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I am really excited for you to all meet Vikki.  Not only does she manage two blogs Live.Laugh. Pull Your Hair Out and Just Because Photography, but she is my sister-in-law.  So she's super important.  She was brave enough to let me test out my design skills on both her blogs as well kind enough to take our wedding photos for us.  It's all about swapping talents in this family.   So please make sure that you swing by and say hello.  She might even tell you a funny story about her kids or let you pet the horses {because they aren't getting any lovin' from me}

When Emily asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog, I panicked.

Not because I have never blogged before, but because I suck when I "have" to write something.
It's all fun and games until there is pressure to perform.
And I don't want her to lose readers because of me.
And I don't want to lose readers because of me.
The stress is enough to give me more zits and wrinkles and gray hair.
Here goes.....
My name is Momma. OK, not really. It is actually Vikki, but when I first started blogging years ago, I was afraid some psycho blog stalker would hunt me down and do harm to my family.
Little did I know that blog readers are the nicest human beings I have ever met....online.
I am related to Emily through marriage.
She married my little brother. The little brother who used to steal the remote control from me and eat all of the cookies before I had just one. The little brother who I used to watch play hockey every weekend throughout my childhood. The little brother who is now grown up, but I still think of as this chunky lil' monkey.

My little brother's wife and I share many similarities.
We like Etsy and Pinterest.
We enjoy blogging.
We consider candy a food group.
We are obsessed with Dirty Dancing.
We enjoy cats.
Hate attention.
Love to travel.
Wish we were rich.

We are like two peas in a pod.
Except I am older.
I have three children, an old, arthritic, deaf, blind, stinky dog, 2 barn cats that I think are pregnant, a husband who never sleeps and two very large horses. We live in the country {kinda}. I am surrounded by dirt, tractors, bugs and Tonka toys.

I started blogging years ago, when my two boys were just little. It was my way of venting {aka bitching} because all of my family and friends didn't want to hear it any longer. I was tired. I was overwhelmed. I just needed an outlet to remain sane.
Then I had another kid!
Now that my sanity is long gone, I blog for fun.
And to document my family's everyday moments because it just cant be made up
I am a wannabe photographer who loves taking pictures but hates all of the ISO/aperture/f-stop crap.
Give me a camera, natural lighting and good looking people, and I am a happy gal.


I blog about life.
Everyday moments.
Funny crap.
Serious stuff.
Poop and boogers.
Just about anything actually.
I wish I could categorize my blog and blogging style, but, um.....it is a bunch of mish mash.
And I like it that way.
Come over and see me.
Stick around.
Lets chat.
Tell me that you love me because sometimes I just need to hear/read it.

Go check out Vikki here

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  1. We LOVE your post. Ugh. Balance is a challenge. Looking forward to making new friends to co-commiserate with! EARTH2BODY SISTERS: wendy & lisa www.earth2body.net


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