The 90's

Steve (my husband)  always tells me that one of the most valuable lessons that he learned from his dad was to think before you speak.  Apparently Steve was a little chatterbox.  If you know him you're probably laughing because Steve is no where near a chatterbox.  One time we were driving somewhere and I was going on about some nonsense and Steve stopped and said "Emily you should really think before you speak!"  at first I was insulted but after some explanation I realize that my father-in-law was a smart man.

I try to apply this philosophy into my everyday life.  And I am thinking after the post I wrote yesterday on 'Things I am Afraid to Tell You About the Blogging Community' that I should have really stopped and thought about it.  After reading it I feel like I came across as this anti-giveaway-blogger person.  It's just not true.  I love that bloggers can offer up free stuff.  I like that blogs your sponsor offer the option to do a giveaway.  I have a few brewing myself.  But what it is that I don't like is when a blog is only built on giveaways.  So keep doing giveaways.  I will keep entering - if I like the giveaway and the blog.  But if your only focus for your entire blog is to build readership by hosting multiple giveaways a week/month then I can't respect that.   But a good healthy giveaway to promote a blog or two and/or a product I am all for it.  Does that make me sound less like a jerk face?  I hope so.   I am totally suffering a case of blogger remorse.

Now that I have that cleared up.  Lena from Mom to Memphis and Ruby - Tuesday 10 link up is dedicated to the 90's.  Only the best decade ever.  I was a teenager in the 90's.  I went to high school in the 90's.  I learned a lot in the 90's.  And I wore awesome clothes.  And listened to awesome music.  Oh the music was (and still is so good).  Here are my top 10 things I loved about the 90's. 

1. Music - I had a hard time narrowing down a list.  So I picked a few from bands that I listened to mostly through high school.  I feel I could do a top 100 list of my all time favourite 90's songs.  However these songs bring me back to teenage Emily - an Emily you probably wouldn't want to know. 

90's mix by Emily Hope on Grooveshark

But I can't forget this song.  It's just too awesome.

2. Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh. Who didn't want to date either of them.  Originally a B-Walsh girl but later in life I learned I was more of a D-McKay girl.  Ends up - I married a Brandon Walsh. 

3. Manic Panic How would I have lived out my rebellious youth without you?  Pink hair. Blue hair.  Green hair.  I loved you all.

4. Starter Jackets.  You made the boys think I was into sports.  I really wasn't.  I thought I looked super cool.

5. Pre-breakdown Britney Spears.  Admit no matter how many come backs she has - pre-breakdown Britney will always be better.  Like the opening scene in Crossroads.

6. Mix-tapes.  Especially from a cute boy

7.  M.A.S.H. Game.  It was always good to predict my future.  We always played with House, Car, Husband and Number Of Kids.  If you want to play you can now play online.  But I suggested going old school and playing with pen and paper.

8. Uncle Jesse's Hair.  Have mercy.
9. The Rachael Cut.  I am sure I sported this.

10. Overalls.  With one strap down.  Someone please bring this back.


  1. Too funny!! I actually taught a 20-year-old coworker the M.A.S.H. game one day when we were bored at work- he thought it was hilarious! I'm saving making a fortune-teller for our next snooze-day. My many tapes recorded from the radio have left me with permanent association-expectations from the songs that started before I could stop recording. I can't hear "Pepper" by Butthole Surfers without expecting "Basketcase" from Green Day...
    (I didn't think you were mean or anti-giveaway, for the record. I'm in the middle of my own blog-world disillusionment right now.)

  2. OMG you took me back a few years there! haha thanks for the walk down memory lane!

  3. First let me LAUGH!!!!!!! This made me laugh so freakin hard everytime I scrolled down and read...

    1. I love everyone of those songs!!!
    2. I loved loved LOOOOVED those boys!!!
    3. My mother would've KILLED me if I used Manic Panic.. so I settled for Kool-Aid!! HAHAHAHA
    4. I had a starter jacket :)
    5. Oh god I remember seeing this movie! Her acting SUCKS! HA
    6. Sadly I never got a mix tape from a boy :( but my friends and I always made some for one another :)
    7. I played M.A.S.H all. the. time! Thanks for the link! I am playing it now!
    8.I seriously said "have mercy" the way he used to say it... HAHAHA
    9. I had this cut too!
    10. I wore overalls too.. but with both straps up! LOL

    Your list was AMAZING!! You should check out mine ;)

  4. Oh yeah. How could I forget the one-strap down overall situation. Who ever thought of that? Seriously? And Dylan McKay is TOTALLY on my list. I was planning our wedding.

  5. Best list ever! I used plenty of manic panic in my day..but it was in the early 2000's. I also loved the overalls. Ooooh, the overalls.

  6. great list!
    I LIVED in overalls! my OAC year of high school that's all I wore. I even had a pair of black velvet ones for a Christmas party LOL
    though that is also when I had super short lesbian hair cut... bad choices all around LOL

  7. I totally forgot about MASH. It was hard to limit everything to 10

  8. YES! Love this post. I'm forever a 90's girl.. I actually posted on a similar topic today- we were on the same wavelength apparently! I always had a MAJOR crush on Uncle Jesse! And I agree- B.Spears pre-breakdown was the best. I will always love her first album! I just wish Mash told the truth... lol

    P.S. I really wish you didn't feel remorse for your post yesterday! You brought up some really great points and it's important for people to think about it. I completely agreed with you! I think as we continue blogging and growing our readership, our opinions start to change. I wrote a post one time on blogging tips and pretty much called anyone that didn't return comments bitches. LOL. And now here I am having a hard time keeping up with it... ya know? The important thing is that we stay true to ourselves and find a balance that works for us, so we can ultimately stay happy and continue bloggin' our lil hearts out!

    Much love to you my dear! xo

  9. but why does she put her pj pants on..... if she just woke up shouldn't they be on already...... lol

    i used to wear overalls, maybe I should have worn them with one strap down my elder sister used to pick me up by the straps and give me a wedgie :) we are the best of friends now though

  10. I have just read your previous post and I don't think that you need to worry about anything. I totally agree and you don't sound like an anti-giveaway person at all. :)
    Anyways, I love your music selection! I really do. And I have hundreds of mix tapes at home. I recently mentioned mix tapes on my blog too. I really miss them. I also have the first 3 Beverly Hills seasons. Pretty great. And I had pink, orange, green, blue hair.
    Love your list!

  11. Your SO totally Kelly Taylor then...

  12. We met in the 90s. I'm pretty impressed that you remember anything that happened during that decade.

  13. Hahahah "Pre breakdown" Britney - lol. What was that movie about?? Looks funny.

  14. Seriously! I never comment on anyone's blog and I comment twice on yours in one day! You will think I'm a stalker - but seriously, every post you write makes me love your blog more. Tooooo funny!

    P.S. My 7 year old came home from school and said "Hey Mom, have you ever seen this game where you write MASH across the top and make a swirl and..." It was honestly a little surreal!

  15. Pahahah, don't EVER apologize for a blog post. Unless it's one in which you call me a big, fat jerk. Then you can apologize. Unless I was being a big, fat jerk. Then you should not apologize.
    Oh, Britney.
    Oh, Mix-tapes. Can you believe there are kids who have no clue what a mix-tape even is?
    Oh, MASH.
    Oh, Uncle Jesse.
    Oh, Overalls. Those were the days.

  16. I love that you put Jesses hair. HAHAH! I am your newest follower in all capacities! Check out my Tuesday 10! I had fun with this today! Glad I found ya.

  17. I had a Starter Jacket too of the Jacksonville Jaguars and I didn't even like that team, just the colors.


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