Journey Forward: Dear Emily

As part of my Journey Forward challenge - this week we were prompted to write a letter to from ourselves one year ago.  At first I thought this was going to be easy - but each time I went to start writing I found myself staring at a blank blogger screen.  I don't know why - but here is my letter.

Yo E-Wadd!!! {This is what people called me prior to my marriage}

What's up girl?  I've got a lot to tell you.  Remember when you said that you never really cared if you got married or not?  Well as soon as you are standing in that moment about to marry Steve - all of that will change.  You will enjoy being married and what that represents.  You'll enjoy the sense of family that it brings to the two of you.  You will use "but I am your wife, so your business is my business" as often as you can because it's true - you're family now.  You'll love being married - but most of all you fall even more in love with Steve then before.  Together the two of you will begin to define the meaning of family. But sorry there will be no creating a family this year - but keep working on Steve he'll come around soon enough. Oh and you'll also start to to talk about all romantic gushy stuff?  You'll even wonder - who the heck is this girl?  Go with it - emotions are good.  Love is awesome.

There will be some tough things that the both you and Steve will have to deal with emotionally and a lot of unknowing but together you will keep positive.   Both of you need to keep your chins up and continue to work on this. 

You will continue to be successful in your career - Steve too.  The two of you will work really hard {and really late}.  You should probably try to make it home early - at least one day a week.  Create more memories at home than in the office.

Steve will continue to keep you grounded.  He'll continue to point out all the times you are being irrational.  This will drive you crazy - but just know that he's just helping you be a better you.  Try to go easy on him - he only means the best.  Plus who wants to hang out with a ranter and a raver?  No one - that's who!  You've come a long way - keep it up.

And girl - you're going to regret all those days lost by not going to the gym, eating bags of potato chips, and slinging back beers.  You're going to wonder why the dryer is shrinking all your clothes -especially the ones that don't even go in the dryer.  I am warning you now 'from the lips - straight to the hips'.  Thanks for that.  This body is awesome.  I am really going to enjoy trying to work-it-out.

Well girl - enjoy every moment of the year because it's going to go by fast.  And take care of you!  {yes you still like Pretty Woman}

Peace out,

Future E-Ho


  1. What a positive & uplifting letter Emily! I've gotta write myself an encouragement letter soon I think- maybe speaking to the today Katie, not last year Katie.

  2. Writing my letter was harder than I thought it would be too! I left it until late last night figuring I'd just scribble something down but it really took some thinking.

    I really enjoyed getting some insight into your life seeing as how I'm new to your blog! I feel like your personality shines through this letter!

  3. Emily! That is so sweet...and powerful!

  4. I love this! I' so glad you love married life. And I will always love Pretty Woman!

  5. Love reading everyone's letters!

  6. Your letter is great! The marriage part is very sweet, and I couldn't agree more. You do fall more in love and feel more connected and more like a family. It's funny how somehow you think in this modern age that marriage won't change the relationship, and then it does! In a good way :)

  7. Hahaha, you wonder why the dryer is shrinking your clothes. Dryers are evil creatures. I'm convinced there are fairies in my closet that get jealous of all the tasty food and drinks we get to taste so they get back at us by resewing all of our clothes a size smaller.

  8. The part about making more memories at home than at the office resonated with me. I tend to get so caught up in my work that I don't always make time for the more important things.

  9. Awww, I just love this letter! It seems like you've really taken some time to look back and reflect. There are a lot of little lessons you mentioned that I think we can all take to heart! :)


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