A Rookies Guide To Successful Camping

Last June when our friend's Chris and Caitlin asked us if we wanted to go camping with them - my response was a hesitant yes.  I hadn't been camping since I was a teenager.  And never on my own.  I had no survival skills.  I was terrified of bears.  And the dark.  And bugs.  We were assured that we would have a good time.  They were right.   I am now in love with camping.  I would camp every weekend if I could. I am still very much a rookie camper - but I did learn a few tricks that will help ensure that you have an awesome trip.

1. Camp with people who know what they are doing and have them mentor you.  Especially if you're a rookie like us.  This way you can sit back and relax while they get the campsite sorted - while teaching you of course.

This is Chris and Caitlin.  They are our camping mentors. Even though Chris  may look like a lumberjack - he is not.  Though a lumberjack would be helpful in the woods - so don't cross this option off your list.
 2. Buy lots of wood so you can have a kick-ass fire.  One of the best reasons to camp - is sitting around the fire.  The bigger the fire the better.  It's always such a bummer to run out of wood half way through the evening.

3.  Learn how to roast the perfect marshmallow.  This is a talent I am proud to say I have mastered.  Seriously campers are lined up to eat one of my perfectly browned marshmallows.  I am not sure, however, if this skill is transferable. 

4.  Don't feed the wildlife.  Ok - feed the wildlife {except bears and racoons} so you can get up close and personal.  Leave a trail so they will inch closer to you.  Squeal with delight with each and every move.   p.s.  Don't forget to bring nuts.  But if you do - goldfish will work well too.

Don't you want to put him in your pocket and carry him around.  I would name him Darryl.
5. Bring your crew.  It's always fun to camp with friends.  The more the merrier. 

6.  Have a cute boy paddle your canoe.  This way you can enjoy the scenery and snap a few photos.

7. Also have a cute boy play guitar while sitting around the campsite.  It's perfect for getting into the spirit of camp life.

If the price is right - I might let you rent said cute boy.
And that's about the extent of my camping knowledge.  This is why I need you.  I want to learn how to be more rustic.   I want to learn how to make the perfect s'mores. It's embarrassing to be Canadian and unable to make a s'more.  I want to be able to answer the "what do you want to eat for dinner?" question - because I already have it planned.  I want to know how to spot a moose.  And if you have them - I want to see your pictures of moose.

Today I invite you to share with me your camping adventures. Your tricks. Your tips. Your recipes.  And advice.  This can be a blog post, new or archived, or a pinterest board.  And if you want - you can use the button down below {but only if you want to}.  

Hope Squared


  1. looks like a fun trip! What a fire! cute chipmunk!

  2. You are going to thank me for this later:

    #1 Tip: Bring Bug Spray. Lots & Lots of Bug Spray.

    Sometimes I feel like my daily life is a camping adventure in Dominica.

  3. LOL I love the cute boy part, so true! I grew up camping so I'm gonna have to think about this one..

  4. I went camping at least once a year growing up. I love it! I linked up with a story about a game we created the last time my family went camping. It's a super awesome way to use up your leftover eggs :)

  5. Yay! Can't wait to start checking out tips and start planning my next camping trip. :)

  6. I agree about the bug spray. More bug spray than you could ever think you might need. And sunscreen, of course!

    I try never to do anything that resembles real camping though. Give me a cabin any day!

  7. I am a new follower and found you at the Blog Hop. Hope you will come by and do the same.

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