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Hello Friday and hello March!  March?  Are you serious?!!  Do you remember how slow time would go when you were young?  Waiting for your birthday or Christmas to come.  It would take an eternity.  Not anymore.  Things like that now just sort of creep up on you.  However thankful I am to see Friday - I am still sad that another week has flown by.  Enough about that - let's get to the letter writing because I feel like I have a lot to write.  {note that I am ill  (not illin' but actually ill) and have soothed my ailments with the assistance of Neo Citron - this helps for loose fingers and poor sentence structure}

Dear Steve Can you believe that tomorrow we will have been married for 366 days? Technically today is our anniversary but since it's a leap year we get to have one extra day in our first year.  I love being married to you {thanks for asking}.  Though we don't have anything planned for the day - I know whatever we end up doing will be awesome.  p.s. In case I forget to tell you - you're the best husband ever.

Dear Fail to Remain Lady thanks so much for hitting our parked on the street car.  I mean the car was so new and shiny it's probably for the best that you dented the door.  And why bother stopping and getting out to see the damage.  The weather was bad - and you wouldn't want to get snowed on or anything.  It's probably for the best that you drove away.  NBD {no big deal}. p.s.  You suck. 

Dear Friend thank you for witnessing Fail to Remain Lady and leaving my husband a nice letter with all the details for her car.  It's nice reminder that there are good and honest people around a city full of grumps.  Your letter will hopefully save us some money in repairs.  p.s.  You're really nice. p.p.s. Read it and weep Fail to Remain Lady.

Dear February Photo a Day Challenge  I completed you.  I feel so accomplished.  I only cheated a little bit - but almost remembered to capture a photo everyday.   p.s. You complete me.  

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 Dear March Photo a Day Challenge It's on like donkey kong.  Who is joining me? 

Dear Basil you make waking up nearly impossible.  No wonder Steve wants to nap so much.  Seriously you both make it look so enjoyable. 

Dear IBLOG4ME What a wonderful surprise to wake up too.  Thank you for making me the fab friend of the week.  I am a pretty fab friend if I do say so myself.  p.s.  Dear Bloggy Friends make sure you go over to IBLOG4ME and link up your blog to meet some new fab friends.  Maybe one day you'll wake up and be the fab friend feature?!  Do it!!!

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  1. Such a nice neighbor!!
    I wish my neighbors were like yours!

  2. Aw dude that sucks about your new car!!! Is there a lot of damage? But yay for nice neighbour guy!! And Happy Anniversary lady! You two are one of the coolest married peeps I know! :)

  3. I'm doing March photo challenge too! Congrats on completing the Feb photo challenge and also congrats on your one year anniversary!

  4. Hit and Run?! That is miserable. I hope your insurance company sorts things out and doesn't give you too much of a hassle. Also - your kitten is adorable. I would love to go snuggle up with my kitten instead of working on this sunny Friday! I love the idea of Friday letters, will have to check out the others you've linked to.

  5. Wow, what an awesome neighbor! And what a sweet kitten!

  6. So nice that someone was kind enough to give you the information! You don't see too many people like that anymore.

    Happy Friday!

    ashley / afterninetofive.net

  7. Sorry about your car, sweets. That's a bummer. If it makes you feel any better I was back out yesterday and backed into a concrete wall. It was pretty big, so not entirely sure how I missed it. But I did. And now I have a dent in my bumper. Boo. Thank goodness the father in law is a body man and he can fix it. Happy almost anniversary. If I was a good pen pal I'd send a card....

    1. And by missed it l mean, "missed seeing it". Urrgh.

  8. Just when you lose faith in humanity, a nice citizen comes along and proves you wrong :-)

    Also, so you just HAD to go and get sick because Lo was sick hah?

  9. love letters-, i love 'love' letters even more. sweet. happy friday friend

  10. First, happy anniversary! Also, I love the clear sarcasm of the letter to the person who dented your car. BUMMER! Oh, and that note is awesome. Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday :)

  11. Hey Fab new Friend! I am so in love with your blog. It is just beautiful! Also, happy anniversary! My husband I just celebrated ours too!

  12. what a nice person to write you that note. and what a nasty person to just drive away. really, people actually do that?!!

  13. that is a good neighbour! sucky way to christen the car :(

    I'm totally going to try the photo a day challenge. seeing as that's why i started by blog to begin with :) I like the idea of having a list to work through though.

    happy weekend!

  14. Happy Anniversary! And how lucky for you to get an extra day in your first year...enjoy it! And congrats on being featured on Fab Friends Friday...going to check it out now. Check your email. :)

  15. that letter= amazing! What a great person to give you that info!! Great to see that people like that still exist..and in toronto too (meaning it's a big city..)
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Aww that random friend is AMAZING!!! Very few people in the world like them. Happy Anniversary to your and your Honey!


  17. karma will run up on the rude fail to remain lady!

    i am doing photo a day as well..instagramming it :)


  18. wow...what a difference in the world ..a person hitting your car and leaving ..and a person writing the note! i would hope to always raise kids to do the right thing..and leave a note that takes responsibility!!
    I am your newer follower....pls follow back if you can.
    happy weekend.

  19. HOW has it taken me so long to come by and follow your blog?!? I'm a little in love!! Especially with this letters situation. I have a tendency to speak in letters sometimes... is that strange? But I should totally write some of them down and do this!! :)
    Excited to keep snooping!

  20. I want to try a photo a day challenge, I did half the month but never a full one.

  21. So sorry about your car! That sucks. But how great you got that letter. What an awesome person to do that!

    Happy Anniversary, Emily! I hope you have a great one...and feel better soon...


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