Friday's Letters

Dear Photoshop I am finally giving you a real chance.  I sort of snubbed you for Illustrator but the blog design class I am taking has warmed me back up to you.  Perhaps you aren't so complicated.  Probably just misunderstood. 

Dear Sewing Machine it was so nice to hang out. We should do it again - soon.

Dear 2012 Why you gotta be so fast?  It's May?  I am still writing March on all my notes.  What happened to April?

Dear New Readers Hello!!!! And where did you all come from?  I am totally digging your interest - thanks for letting me entertain you. 

Dear Basil  I am sorry that everyone thought your name was pronounced 'bay-sul' like the herb.  I wanted to thank you for vlogging with me  so we could set the record straight on the pronunciation of your name.  Dear Readers It's 'Ba-zil' pronounced as so.

Dear Steve I wish your sciatic nerve would heal not only because I can see you are in pain but you flail around in bed making it impossible to sleep.  Between a knee in the back and a few cat bites to the ankle - the couch has been a terrific alternative.   p.s.  Don't you dare jump on that trampoline this weekend. {edit: I should clarify that it's Basil giving the cat bites - not Steve.}

Dear Blog Friends I am going camping in June and I am looking for your camping tips and tricks.  Do you have an old camping post that you think I might like to read?  Do you have a camping inspiration board on Pinterest?  Do you want to write a post and link up your go-to camping recipe.  Or how you protect yourself from bears.  Or the top ten tips on how to see a moose?  Well if you said yes to any of these please link up your stuff on Monday May 14, 2012 so I can start hoarding all your genius camping advice.  And pass this on to your campaholic blog friends too.

Hope Squared

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  1. Looks like 2012 is flyin fast for us both! Haha I said the same thing. Also, I pinned your camping tips and tricks button to my pinterest :) Hopefully you get a good round up of links !! Lastly, how cute that our Friday's Letters link ups are right next to each other? SAY ITS CUTE.

  2. I love Friday's Letters! It's always such a fun peek into peoples' weeks! I'll give the camping thing a thought and get back to you!:)

  3. Dear Emily :)
    Photoshop is complicated, I can't even find the little fill bucket icon in PS CS6 lol I'm not feeling too optomistic about having our "homework" done by sunday!

    Love that you're doing the camping link up. Can a cottager/former camper link up? :)

  4. You are my favorite. My brother was sitting here when I pulled this up and I was like "OH. EM. GEE." We seriously quote that ALL the time. Like that particular "what does it all MEAN Basil?" quote. That is so amazing that your cat is named that so that you can say it all the time, haha!

  5. Can't wait for your camping link up! I have nothing to contribute obviously but I can't wait to read what you get :) Well I did find chocolate cake in a jar for camping. That could be tasty! Maybe not practical, but tasty. Sorry to hear Steve's still not feeling great. Tell him to alternate ice and heat. Take Advil or Tylenol to reduce the swelling and apparently stretching out the hamstring is helpful. Sleeping with a pillow under his knees or between them if the sleeps on his side helps too. Hope you guys have a great weekend! xo

  6. I want to try Photoshop but it's so daunting, let me know how it goes.

  7. I agree - 2012 is FLYING by. Ugh.

    I am sure you are going to love photoshop!! Cant wait to see what you do with it :)
    Yay new readers!

    Have a beautiful Friday! ox

  8. well crap, I know nothing about camping besides what I learned from the parent trap (bang sticks around to keep the mountain lions at bay-- haha!) Love your letters, I totally agree about PS, its misunderstood! thanks for linking up with me!


  9. I am glad I'm not the only one who feels like they are being left in the dust by 2012! I can't believe how fast this year is going by! I just love your friday letters! :) They are a wonderful start to my weekend! Thank you for sharing! :)

  10. agree with you :) dear 2012, SLOW DOWWNNNNN.

  11. Hi, I'm a brand new reader - just found your blog. Is basil your cat? okay major LOL. a. I just put a bow tie on my cat the other day b. then my husband photoshopped it into one of those floating head things with black backgrounds from portrait studios in the 90's. & c. my cat's middle name is basil (as in Ba-zil) his first name is Cornelius.
    Happy Friday!

  12. 2012 is in a conspiract against people everywhere. It just is.

    My dad and I are obsessed with Austin Powers. We can have entire conversations of Austin Power's quotes, and I'm pretty sure I want to daddy-daughter dance to the theme song when I get married.

    I always figured that the pronunciation was Ba-zil and not the herb. It surprises me that you had to clear that up.

  13. I LOVE CAMPING! But I kinda have to, I lead a whole Brownie troop...

  14. don't feel so bad, I had a hydro cheque returned to me because I had the wrong year on it! ...it was last month and I was not avoiding paying it I literally wrote 2011 without thinking twice. I couldn't imagine why my cheque wasn't cashed until it arrived back in my mail box.

  15. Love that cat name and today i wrote 2011 on a check...i know who writes checks still! Love your letters as always!

  16. There is a South African doctor who lives in Australia named Basil Bunnting. I called him Bay-sul on numerous occasions. Whoops! It's obviously not a name we use in the US...haha.

  17. Hello friend! I am so behind on reading blogs, but I loved getting caught up on things with this post. 1. You are such a talented designer! I'm impressed that you were using Illustrator instead of Photoshop (I think it seems way harder!). I love your pretty, simple collage at the top of the post :) 2. I wish I had some camping stuff to share with you, but I haven't camped in ages. Can't wait to check out your link-up, though! 3. I love these Friday letters. One day I will get organized enough to do something regularly and weekly.

  18. I agree about 2012 flying out the window! Question, how do you get the "comments" to be titled "love notes"? I love that! Amber


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