Friday's Letters

Last week I unfortunately had to write some difficult letters to some very important people.  And though this week has been tough with adjusting to the 'new normal' and getting back to work -  but we made it through. One day at a time.  Death sucks!

Dear Blog I have been neglecting you!  I just don't feel like writing.  And I think that's okay!  Blogspectations make blogging not enjoyable. I need some time to rethink things to make this more exciting.  Bare (or is it bear?) with me.  p.s. Dear Readers I still like you, but I understand that if it's stale around here that you might want to get out of dodge - I wouldn't blame you.

Dear Friends Thank you so much for all your love and support these past 10 days.  It means a lot to both Steve and I.  It's official we have the best friends on the planet.  p.s. Dear People of Planet Earth sorry that Steve and I took all the good friends - enjoy your mediocre ones.

Dear Sewing Machine are you ready to get reacquainted this weekend?  I hope so.  I am a little rusty - but my secret blog partner needs me to send them something goodp.s. Dear Secret Blogger Partner I hope you like aprons.

Dear Basil  I love all your snuggles.  You are seriously the coolest cat ever!  I wish you were a person - because I think you'd be alright to hang out with. {umm..this is embarrassing}

Dear Husband I love you!



  1. I'll stick it out with ya...sometimes you just need a break.

  2. I'm not going anywhere! I'm so glad that you have such a great support system to get you through this! Your cat is adorable. I love kitten cuddles when they actually cuddle and not scratch me or rip my clothes.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm stayin' too! I totally get needing a break, and you've unfortunately got a perfectly valid reason. You be there for the tangible, huggable people in your life, and we'll (at least the three of us here!) still be here in blog-land when you're ready.
    Also... I can't wait to see the apron you're making! I'm not your person, but I'm looking forward to envying her getting the apron!

  4. Dear Lauren,

    I am going to send you an apron too. Even if you gave me a shitty Minnesota screen t-shirt that is ugly as sin.


  5. that cat and husband of yours! I have been feeling stress because of my blog these days, that can't be a good thing, i am sticking around though! haha

  6. I'll be sticking around! We all need a break sometimes!

    I love your cat pictures! He/she?? Is so pretty! And I don't like cats, due to allergies & a bad experience when I was younger, so that's saying a lot!

    Happy weekend lady!

  7. Ah I'm so jealous your secret blog partner gets an apron. Love those fabrics!!! Glad you are semi-back to blogland. I will always read your posts stale or not you're stuck with my comments. Haha.

  8. um I'd love an apron too!! My birthday is June 30th. Just saying.

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  10. I think my cat makes an awesome cat, but as a person she'd be bitchy and kind of crazy. Possibly bi-polar. haha

  11. I found your blog through your link up on Friday's Letters. I'm happy to be your newest follower!

    Love your letter to people of the earth about their mediocre friends. Too too funny!

    Dana @ five30three.com

  12. Love these letters. Please do show me your expert sewing ways. I am just becoming reacquainted with my sewing machine. It's nothing like riding a bicycle. I forgotten almost everything I was ever taught!


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