Friday's Letters

Blogging on honeymoon?  How romantic!  We have had a jam-packed itinerary so it's nice to just stop and reflect for a minute.  Above are a few shots I shared on instagram (find me @e_dubb).  So far it's been amazing.  I can't wait to bore you all to tears about it when I am back.  But for now I have a few letters I have been meaning to write and then I've got to bounce - so this will be short and sweet just like me.  Or is it myself?  I don't know.

Dear Clare and Katie thank you so much for breaking my guest post hosting virginity.  It was such a pleasure to collaborate with both of you.  AND the post you both came up with was definitely top notch.  p.s. Dear Readers check out Clare and Katie's post here to see what I am talking about. Get ready to giggle.

Dear Emily thank you to you as well for the awesome post on guest posting etiquette.  It was definitely a pleasure having you spread your wisdom to my readers and further across the blogosphere.  Also thanks for helping us all become better bloggers.  Keep on dishing it out lady. p.s. Dear Readers check out Emily's post here.

Dear Honeymoon I love you and don't want you to ever end.  How can I make that happen? I don't want you to ever leave me.  Nor do I ever want to leave you. 

Dear Basil I miss you man.  I hope you're treating your caretakers nicely.  And remember no biting and no whining.  I can't wait to snuggle you when I am back. Please keep being awesome. 

Just in case you forgot how awesome this guy is - you're welcome.
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  1. Basil is so precious..I want to hug him :)

  2. Continue having an amazing time on your Honeymoon! Basil and the tie is just darling!

  3. hope you are having fun on your honeymoon!!! your kitty is gorgeous!

  4. Dude, you have to come back. Kevin just posted a buffalo chicken club sandwich recipe. I know they don't have that shit in Thailand.

  5. I think I am in love with your cat!! Just found your blog via Adventures of Newlyweds. :)

  6. I have been loving all of your pictures!
    Hope you're having a blast :)

  7. I cannot wait to hear more about the honeymoon! So excited & happy for you and Steve. Also, your photo editing & special banners are prettttty slick, my dear. Well done.


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