Journey Forward: Hi My Name is Emily

So you are getting a whole lot of posts dedicated to me this week.  I am terribly sorry about that - but maybe you are all starting to feel like you are getting to know me a little more?  Maybe wondering why you are reading this blog? Nonetheless I am going to tell you more about me.  I promise to cool it after this alright.  But as part of my Journey Forward challenge - I was asked to introduce myself and describe who I am.  So do you think you know the real E-Ho by now?  Let's see.

Let's start with the basics.  My name is Emily.  I live in Canada.  I speak Canadian.  Thankfully this isn't a vlog.  I am terribly embarrassed to do one of those - but at the same time intrigued.  I just turned 32.  I have a handsome husband.  We are DINK's (Dual Income No Kids).  We love to travel.  I've got a big bedonk-a-donk.

{Big Sur California, 2009}
I decided to take a more creative approach to describing myself.   Let's see how this works.

I am emotional.  Sometimes I am really bad at showing this on the outside - but on the inside I am usually a mess.  Consider yourself lucky for not having to deal with the crazy.  I cry over the simplest things.  Commercials.  Movies.  I cry when I am mad - a lot.  I guess it's better than punching someone.  I cry when I am happy.  I cry, scream, yell when I hold things inside too long.  I am bad with dealing with things.  I just let them build up until I basically explode.  It's super healthy.  My husband knows how to deal with this.  I am lucky.  And that makes me want to cry.  Pass the tissues please.

I have a hard time accepting compliments or praise.  I usually brush it off.  Even if I am beaming with pride on the inside.  I don't like to gloat (all the time).  Most likely you'll find me singing praises about Steve.  I also  don't like to be the centre of attention - this is why we opted for such a low key wedding.  I don't like big. or extravagant.  I like simple.  I like small.  I like low key.

I have a weird imagination.  Sometimes it runs absolutely wild when brainstorming.  Often too far.  But sometimes it's good for flushing out some awesome ideas.  I was a serious Barbie player when I was younger.  I would give each Barbie an identity, a background story, and all my games had a plot.  Once Barbie was an aspiring figure skater - that was until she broke her leg.  I casted it up (because it had to be realistic) and sent her to the DR for the worst news of her life.  Barbie would never skate again.  Tragic right?   I also used to write songs when I was about 8.  Love songs.  About heartache.  Did I mention I was 8.  I knew nothing about heartache.  But I wrote a song called 'Hearts are Beating Much Faster'.  I wish I had the lyrics (or the tape) to share with you.

I am so lazy.  Especially when I am uninspired.  This is the number one reason why I fail at hobbies.  I get bored.  I get lazy.  And nothing gets done.  I also hate cleaning.  I hate laundry.  Basically I hate all domestic chores. Except cooking - I like that.  I really wish I knew how to get rid of laziness.  Help me?!!

I am not even sure if this is true - but for 32 I don't think I come across as a stuffy old lady.  Maybe I do?  But I honestly feel like I am still 22 - with a heck of a lot more bills and obligations. I want to feel that way the rest of my life.  I don't want my age to ever catch up to me.  Maybe this has something to do with being childless?  But for now - I am enjoying this mini fountain of youth.

So there you have it.  Some more personality traits.  Do you still think you kind of like me?  Be honest.  I promise to only cry on the inside.

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  1. I cry at everything too. The worst is when I'm really mad because then the other person things that I'm just crazy but really I'm mad!

    My sister used to be a competitive gymnast, I would tear up watching her compete from being a proud big sister. I used to bite my lip to try to stop from actually crying! I know I got this trait from my dad, he's a big cryer too :)

  2. I am lazy too. Well I go to work & I work out..anything else is fair game for procrastination. I just embrace it :)

  3. I think youthful is a great way to feel! It helps keep life fun and low stress.

  4. Love the Big Sur pic. Partially because I heart Big Sur, and partially because of your bedonk-a-donk.

    I like "youthful." Blogs are like this bizzaro world where 25 is the new 80. All the time I read people saying "welp, I'm turning 26 *gasp* how did I get so old?" I don't understand this at all. I'll be 28 this year, and from what I can tell...life just keeps getting better and better every year. And I'm not feeling any older (in the bad ways...but maybe wiser, which is nice!)

  5. Oh, dear, I'm so emotional. I cry for the silliest things.
    However I feel old. I'm 25, but I feel like I'm 30. haha

  6. You and I are very much alike my dear....except you know more about blog design.....
    ...please teach me how to make your pretty collage things...
    ...and how to make a instagram button thingy.....xo

  7. I used to make my barbies have sex. Just sayin...

  8. I miss playing with Barbies.
    Why is this not acceptable for adults, dammit. :)

  9. I'm right there with you with the crying thing. I cry when I'm angry too, and basically at all other situations - even when I'm incredibly happy.

  10. Such a creative way to approach this prompt! I love it. Also, I am still as serious about my Sims characters as you were about your barbies. I provide running commentary about them as I play. Hah.

  11. Ummm I feel like we may need to be best friends! That's how I felt reading that post! I too am lazy, hate domestic chores (but love to cook), am super low key (which is why my husband and I eloped, just the two of us!), have a hard time accepting praise, bottle everything up but love to have a good cry - prompted by songs, movies, during tv shows, and of course, I cry when I am furious, too (which I feel like is so weird!). So excited to have discovered your blog :)


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