Music Monday: Movie Soundtracks

Daylight savings has totally screwed me up.  I am so groggy and out of it today.  I was also super busy as we celebrated both our birthdays this weekend and I am struggling with a 'Draw Something' addiction.  Do you play?  If yes - wanna play me?  

But what better way to kick off the week than to listen to some music - this weeks theme  was top songs from movie soundtracks.  Normally I would have prepared this post earlier - but better late than never.  I love a good movie - especially when it is paired with awesome music.  This is probably why I am drawn to musical-esque type movies; dirty dancing, footloose, grease, labyrinth, etc.

I decided to go with a variety of movies - because I couldn't stick to just one.  If I had it would have hands down been Dirty Dancing.  I love everything about that movie.  Anyways - here are a few of my favourites. 

1.  Dirty Dancing - She's like the wind
This is not my favourite song nor my favourite scene - however it is my second.  This is the moment when Johnny Castle comes to Baby's cottage to say goodbye - they have a moment at his car and then he skids out of there.  Seriously every girl was pinning for a bad-boy boyfriend like Johnny.  I know I was.  If you can't remember this scene - watch the YouTube clip

2. Almost Famous - Tiny Dancer
This is probably one of my favourite moments in any movie.  I can watch it over and over.  Don't you wish you were on that bus?  Preferably sitting next to Jason Lee.   I suggest you watch the YouTube clip at least five times. 

3. Labyrinth - Magic Dance
I've talked before about the big fat crush I had on David Bowie circa 1986.  But truth is I  also love the entire Labyrinth soundtrack - but this song was always my favourite.   I mean look a David move!!

4. Grease - Summer Nights
Am I the only one that also had a big fat crush on John Travolta?  Do you remember him in look who's talking - when he is dancing to walking on sunshine? Ummm...marry me?!  Well  I feel the same way when I watch Grease.  And what's better than Greasers dancing on bleachers?

5.  Footloose - Holding out for a Hero
I haven't seen the remake of Footloose - but I love the original movie.  And the scene where Kevin Bacon is so mad that he needs to dance out all his frustration?  Amazing right?  I need to do this when I am mad.   You need to watch this now. 

But the second best scene and the best song is when they are playing chicken with the tractors to this Bonnie Tyler song.

What are your favourite movie songs/soundtracks?   Go here and share because I want to hear them.


  1. this post made my Monday! =) I looove Grease and Dirty Dancing. Top two favs of all time (after The Little Mermaid.)

    I'd love to play Draw Something with you...but you're slow! haha

  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday!! I love movie soundtracks and have a weakness for any on the shelf at the store! I love your picks and want to go watch Dirty Dancing right now! And Footloose...have you seen the new one yet??

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your picks, especially Tiny Dancer & of course Dirty Dancing. Funny how we both had those! Such a great movie and a great soundtrack too!


  4. Dirty Dancing wins hands down anytime...I can sing everything song and recite every part of that movie :)

    I don't know why my mom let us watch that as children but I would jump off the sofa and try to make my sister hold me up in the air ala the lake scene.

  5. I love Footloose. I wish I could dance like that.


  6. Love every single song on here.
    Sorry about the draw something addiction. I can't offer much help other then tell you I will play you!!! :)

  7. Yay birthday pics! Hope you had a good night lady :)

  8. Ah love Dirty Dancing songs, I'm pretty sure me and my sister used to try to reinact the dance in our bedroom when we were little!

  9. Everyone of those songs brought back fun memories for me..thanks!!

  10. Daylight savings time has me all screwed up too! One of my coworkers told me he had such a hard time adjusting to losing an hour that he was on a "one cup of coffee every hour diet".

  11. DUDE I legit freaked out when the Labyrinth song came on... freakin David Bowie. I will forever love that movie :) I love you for always linking up with me! Thanks my friend! xo

  12. YES. Grease and Labyrinth? <3 Awesome choices!


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