Blog Design Giveaway at Our Crazy Ever After

Stop the clock!  Have you heard?  About the amazing giveaway going on at Our Crazy Ever After?  No??!  Well let me enlighten you - Lo aka Penny is a do-gooder.  Her blogging mission is to help out new bloggers get their foot in the door.  Her co-founded blog 'The Blog Tap' is just one example of her bleeding and compassionate blog assisting heart.  I am truly blessed that she is my pen pal.  I mean look at the sweet Minnesotan schwag I get sent to me.

When I saw her call out post to big bloggers to donate ad space for her to giveaway to a new blogger with under 100 readers who are trying to navigate the blogosphere  - it made my little grinch heart swell much larger than three sizes too big.  It nearly exploded.  Actually I think it did. 

I was bummed at first because I am not a big blogger, nor do I have a sponsorship program going on so I couldn't donate to this amazing selfless cause.  After some text-storming with Lo, it was decided that I could donate the only thing I can (sort of) do well.  Offer up a free blog design to a new budding blogger.  You see I am an aspiring blog designer.  I want to help make the blogosphere beautiful.  Neat.  Modern.  Clean.  No more crazy colours.  Flashing fonts.  COMIC SANS.  I just enrolled in a Blog Design Course starting in May to refine my self-taught skills and I wanted to put them to use.  And what better way than to help out a fellow blogger?  I too, deep down, have a do-gooder heart too. 

Are you excited about this yet?  If so head over to Our Crazy Ever After and check out this fun giveaway.  If you're interested and are new blogger with less than 100 readers enter - only if you want to. But  if you a blogger with more than 100 readers - why not share this giveaway with one {or more} of your new and upcoming blogging besties?  Sharing is caring after all.  Go check this out!!!  


  1. Yay Emily!! You are going to be awesome, I know it. If you need any coding help, just ask :)

  2. I love this. I need a blog re-design baddd. I want to hear more about the blog class. Online? Tweet me details @jess_tib please.

  3. This is awesome! I love that the 2 of you are spreading the love. I wish I could enter...you will make a lil blogger so happy! :)

  4. Awesome idea lady!!! It's a fantastic prize :)

  5. I just posted about this giveaway! Figured I could vouch for your awesomeness personally ;)

  6. What a great giveaway! I found you on the link up and I'm excited to be following your blog now!

  7. Following you from the May Day Blog Hop! I dabble with graphic design, but from a very beginner's angle! Your blog is so sleek!

  8. Hi! I have a quick question for you regarding blog design, and can't figure out a way to email you. If you get a chance, would you mind emailing me

    lnicole0627 {at} gmail {dot} com




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