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Back in April I signed up to be part of the Send Something Good project hosted by Gentri Lee, Is A Virtue, and Gastronomical Sovereignty.  In a nutshell you were matched with two bloggers - one that would send you a package and the other that you would send a package to.  The whole concept was that it was a secret until the package arrived.   Leading up to it I stalked the instagram hastag #sendsomethinggood like a maniac to see all the amazing things people were sending and receiving - all the while wondering if any of them were for me. Actually I wished they were all for me!!!

Before I even knew who I was matched with I decided that I was going to sew something.  Actually the whole reason I signed up for this was for an excuse to pull out my sewing machine.  Aprons are my specialty and I confidently decided that the person I was to send the package too would like an apron.  I mean who doesn't like aprons? 

My secret blogger receiver {I am sure there is a more eloquent way to describe this} was  Amelie Obscura and after reading her 'get to know me post' I was even more confident that she was going to love a handmade apron {was I right? I Hope so}.

Amelie Obscura

Here's how the creating went down.  It took me a total of three sittings.  I liked it so much that I even contemplated keeping it. 

I am really bad at wrapping.  Some people can come up with such creative ways to wrap something that you don't even want to open it.  I figured since I put enough effort into making the apron I could justify using some polka dot tissue wrap and call it a day.  So I did.  Thankfully for some branded Send Something Good materials from Is A Virtue - my package looked official.

Now let's get to the most exciting part - let's look at what I got.  My secret blogger sender was Emily from All She Wrote Today.  When I arrived home to see the package I was so excited to rip into it.  Seriously getting packages in the mail is the equivalent to a kid in a candy store.  I grabbed my camera and got to business.

Almost every item was wrapped as cute as this one.

Here is all my loot.  I would tell you what each item is - but I think you can see for yourself.  I was super excited as I unwrapped each item.  I feel like Emily took the time to get to know me through my blog and that definitely made the package more meaningful.  OK but seriously  you're totally looking at those adorable owl salt and pepper shakers right?  I might have died when I opened them.  The odd thing is - the weekend prior to receiving this I was in the market for a new set.  However these babies are perfect.  I use them everyday.

So adorable right?  I love owls.  I am so glad that they are still hot right now.  Oh and those swedish fish - they didn't even last 30 minutes!

Oh and Emily melted my heart when I realized that she sent something for Basil.  We obviously busted into that too.  And he loved it.  Thank you so much Emily

You should definitely participate in a swap like this if/when the opportunity comes around.  It's a great way to network with other bloggers and get to know a few more friends along the way.  Thanks to Gentri, Katlyn, and Kristy for organizing this and providing such amazing communication.  I can't wait to see what everyone else sent & received. 

Let's check it out!!!


  1. So cute that she sent something good for Basil! I really really wish I had signed up for this!

    And that apron? You should make more of them and sell them. I would buy one. I'm not kidding.

  2. I love the apron- it is seriously SO CUTE. You are so talented! And I really like that your other partner person got to know you through your blog and even sent something for Basil! Seriously - that's awesome!

  3. The Apron is Fantastic! I love the Colour Palette :) - <3 Swedish fish! Have a wonderful Day Lovely! xo Rin

  4. Adorable! All of it! I so wish I had crafty talent and had been able to make something for my person. :P

  5. that apron is ahhh-mazing... Etsy shop here you come? I so need to participate in something like this! It's right up my gift buying, package receiving alley. please tweet if you ever come across another one in the future... much appreciated, now pass the salt ;)

  6. That apron is adorable!! I wish I had talent like that! :)

    And Emily is my co-worker, we had a great time putting the packages together for each of our partners!! I 100% agree - The owls are too cute.


  7. Awesome work on the apron! You could make some real $$ off of those!!

  8. Sew, sew Cute Emily! I can't wait to get back to the states & be able to participate in these sorts of things :)

  9. Sew, sew Cute Emily! I can't wait to get back to the states & be able to participate in these sorts of things :)

  10. That apron is so cute!
    I love the owl salt and pepper shakers as well! :)

    jamie brooke

  11. i must say how much i love how you used the send something good products! well done! you put so much effort into the apron - thanks for being so wonderful!

  12. I adore the apron you made for your secret blogger- it is so very cute! :)

  13. LOVE this! What fun!


  14. I am so glad you liked everything! You were so much fun to plan and shop for! I am also so happy Basil liked his toy :-)

  15. Ok Emily. I need that apron. My birthday is coming up. *hint*hint* But seriously. Good job! Now open an etsy shop okay?

  16. Such a cute apron!

    And those owls, gah, I need those in my life ;)


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