it sick though :(

  3. Look at your, Ms 3 Link-ups! Please tell me I inspired your multi-linkage {even if it's not true--just lie to me!}

    Happy Anniversary to you and Steve :) Thailand must be coming up!

  4. I also feel like my musical tastes shut off when I was in high school/early college. New music doesn't meet the same expectations. Sigh. I miss NOFX.

    Also, Happy Anniversary!

  5. Hope you both are feeling better!!!
    Your husband takes way better pictures then mine. :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! That cake looks delicious! Cute blog! :)

  7. Sorry yall were sick... I was super ill on Valentines Day...bummer.

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. So I don't mean to act like a crazy stalker and comment on every single blog post you write. BUT I HAD to comment about DQ, because I love it so much. The nearest one is 2 hours away, because apparently people in Oklahoma don't crave DQ like the rest of the country. Anyway, that's all. I do hope you enjoyed your delicious ice cream anniversary cake :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!! I totally used to be obsessed with punk- always wanted to dye my hair blue but never had the guts! haha I don't keep up with it anymore, but when I'm in the mood I love to headbang to this stuff! Rock on! :P

  10. So this is basically the best first anniversary celebration ever. Dairy Queen cake?! Amazing. I hope you two ate the whole thing.


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