Seven Questions

I have seriously never sleep this much...ever.  Yesterday was my first day back to work..boo.  It went alright.  There were a lot of e-mails.  Some questions.  And a heck of a lot to do.  Considering I had woken up at 3:00 a.m.  I made it through the day - only to crash last night at 8:00 p.m.  It's now 6:30 a.m.  Yep - sleeping like a boss.   I think I might have this jet lag thing beat. Are you dying to hear about our honeymoon adventures or what?  Well - I hope you can hold on until next week.  There are so many pictures and stories - that I want to recap it perfectly.  Did I ever tell you that I am a closet wannabe perfectionist?  I say wannabe because things rarely come out perfect - but I will at least kill myself trying to make them as close to perfect as possible.  What I am saying here - is that I need some time to pull those posts together.

So this week - as I pull myself together.  Please live through the fluff as I work my way back into blogging because I am having a really hard time getting back into it.  With that said - it's Wednesday and I want to link up with one of my new favourite link ups 7 Questions from Gentri Lee.  I like this link up so much because it's not just about the fluff - it gives me an opportunity to let me let you get to know me better. 

Here is a funny photo.  This is me pulling out all the South-East Asian (SEA) stops full with a peace sign.  This is on the train to Chiang Mai from Bangkok.   AKA the refrigerator train.  Take this as fair warning if you are ever travelling in SEA - bring a hoodie.  And some joggers.  Heck pack your parka because their buses and trains are basically kept as cold as a meat locker. 

I tried to brighten this baby up - but with no such luck.
1. Would you rather have your life be a constant vacation or always stay home?
Great question Gentri! Perfectly timed as I am battling a serious case of post-vacation depression at the moment. The first time I ever left Canada I was 22. That was nearly 10 years ago. Before that I had only travelled across the country with an ex-boyfriend. At 18 I dropped everything and moved to British Columbia for six months. So needless to say at 22 I wasn't (that) afraid to drop everything and take up an opportunity to explore Australia for a year. That didn't work out - because I fell in love. With my husband. For four years we travelled. Lived. And vacationed abroad. I realized then - that home is where Steve (and the cat) is. So to truthfully answer this question - I would want my life to be a constant vacation but with some hints of normalcy. Because vacations can get tiring. You've heard the expression "I need a vacation from this vacation" before. It's true. All that busyness can catch up to you. But it's moments like this that I can never seem to find at home. The moments that are so important to my mental health.

2. What is your favorite book? (it can be any book! cook book, picture book, whatever!)
I am going to pull it out old school here and share my favourite childhood book.  A book that I expect would be among many of your favourites.  Charlotte's Web.  I am sure this is what sparked my interest in vegetarianism (which I only successfully lasted a year at - I will try again).  It's such a classic story about inter-species friendships - what's more amazing than that?.  And I hate spiders but kind-of wish they were all like Charlotte so I could try to like them.

Speaking of inter-species friendships - you must have seen the Dolphin and Cat video floating around the interweb?  If not you are so very welcome.

3. You have to be on a reality tv show- which would you chose?
For jokes I would want to be on Jersey Shore - however in fear of being called a grenade I wouldn't dare to.  But how badly do you want to hang out with Vinnie and Pauly-D?  Or touch the Situation's - situation?  Or get black out drunk with Dena and Snooki?  And go shopping with J-Woww?  It all sounds tempting right?

But if I could only choose one - it would be The Amazing Race.  I  Know that Steve and I would have a fair shot at winning.  Does that sound over confident?  But we are good travellers.  We are good problem solvers.  I mean seriously - does this not look like a pair that's ready to race around around the world and win a million dollars?  Too bad we aren't American.  Or willing to be on camera.  Or that entertaining. 

4. What is your favorite form of exercise? (running, zumba, step, etc)
I tried Zumba for the first time a few years ago and I think I got more of an ab workout from the amount of time I spent laughing.  I am not very coordinated.  It takes me a long time to learn a routine.  This is what destroyed my chances of being a back up dancer for Britney Spears.  Now I am a spinster.  Not the kind you're thinking of. But one who likes to ride a stationary bike to the point that she needs to leave the class to vomit.  Yep - I work(ed) out that hard. But I love the workout from a great spin class.  I love the music.  The energy.  The seriousness from the cyclists as I trot along in the back of the class because I am never, EVER, going to catch them - let's face it.

5. What is one thing that you've never tried but are CONVINCED you hate? (foods, activities, etc)
Lobster.  I am convinced that I hate all forms of seafood.  I can't stand the smell of it.  I have never purposefully eaten crab, salmon, or lobster.  None of it.  Creatures of the sea rejoice because this lady won't be eating you any time soon.  The only fish this lady will be eating is Captain Highliner's Fishsticks.

but mostly because I want the captain hat - let's be serious here.
6. Do you have any hidden talents?
Besides my comedic abilities?  Sadly no.  Well I am really good at swearing like a trucker - but I don't think that's what you're looking for either.  I am also a really good belcher.  It's almost disgusting.  Thankfully Steve thinks it's funny.  I can seriously out belch him. I am also really good at drinking beer.  However I am not sure that's a talent either.  Let's just say that I won't be trying out for America's Got Talent (because I am Canadian) anytime soon.   

7. What's the best prank you've ever pulled?
I am the worst prankster EVER!  I can't lie to save my life.  However I do love a good prank.  And I love when one is played on me.  People probably like pulling pranks on me because I am so gullible.  I fall for things all the time.  And I usually take them lightly.  If you're looking for an easy prank - you've found your target.  I hope you all have some good prank stories.  I might be able to pick up a few tricks and tips.    

Now bounce over to Gentri Lee's and link up your answers because I want to get to know you all better.


  1. Hahaha! Such good answers! Hilariousz :) I'm so glad you like the link up! It was such a random one night decision. Haha!

  2. HAHAHA, you would NEVER be called a grenade! And I would love to hang out with them too, but I wouldn't be DTF which would probably make them mad and they'd send me home.

  3. I'd want to be on The Real World... it's my all time favorite reality show AND guilty pleasure.

  4. Oh man, I didn't even think of the Amazing Race! I have watched that show once or twice and always think "how awesome would this be!? We could totally do this" But if I had to be real with myself, I'd probably end up crying and be the second group out and my hubs would be less than thrilled about that. LOL. I'm just not so great in stressful situations, and I hate to fly.
    You lasted a whole year as a vegetarian? Congrats! I lasted a week, then my sister tempted me with a hot dog, and I caved. Does that even count? I mean, hot dogs...are those even real meat? Sigh.
    I enjoyed reading your answers and look forward to reading more about you as I stalk. . .er. . .look back into past posts!
    (Also, I think its really cool that you're from Canada! Ha ha)

  5. Charlotte's web is definitely one of my favorites too. Fern and I share a heart for all animals...but I never have tried being a vegetarian. Does that make me a hypocrite? Haha.

  6. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw your funny pic was "Greetings, Earthling!" ;-P
    I was always under impression that a "spin" class was something like tumbling...you know, summersaults and all that jazz around on mats on the floor...it was only recently that I visited the base gym's designated "spin classroom". They have a disco ball, strobe lights, and a DJ booth...am I missing something!?

  7. I wish I had 4 years to travel abroad with my husband. How neat!


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