Today I like...

If I don't complete recapping my wedding - then it's not over right?  I am having a hard time wanting to finish it.  So I am not going to - yet.  This way when I bust it out - you'll all be like "Oh Emily your wedding was beautiful - we are so sad that you haven't written about it so long" instead of "Yo, does this b**ch ever shut up about her wedding?"  Nope we aren't going there. Good - I am glad we got that all sorted.

It's Wednesday.  Yup all day long.  Don't you hate that joke?  People say it all the time at my work.  Yesterday I actually pulled it out myself.  I was so ashamed.  I mean come on - this lady has got better material than that.  Well I pretend like I do - I usually have got nothing.  Well I am rambling - but remember when it was OK to blog/journal just about nothing and people thought that was cool?  Now I feel like I need to have my posts all organized and on topic.  I struggle with that.   Probably has something to do with the fact that I have several thoughts buzzing through my brain at the same time. 

Well I might as well share with you some things I like today.  Because I like stuff and I want you to like the stuff I like too.

I like cold medicine because I can't stand coughing.  I have coughed so much this week that I threw my back out.  Yes like an old lady.  It's ridiculous.  However with the help of some cold medicine and a few beers - my evenings have been magical.  Don't judge me - try throwing your back out from coughing and see how you feel.

I like flowers.  Especially anniversary flowers.  When they are delivered to your home.  And they are from a cute boy.  And completely unexpected.  OK that's a lie - I was totally expecting flowers for our first anniversary - but not these beauties. Seriously ladies - these are gorgeous right?  They smell amazing.

I like Steve.  My husband.  Because he buys me flowers - and he makes me laugh.  He will try anything to get my attention to make me laugh.  Most times I am a grump and don't pay attention and sometimes he'll pull out this and I have no choice but to humour his attempt with a laugh.  I mean come on - it's kind of funny.  Even though a complete waste of mini eggs.  p.s. Steve is going to kill me once he realizes that I posted this picture on the Internet.  But here goes nothing. 

{he still looks handsome}

I like sofa snuggles.  Especially with these two.  When I am sick.  And it's cold outside. These two make living easy.  Don't you agree?

And I like kitty baths.  Not giving my kitty a bath because I don't own the proper equipment for that.  Like a mesh jousting suit - if you have one send it to me because Basil could use a proper soap and water bath.  He's eight and stinks like an old cat - whatever that smells like.  But I can watch him forever while he baths - until that gross leg thing.  {family guy?}

Oh and I like that my birthday is on Saturday.  Did you put my birthday card in the mail yet?  I hope so.  I am going to be turning 100 32 - how did this happen? 

Go here to see what other people like - and then like it too. 


  1. Hope you feel better soon! And I have problems with my posts being unorganized, too. Most of my posts start out as 5 topics and get dwindled down to one as I try to make sense of everything.

    ashley / afterninetofive.net

  2. Hope you guys start feeling better!

    Any plans for the birthday?

  3. Can we have a living room dance party? At 2pm? Because that's when I start losing steam for the day. Now who's old?!

  4. Hope your back gets better, and yes I have thrown mine out before by sneezing, talk about embarrassing trying to tell people that they look at you and are like "UH HUH.."

  5. Cuddling up with a kitty and a sweet husband always makes sickness a little more bearable. Feel better soon!

  6. Aww, your cat is definitely very adorable, and I understand about the whole "I injured myself coughing" thing. I totally did that this week too. It sucks. :/

  7. Oooh, such lovely kitty pictures!! Love them!


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