Summer Loving..Happened So Fast

I was over visiting Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure today - wait do you read her blog?  If not you should. I just discovered her - and she is hilarious.  Like spray milk out of your nose funny.  Basically my favourite type of blog.  I like to laugh.  If you can do that - then I am yours.  I'm that easy. 

Anyways - today I was all set to post my Send Something Good gift reveal and then realized that this is not until next Monday.  At least I am ahead of the game.  So back to why I was talking about Alyx - she posted a list of some things that she wants to accomplish this summer {she was inspired by OMG I am Back in DC} and I decided that I too should note down all the summer adventures I want to take and things I need to cross off my list.  

Every summer ends up passing me by so quickly that I barely even get a tan.  It's ludicrous.  This country only sees about 4 solid months of decent weather - that it needs to be taken advantage of because hibernation does nothing to our figures or our moods.  Why do you think Canadians enjoy beer so much?  Or french fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds.  It's comfort food.  It's the best food. 

This is what I want to do this summer.

Our apartment has access to a cute front garden.  Last year I got as far as weeding it - this year I plan to plant some pretty flowers.  Because flowers make you happy.  And this way I have made them accessible to Steve to bring home for me.  Seriously this dude just doesn't buy me flowers - I had gone as far as buying myself flowers and announcing that they were from the cat.  I am really helping him out here.

Nothing beats a walk in the woods - to a waterfall - to a view point.  It's all the bees knees.  Speaking of bees  - I have had one in my apartment for the past three hours.  It's chased me off the couch three times.  Let me tell you this - I hate bees.  Yesterday Steve and I took our first hike {if that's what you call it} on part of the Niagara Escarpment.  It was when I realized that Ontario is pretty awesome.  I need to explore it more.

Put not only is Ontario awesome - so is most of Canada.  I really want to take a road trip out east this summer to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.  Steve and I are nearly 75% set on making this happen.  Regardless - I want to take a road trip somewhere.  I don't care where.

A big part of summer is a bonfire/ campfire.  I know I can easily cross this one off my list because we have a camping trip already in the works.   But I need to remind myself to do this more often.  Nothing is more relaxing than the sounds of a crackling fire, a beer in one hand and marshmallow roasting stick in the other.  Seriously - this vision is as perfect as a tropical beach.  Better believe that.

I am not a terrible cook - but I am also not that great at cooking over a fire.  I am also not that creative.  I want to experiment with outdoor cooking this year.   Scrambled eggs and bacon are so last camping season.

And because I need to plan for rain days - and know that I can't enjoy every waking unworking moment in the woods - I want to sew a summer dress that I actually wear.  In public.  I have my eye on The Sunny Day Dress by Jamie Christina.  I've sewn a few of her patterns and they always come together so beautifully. 


What kind of woman am I that I haven't even printed and framed a wedding photo for our home.  I've done it for others - but not for us.  This is another rainy day project that I would love to cross of my list. 

Have you got any fun summer plans?


  1. I did one of these posts too! So fun. Ummm... we are the same kind of woman apparently, because we've been married for 11 months and not a single wedding photograph has been printed. And I didn't get my dress preserved. Whoops!

  2. My husband doesn't buy me flowers either!! Oh and about the wedding photos, I haven't done it either. We've been married almost 3 years!! I didn't want to do it before we had a house but once we got the house, I became unemployed and had no money to buy the prints! I think now is the time that I get on it!!

  3. What a great list! If you get all those things done this summer you will be a busy and very accomplished girl!! Do it!

  4. Printing and framing wedding photos is a good goal! I've been married 4 year in August and I still haven't done it...

  5. Great list! And I hope the trip out east works for you guys because that would be amazing but about four of these can be crossed off with a good ole trip to guess who's cottage!!! Mine! Take a hike. Done. Go on a road trip. The road's the only way to get there. Campfire. Pit is ready to go. Okay that's three but it would allow you to see a part of Ontario you haven't....just sayyyyin! July long weekend? Huh? Huh? Hope you guys had a great weekend :)

  6. Going on a roadtrip is such a fun summer activity! We took one to Virginia Beach last summer and we had a blast.

  7. Hehe.. @Clarewilk, me & some friends have actually mapped a google calendar out with our summer plans, since it's all of our last summers in Dominica. I did not come up with this idea but am so happy to have organized friends!

  8. visit the East coast for sure!! ..bring bug spray! but NB is great! go to the Hopewell Rocks, for sure. you could cross off the hike and the road trip!

  9. Your list is great :)
    You'll totally rock it!

  10. The flowers thing made me laugh! We started dating as broke college students, and I told Paul not to waste money on stuff like flowers. 11 years, 7 of which have seen him with a good salary, and I've gotten flowers... twice. Well, twice that I haven't purchased them myself. I will say, though, he came through once- we were living in separate cities for a few months (he was in the real world, I had one semester of school left) and we were apart for our dating-anniversary. I told him no flowers unless he could get Kroger (the grocery store) to deliver. Next thing I knew, my doorbell rang and his best friend stood there with yellow daisies (my fav.) from Kroger- he found a way to make Kroger deliver! I think he's so proud of that he thinks he can coast in it for YEARS... maybe I need the dogs to send me flowers!

  11. gorgeous photos to your post! new follower from the tango!

  12. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for all of the kind words and the shout out! You are awesome.
    And I love your list.
    I totally need to figure out how to sew, because I've seen so many cute patterns for maxi dresses!
    I may have to steal some of your ideas... :)
    Also - that campfire picture is AWESOME.

  13. i need to add 'print and frame wedding photos' to my to-do list too! it's so hard to decide which ones to get though!


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