Seven Questions

This is not a picture of me - but of my mother-in-law.  She is fearless.   I think this picture is hilarious and amazing.  But do you want to see some pictures that are even more hilarious?  Check out Steve's grandma here.  Don't you hope that you'll be as amazing and fearless as these two women?  I won't be surprised if they both start a Four-wheeler gang at some point in the future. I hope I'll be invited.

1. Are you a thrift shopper?
Not in the true sense - but yes I am what some people would call a stingy shopper or would that be a smart shopper?  Unless it's for a gift - then I splurge.  But these are conversations that regularly occur around the office. 
Co-worker "Emily, I love your dress!"
Me "Thanks It only cost $30.00"
Co-worker "Oh and your shoes - they are amazing"
Me "Thanks!!! They were originally $120 but I only paid $25."
What is it about getting a good bargain that makes you want to tell the world? You'll never find me saying "Oh I know isn't it awesome - I paid like $450 bucks for this purse"

2. You just had a very bad dream, what do you do?
Well I'd probably be awake - so if I couldn't get to sleep I would spend some time Googling what it meant.  I am constantly trying to find out the meaning of my dreams.  I have this reoccurring dream that I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it always sinks.  And for the majority of the dream I am struggling to doggie paddle to shore.  This either means that I need to improve my breast stroke - or that I have too much on my mind and am struggling to keep afloat.  I should probably just enroll in swimming lessons and quit swimming like a dog.

3. What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?
Moose Tracks! How Canadian of me. Nobutseriously -  I can't wait to get up to Algonquin park and feast my belly on some of this.  "Hey Moose Tracks - get in my belly!"  I Specifically the Kawartha Dairy Company brand.  Have you ever eaten this?  There are mini peanut butter cups in it and fudge swirls.  Please come to Canada and we'll eat some together. We'll eat so much that we barf.  Unless you are lactose intolerant - in that case you can have sorbet.

4. What do you do with your money? (spend it, save it, invest it, bury it, etc)
Well - as you know I am stingy with money.  Seriously!  I will plan out these extravagant shopping trips and come home empty handed because I hate to part with my money.  I love to watch it grow in a saving account.  But if you ask me to go on vacation - I will spend it in a heart beat.  I suppose I need to get my priorities in check. 

5. What was the last quote or statement you heard that really hit you?
I am going to cheat here.  This is a quote that has stuck with me since I started travelling.   Isn't it so true though?

{VIA thanks Katie}
The world is just Awesome

6. What do you do when you're driving alone? (ex: dance, sing, listen to talk radio, etc)
Waahhh I am a loser and don't drive!  Please don't talk to my husband about this.  I am working on getting my beginners permit - AGAIN!  So instead I am going to make up a new question.  A question I think you should ask me. 

6. Why don't you have your drivers license?  
Well you see I did.  I got it when I was 19.  It was awesome.  I drove a 1983 Chevrolet Malibu.  It was sky blue.  It was bad ass.  But then I left the country.  And let my license expire.  That was 10 years ago.  Since then I haven't always needed to drive.  But my husband has informed me that it was part of our wedding vows - so I have no choice but to get it. 

7. Did you watch the premier of Bachelorette? If so, who was your favorite bachelor?
I am so sad that I missed it.  I watched America's Got Talent instead.  My husband is a huge Howard Stern fan.  Like HUGE!  So I am going to sub in another question - because I am a cheater.

7. You're 32 - why don't you have a baby yet?

This is an excellent question!  Why don't I have a baby yet?  You should ask my husband.  Last night he asked me "Emily - if we have a baby next year we won't be able to go to Karen and Brandon's Wedding" {Side note - they are getting married in England next April and we are planning to attend}.  There always seems to be some reason why the time is never right.  My reply was "Well we could always try in September and I could be like 6 or 7 months pregnant when we go?"  to what Steve replied "That would be a blast!" {Insert sarcastic tone here}.  BUT BUT BUT this is the first time that Steve has initiated this conversation.  Is it possible?  Will the Hope's procreate in 2013?   Start placing your bets now.


