Friday's Letters

I am totally gettin' down this Friday.  I am finally on the mend.  My back isn't hurting as much.  My cough is subsiding.  And tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY.  Yo, Yo, Yo shorty... sorry about that!  I couldn't help myself.  But first ... I've got some letters to write.

Dear Steve Thank you so much for the amazing flowers you sent me for our anniversary!  They are gorgeous - and still alive nearly nearly one week later! You're a really good flower picker outer.  p.s. Sorry we were sick on our anniversary - let's do a redo date in Thailand?!

{I promise this is the last time I talk about these stinking beautiful flowers}
Dear Thailand That's right!  I am going to be in you.  Are you ready for my return?  It's going to be awesome.  I have even convinced Steve that going to the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi will be more enjoyable than another day walking the streets of Bangkok. p.s. Please promise that the tigers wont bite me!

Dear New & Old Blog Friends Thanks for coming by and sticking around.  If you weren't here I wouldn't be inspired to write.  Thank you for helping me keep up with this blog.  p.s.  Also thanks for inspiring me everyday and sharing all your amazing words, pictures, creations and stories.

Dear Mrs. Robinson, Kate & Emily Thank you for letting me take over your blogs for a day and spread my banter to your readers.  I enjoyed writing each and every post.  p.s. Blog Friends - if you missed reading these posts please check them out {and don't forget to also check out these ladies because they are all awesome in different ways}
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Dear Birthday Pancakes You are going to be made and eaten on Saturday.  And you are going to be delicious.  p.s.  Dear Allison thanks for bringing this deliciousness to my attention - too bad you couldn't come over for my birthday feast. p.p.s.  Dear pancakes (again)  I can't wait until you are in my belly. 

Dear Basil I am sorry I don't play with you that much anymore.  I am just really busy.  I still enjoy after work chats and late night snuggles.  Do you want a kitten to play with? {please say yes} I've almost convinced Steve that's what you need.  p.s.  Will you promise not to eat it if we get one?  p.p.s. It won't make me love you any less.  p.p.p.s. Dear Steve Can I get a kitten for my birthday?

{this cat is seriously aching to be a model - I mean look at his zoolander pose - he's totally nailed blue steel}



  1. Birthday pancakes.....nom nom nom!
    I want to come to the party!!! :)

  2. Thank you for guest posting! I love this post- Happy Friday and Happy almost Birthday!

  3. Those pancakes look out of this world amazing. I want to eat them. I'm visiting from I blog 4 me. And that tiger? WOW. I held baby tigers, but never big ones!

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous! And super jealous of Thailand! I wanna go!

  5. Ummm Thailand? That's AWESOME! PLEASE take alot of tiger pictures because I wish I could be right there with ya!

    Happy early birthday! Eat lots and lots of pancakes ;)

  6. I heart pancakes! those with icing and sprinkles look amazing! enjoy them! :)

    Tell Basil that he definitely needs a kitten. I hesitated for a long time getting Milo a friend and when Matilda arrived I couldn't have been happier! They have their moments but there is little sweeter then seeing them playing together, grooming one another and snuggled on the bed. He's going to be very sad when her little kidneys give up on us. Hoping that's not for a long time!

  7. Yessss! I'm so glad you are making the bday pancakes. I really want to make them too. Let's both get up, make pancakes, sew our little hearts out, take tons of pictures and then pretend we did it all together. Haha. I hope you have a fabulous weekend...I'm glad your sickness was smart enough to leave you in time for your birthday!!!! :)

  8. Those flowers are gorgeous! He did great! Oh, and I saw those pancakes on Allison's blog and I'm determined to make them soon!! Let us know how they are!!

  9. oh yes...i think Basil needs a kitten.

  10. 1. Yes, those flowers are amazing! Especially if they are 1 week old! holy cow, that is awesome!

    2. THAILAND?! TIGERS?! I am supremely jealous and will live vicariously through your posts about it!

    3. Basil needs a friend, tell your husband I said so, and that he should get you one for your birthday! :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and thanks for linking up, always love your letters!


  11. Oh MMMM.. those pancakes look DELICIOUS (:

  12. OMG. Those pancakes. Yum. And that picture of your is absolutely priceless. Love it!

  13. love all of these images. and have so much fun going back to thailand. sounds so magical!
    xo TJ

  14. Oh my goodness I love the basil! I think basil needs a kitty friend too. I keep thinking about getting a kitty for franklin to be his friend since the dog is a show stealer.

    I am so sorry it has taken me a few days to reply to your linkup. Thank you so much for joining in on Fur Baby Friday!

  15. oh, I love your last letter!!
    And you cat is so cute!
    Too bad my husband is allergic to cats!
    We found out when we were visiting some friends of mine who have FOUR cats in their house. MJ learnt that the hard way. Poor guy.

  16. Those flowers are gorgeous and those pancakes look AMAZING! I hope they are as delicious as they look!!


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