Bangkok, Thailand

First of all I need to say thank you to all of you that commented on my previous post.  It's been a tough week for us - and I know there are tougher days ahead but your words and thoughts meant a lot.  A million thanks.  I will try to e-mail you back individually - I am just trying to get back into the swing of things.

So remember when I went on honeymoon? Yeah that feels like ages ago.  But in order to keep things light - and try to 'get back to normal' I am finally ready to share our adventures with you.  Long awaited I know.  I hope your popcorn hasn't gone stale - like my jokes.  I am a bit rusty - so give me a break.

We left home, Toronto, Canada, on a Friday Morning at approximately 8:30 a.m. to embark on what would feel like the world's longest journey.  Our destination Bangkok, Thailand.  Yes this Bangkok.  (OK - if you don't like Ludacris don't click that link). We flew via Detroit via Tokyo.  We were in transit for nearly 30 hours.  It was worth it.  We arrived in Bangkok around 12:00 midnight on Saturday.  We flew 11 hours into the future.  We were tired. Time travel is exhausting.  But excited, nonetheless, to spend 14 days as tourists.

While in Bangkok we stayed three nights at the Metropolitan Bangkok in their studio room.  For a small city hotel - we were pleased.  Nice decor.  Fluffy housecoats and slippers.  Complimentary champagne and chocolates.  I mean who needs to complain? 

We arrived at midnight.  Drank the complimentary champagne and fell asleep by 2:00 a.m.  only to wake up at 6:00 a.m.  ready to hit up the city.  Since we had both been there before - we had a few places we wanted to check out.  First stop the Chatuchak Market (or the weekend Market).  Both Steve and I  had never been there and it was a good excuse to navigate the sky-train. 

It was during this excursion I realized that I don't know how to use our DSLR.  Here are a few shots that I captured.
Standard Issue Fruit Stand Vendor
The best Orange Juice you'll ever drink for under a dollar.
Tuk Tuk - named that because that's how they sound when driven "Tuk Tuk"
After a sweaty, and I mean sweaty, morning in the market we navigated our way to Khao San Road because I was in desperate need of some Pad Thai and a beer.  Khao San Road is the backpacker area of Bangkok - and probably if you go to Thailand - this is where you will want to hang out.  It's so lively, vibrant, and well - effin' awesome.  I have been there six times. This visit was my first time not staying on Khao San. This area gets better with each visit. 

Late afternoon on Khao San Road
The best Pad Thai Ever - all for 30 Baht (roughly 1 USD)
Bahaha - Steve wasn't impressed that I made him sit here.  But come on it's funny.
Our second day in Bangkok was an organized tour to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which is roughly an hour drive south-west of Bangkok.  It's a good tour but it was so hot that I had a hard time enjoying the walk around.  I know big huge complainer.

This is what you get when the tour guide takes your photo

We also visited the Tiger Temple after our quick jaunt to the floating market - but I have conflicting opinions of this place so I am going to save that for another post - because I am just not sure what I want to say about it.  {insert your suspense and excitement here}. 

With that I conclude, briefly, Bangkok day one and day two.  Do you want to go to Thailand yet? 


  1. All the Thai food looks Amazing! I can't believe you've been there 6 times.. lucky dog.

  2. This pictures are wonderful! I especially love the ones of the women in the boats. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures from your trip!

  3. Um.. YES! I want to go anywhere outside of the US! It all looks so amazing- you captured some wonderful shots... seriously you got photography skills that kills! And you mean to tell me I can eat the best plate of pad thai AND 3 spring rolls for only 2 dollars?! That right there is my incentive.

  4. Aww your tour guide just wanted you to have a pretty background. ;) And yes, I'd love to go to Bangkok. Well, Thailand in general too. Brandon and I love Thai food. Does it taste better or more authentic then places here in the US or CA?! How did y'all do with the language barrier? These are the things I always worry about traveling abroad.

  5. LOVED Thailand. Especially the pad thai- actually all the food. And, I think I ate from the same pad thai cart as you. It was pretty amazing.

  6. wow, that seriously looks amazing!
    beautiful pictures too!
    I would love to be adventurous enough to go there one day :)

  7. WOW. Beautiful photos!! Looks like an amazing time :) You got the hang of the DSLR it looks like.
    Did things seem...sanitary there? Just wondering! Like the fresh juice in the bottles - plastic or glass?
    No offense to anyone - just seriously curious :)
    Glad you had such an amazing time!!

  8. 1. I love Steve's smile.

    2. You got some GREAT shots! The meat sizzling and smoking, and the bananas were my favorites. This place looks like a magical food dream.

    3. Brandon and I have given up on ever getting a good shot of us with our DSLR if we ask someone else to take it. We are NEVER in focus.

    4. I cannot wait to read/see the next part of your trip!


  9. This trip already looks amazing. You had me at the giant pile of pad thai and egg rolls on that street vendor's cart. YUM!

  10. Wow amazing, the food looks amazing and the pics are great actually! Hotel looks nice too, luxury in thai!

  11. First of all, yes. Please let me go to Thailand. I love these pictures! I'm about 98% sure there's something magic about traveling that makes all the pictures look a thousand times better than the ones we take at home, right?

    Second, I almost died laughing at your popcorn joke so your humor hasn't dried up yet. Or maybe I'm just not good at laughing? But on that note, popcorn is suddenly sounding really delicious.

  12. You take amazing photos...for real, like professional! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  13. I think I would go there just for the pad thai. :) Your pictures are amazing whether you think so or not!

  14. I DO want to go! Your pictures are amazing! So colorful. And that orange juice?! yes, please.

  15. aaaah geeze now I miss Thailand so much! Thanks for writing about it, loved seeing your experience

  16. The pictures are great, Em. The third from the bottom is incredible - the light is perfect.

  17. Wow your pictures turned out great! :)


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