Seven things about E-Ho

You need to know seven more things about me right?  Well thankfully Gentri Lee has helped me help you.  She has decided to do another round of seven questions plus a funny photo.  The funny photo might be my favourite part - because my aim here is to make you laugh.  I hope I am helping make that happen - just a little bit.

So have I ever told you that I was afraid of snakes?  I am indeed.  It may look like I am having the time of my life - but I hated every moment of this experience. 
1. Pick a boyfriend: Edward Cullen, Peeta Mellark, or Harry Potter
First of all - I had no idea who Peeta Mellark was.  I had to Google him.  Now I am up to speed.  Secondly is Harry Potter a man now?  Because I can't be dating children or anything.  And I am not sure if I mentioned this - but I don't get the whole vampire thing.  Basically if you're asking which one I would eff, marry, and kill - I say kill them all.  I'll take Chuck Bass please.

2. If you HAD to have a crazy hairdo, what hairdo would you choose and why? (mohawk, mullet, etc).
I have always admired the hairstyles that Gwen Stefani can pull off.  I know that I am not ballsy enough to ever try it - nor as attractive.  Stylish.  Basically I am not Gwen Stefani - but come on - you kind of want to try this right?

3. If you could be a celebrity what would you like to be celebrated for? (Dance, Singing, Acting, Reality TV [ie no reason], Political Leader, etc)
Have you heard me sing?  If not - consider yourself lucky.  I have a horrid voice.  But I love to dance.  I am not that great at it but I try really hard.  I love choreographed dances - but just know that I will run off stage if I forget the steps.  So I am going to say I would want to be discovered on dancing with the stars and then become this famous dancing anomaly.  You know be a backup dancer for Madonna or Biebs.  I might have to shed a few pounds and years first.  
4. Be honest- do you brush and floss your teeth daily?
I do brush daily - however I am a huge slacker when it comes to flossing.  I try to get at it once or twice a week.  I am surprised that I even have teeth considering my candy addiction.  I should probably try to floss a little more.  Also - I hate the dentist. 
5. What is one fear you are working to overcome? 
Man - I am afraid of so many things.  It's impossible to pinpoint one that I am working on.  But truthfully my fear of bugs seems to be improving.  I mean I still hate spiders. Grasshoppers.  Bees.  but I don't freak out (as much) when they are around.  However spring is on it's way so I have had a chance to stear clear of these creepy crawlies - I will report back on this later when they start emerging from their slumber.  
 6. White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Semi-Sweet (isn't that just dark chocolate)??
Guess what?!  I am not a chocolate lover.  Don't get me wrong - I like it and all but give me a bag of skittles and I'm happy.  However - have you tried those white chocolate Lindor balls that come out around Christmas time?  Melt-in-you-mouth amazing.  Give me a bag of those please.  

7. What is one trend you wish you could pull off?
I am a lady with curves that just wont quit - skinny jeans don't work for me.  I wish they did - but since my milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard already I should probably give it a rest.  This is also true for tights - I like them - but this butt does not need to be seen in them.  Basically anything you see on a mannequin - I wish I could pull off. 


  1. God you and Lauren really *are* the same person, aren't you?!?!?! How do you BOTH not know who Peeta Mellark is?!?!


    Seriously. Yes they are that good.

    1. I find the above comment to be a compliment. Guess we need to start a blogger book club, my twinsy.

  2. Ditto to Emily: "Read the Effing Books!"

    p.s. you make me laugh!

  3. I'm too lazy to floss too...oops. And I think you could definitely pull off Gwen's hair style!!!

  4. hahahaha! Emily's comment kills me. Haha! Yes, READ THE BOOOOOOOKS!! And please, get that hairstyle! It'd be awesome! :D Thank you so much for linking up! I so enjoyed reading your answers!

  5. Love this!
    And the picture is awesome!
    Had a great time reading this post!

  6. I'm still cracking up at Emily's comment!! BAHAHAHA. Literally, those books will make you fall in love with Peeta.

    I wish I could pull of how mannequins portray outfits as well. Curves blow.

    xo kay

  7. hahaha - I bet you could pull off skinny jeans. My "curves just won't quit" either but I wear skinny jeans. Maybe someone's taken my picture and posted it on that website of scary things happening at Wal-Mart...but I rock skinny jeans all.thee.time. However...knee high boots do help hide some of my over-zealous curves. =)

    You're hilarious!

  8. Okay, I have READ the Hunger Games books and I still say EFF YES to picking Chuck Bass and killing the rest. I literally clapped my hands when I read that and then came down here to comment before I read anything else.

  9. Haha, love the way you answered the boyfriend question! Chuck Bass? YES PLEASE!
    And that hairstyle is HOT!

    Lou x

  10. Hi, I'm visiting for iBlog4me "Critique my blog." I know you said you want to redesign your blog, but I love what you have going on right now!! So I guess, here is my opinion. I think you should leave a lot of the things the same. Don't change the fonts you're using or the color scheme, they're both so pretty together! You could add a photo strip or something to your header above your links, give it less of a minimalist look. I love your "about me" section & your follow links. I think you should put your blog buttons above "blogs to read" or include all of this information on a separate post and create a link to it on your header. But with your button so low on the sidebar people probably don't find it as much. I hope my feedback has been useful & good luck on a redesign!!



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