Friday's Letters

Dear May Long Weekend this is probably the most exciting long weekend of the year.  It's the weekend where Canadians will officially come out of hibernation and kick off summer - which is why you are more famously known as May 2-4 weekend (you know like a full case of beer).  You are technically in existence to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday (Happy Birthday Q-Vic).  I wish I could be celebrating the kick off with the best of them in the woods.  The weather is supposed to be awesome - this never happens.  p.s.  Thanks Mother Nature - keep up the good work. 

Dear Lo I am thinking about you in these tough times.  xo

Dear Basil I found a picture of you when we first got you.  You were so oddly cute - and so skinny.
You definitely have fattened up. p.s.  Dear Readers - did you know that Basil is from Vietnam.  No?  Well you can read his story here

Speaking of getting hefty Dear Emily (that's me) Where'd you get that body from? Seriously want me to tell you?  It's from drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows at 5:00 p.m. everyday.  And potato chips.  And...and... and... so girl stop growing!  And get to the gym.  p.s. Dear Body are you listening?  Get fit already.  

Dear Potential Summer Road trip To Eastern Canada If I plan you - do you think you'll happen?  I am crossing my fingers super tight.  I want to eat potatoes from PEI and hear an East Coast Accent.

Dear Insomnia ummm...didn't you get the memo?  I don't like you.  I actually enjoy sleeping.  Why must you plague me?  You make my days so long and difficult.  There aren't enough sheep in the world to get rid of you.  I must invest in a solid boring book. 

Dear Steve It's been a long month.  I'm so proud of your strength.  But still everyday my heart is heavy for you.  You're a good man - just like your dad.  You should be proud of that.  xo



  1. hey girly! i saw you over on ashleys page! {fridays letters} and wanted to say i love your blog!

    lovely letters as well!
    annnnd hello cutest kitty, ever!

    >> happy to be your newest bloggy friend/follower/stalker ;)

    say hi back sometime?


  2. I'm sending Steve lots of good thoughts. My dad passed away unexpectedly when I was in college, so I know how tough that is. On a brighter note - Happy 2-4 weekend (HILARIOUS!). That sounds like so much fun! Also, I'm writing up my first Friday Letters today, since I always love reading yours so much!

  3. I wish we were in the woods/cottage this weekend as well. The weather looks like it's going to be amazing. Hope your east coast trip works out! That would be amazing :)

  4. Jealous that your long weekend is this weekend! We still have to wait another week in the states!!

  5. Aww the end of your letters was so sweet. He's lucky to have you as support!

  6. Have a fab long weekend.
    I'd love to be in the woods myself this weekend.

  7. Here is our Cornelius! http://i1254.photobucket.com/albums/hh617/rgeddy/Cornelius_Studio_Bowtie.jpg

  8. Poor skinny Basil!

    Have fun this long weekend? Any big plans? We are hitting up the Toronto Zoo tomorrow. You're welcome to join us :)

  9. basil is from vietnam? that is crazy! so cool! I love the letter to your honey-- it is so important we build our spouses, and you are doing a great job! loved your letters as usual! thanks for linking up emily!


  10. Great post and I'm dying over your sweet kitty! I am crazy cat lady as well. We have 2 at home but I'd have a house full if I could! Happy Friday!


  11. Oooh my goodness, he is so cute and cuddly and I'm going to read his story right meow!

  12. yay may 2-4! it really is the beginning of all good summer things.

    my body needs a memo like yours. I've signed up for a kickboxing class starting tuesday night, hoping to get out some frustrations and get my arse in gear! :)

    just over a week and I finally get to meet you in "real" life! :)

  13. My heart goes out to Steve AND you! Sending love from good ol' Tomball, TX. Also, I love Basil. I love all cats. Love!

    Enjoy your 2-4 weekend!

  14. Love Basil's story...I don't think I had ever read it before! Enjoy your "holiday" weekend!!!

  15. Yippeeeeeeeee!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    Now.. lemme look for ya on Instagram!!


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