Things you will want to do with Aunt Flo when she visits

WARNING:  If you don't want to read about a visit from Aunt Flo or my monthly gift from Mother Nature or that thing that confirms that I will not be birthing a child in the next nine months - stop reading here. 

Now that that is settled - let's get to it!

I am sure that most of you have seen the Kotex commercial below.  The commercial that explains all the awesome things you probably want to do when your Aunt Flo is in town.  If not - take a moment to catch up with the rest of us.  We'll wait for you.

Done?  Okay good!  Well I have a few things I would like to add to this.  Because on my recent trip to Thailand -  during the most adventurous stretch - I was faced with all sorts of activities that I desperately wanted to partake in while my back was cramping.  My hormones were raging - not in a good way.  And all I could think about was a giant bowl of skittles.  And an extra strength Advil.  And bottle of wine. 

First of all let me set the mood further - I woke up on a train.  In a cabin with my husband and two strangers.  NBD.  It was freezing cold.  I knew a trip to the shared squatter bathroom on the moving locomotive was going to be the best part of my day especially since mother nature was blessing me with my monthly gift.  Apparently she is a comedian! I never photographed said toilet {as I can still smell this small space and was afraid that it's odor would permeate my camera and I'd be stuck with it for life or at least until I bought a new camera}  so instead I will share with you a Googled stock photo that is pretty accurate to what I experienced.  Also the door didn't lock.  This is where all my yoga came into practice and I was thankful for my amazing balancing abilities.  Did I mention the train was moving?  And I was holding my breath the entire time?  And the door closed with one hand?  End of visual. 

Now that the mood is set - I would like to add the following activities to the commercial above that absolutely classify as enjoyable during your monthly gift.  Because after the morning's experience I was ready to take on the world. 

I totally wanted to climb 306 steps in 38 degree Celsius {100 degree Fahrenheit} weather to a temple on top of a mountain. Even though there was a tram.  Why would we take the air conditioned tram up?  That would kill the fun.

Sitting in a rickety basket on top of an old elephant  when I felt like one was just coincidence. And trekking through the jungle on inclines, declines, through rivers, all while being bitten by mosquitoes and jungle flies - no better mood lifter.

Cruising down the river on a bamboo raft for an hour in the midday blazing sun - with an additional eight legged large, hairy passenger {not Steve - a spider} - piece of cake.  

Zip lining into the rain forest, crossing extremely shaky monkey bridges, and belaying 45m down a tree to reach the ground - sounded like the perfect cure to my ailments. 

So I would like to suggest that if you are planning a trip in the near future - I highly recommend you time the most active part of your itinerary around your lady business.  It will definitely increase the enjoyability factor of those activities.  If you don't believe me - re-watch the video above.  And look at the excitement written across this face.

Note: I did enjoy participating in all of the above activities


  1. Oh man this is sadly hilarious. I hate when my monthly gift comes on vacation. I forgot tampons while I was in Mexico once, and I was going to a tiny drug store to try and speak broken spanish (they don't teach you the word tampon in spanish class), then when I finally find them they are all weird brands, and I was completely uncomfortable picking one, and trying to buy them in a different currency no good. Then trying to find advil and a heating pad... whole other horrible story.

  2. I feel like mine always comes exactly as we leave the house for a trip! This was hilarious, but sad, that sad little bathroom, oh man.

  3. You poor thing! Those train toilets are the worst. THE.WORST.

    I'm impressed with all your adventuring though! You portray yourself as being a scaredy cat, but doing those monkey bridges, etc is no joke. Well done, E-Ho.

  4. Oh my, the toilet :( But it still looks like an amazing trip though!


  5. okay, this is hilarious! haha
    I'm not very lucky and every time we go on a trip... bam. my dear aunt Flo decides to come with us. such a party pooper.

  6. And I thought getting my first period after having Kale while at your wedding in Cuba was terrible. Hopefully you didn't have to order "El Tampo" from a gift shop full of tourists ("Superrr o rrrrrrregular?").

  7. Way to hang in there and do it all anyway! It looks like a lot of fun despite spiders, heat, and cramping!

  8. Hahahah, you are an awesome story teller. Too, too funny!!! You are such a good sport for doing all of that while surfing the crimson tide! Sorry you had to deal with that, but glad you had a wonderful trip in spite of that! {Umm how hilarious is that Kotex commercial??? I had not seen that yet, thanks for sharing that gem!}

  9. But look at how happy the elephant is!!!! :)

  10. This is hilarious.
    and that toilet?? poor thing! omg.

    But your adventures look amazing!

  11. I LOVE this! You have an awesome sense of humour!!
    On a similar note-looks like you had an awesome time and got to do lots of beam things- even if it was unideal timing!!
    Happy Thursday my fellow Canadian!

  12. I love this post. My period comes at so many inopportune times, but I try to power through it. (Scrunching myself into the fetal position on the couch counts as powering through it, right?)

    I am so jealous of your trip. Thailand is pretty high on my wanderlust wishlist.

  13. Oh man, I'm cracking up! That toilet would so be a deal breaker. I'd pee in a bowl and hide in someone else's cabin. Or something.

    But I feel your pain. I've gotten my period on so many trips. It's horrible!

  14. Haha...love this post and the humor and bitch that AF brings :)

  15. Ok I seriously would have curled in a ball and cried if I had to use that kind of bathroom. You are a trooper! Holy crap, I could have never done all of that !

    In other words, love your pictures, and seriously wish I could trade places with you so I can say I've been to Thailand!!

  16. Oh goodness, that armored bathroom looks like a torture chamber--I would have cried like a baby, especially with the hormones raging!! Nice that you still kept going--I don't think I could have done it!

    Found your blog through Blissful and Domestic's Blog hop! Hope you can stop over at my blog www.SewSweetCottage.blogspot.com


  17. Pyramid.

    I haven't commented on your blog in forever. That makes me a pretty shitty pen pal.

    I very much enjoyed this blog post, though.


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