  1. FIrst of all, here is the link to the artist who created #5. I think you will LIKE: http://julianbialowas.com/photography.html

    And #7. Procreation. Feel ya. Wish someone would just tell us when the "right time" is.

  2. I'm a sorta thrift shopper as well, and I got my license when I was 22 since I lived overseas (you too?) I wish we knew when the right time is too - stupid student loan debt. Seriously how does anyone pay for a baby?

  3. #3. There is a brand that makes Moose Tracks in the States (although I think it's only sold in the Southeast)- Mayfield. My mom is OBSESSED and will tear up an entire container. And smack any hands that try to get a spoonful.
    #4. Travel is always worth spending money on. Since we moved to England our savings account has developed a severe case of anorexia, but, we figure we're both young, healthy, able to work- and have a limited amount of time to take advantage of 1-2 hour flights to Europe. Perfect! Plus, if you decide your #7 isn't going to happen, then you have one less gigantic money worry!

  4. BAHAHA!!! I love that you replaced the last two questions with your own. You are hardcore. And a rulebreaker. And totally awesome.
    And my bets are... possibly. Maybe, maybe not.
    I like how vague I am, because then I can say that I was right either way.
    And dude. I will come to Canada and eat some of that delicious looking ice cream with you.

  5. 1 - You think you're stingy? To me, paying $30 for a dress is crazy. That's how much I hate to pay for clothes and such, and I hate buying shoes.
    3 - There was a box of Moose Tracks in my freezer a couple weeks ago. I don't know who makes it, but it's there. It was taunting me (since I can't eat PB), since my sister came over and left it there months ago, I finally got rid of it because no one else was eating it either.
    7 - Is there ever really a "right" time for a baby? I don't think so. There will always be SOMETHING that will make you say "we should wait".

  6. Lisa is right...there is NEVER a right time for a baby. NEVER. You just have to do it anyway. :)

  7. lol love all of this! Best 7 questions ever. First - I'm starting to think you're my soul mate. Don't tell D. That Discovery Channel commercial was on repeat at our place for awhile. Loved it!! Especially the jet ski. I'm going to Hawaii to do that. Eventually. Second, Moosetracks? Amazing and I can't wait to stuff our faces with it up north. Annnnd D and I had the same discussion about a baby and the wedding. I thought if I'm this far along I could go and then...yeah it sinks in that it wouldn't be much fun :( I think Steve and Dennis had the same sarcastic remark. Boys.

  8. Hahaha! Love that you substituted the questions you needed to. :)

  9. I love Moosetracks icecream...and will now always think of Canada when I eat it. You are so clever. And your Mother in law looks like fun. :)

  10. You should probably do #6 before #7. Just sayin'. Babies need someone to cart them around at all hours.

  11. haha your 7 questions are the best, i loved the baby talk and the good with money thing, you have inspired me, i am the worst!

  12. Do you go to the Kawartha in Huntsville before hitting the park? SOOOO good.

    I love the book travel quote, it's SO true!

  13. Hahahaa, I am the same way about telling people how much stuff cost. I sometimes catch myself and consciously remind myself not to tell the person how much it cost but instead just accept the compliment. It's tough though!!

  14. Yum!!! I was just at the Kawartha dairy two weeks ago (it's right by our cottage). Had a combo of butter tart and MOOSETRACKS!! ;)

  15. I love this! I'm always telling people how cheap my stuff is. And then afterwards I wonder if I should just keep my mouth shut and let them think it's expensive or something, but I can't pass up the opportunity to brag about a bargain!

  16. I have a think about not being pregnant in the summer. It's a rule for me. So the fact that you want to get pregnant in September makes me nervous that you'll have to suffer through being hot and pregnant. HOWEVER, I am so glad he brought up the baby thing! You would be a really fun mom.

    I totally brag about my thrift store finds all of the time. No shame in bragging about a bargain.


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