Blog Life to Real Life

Wow it's been a busy week.  There seems to be a lot of link ups floating around. I like it.  I love to change it up from time to time.  And seriously sometimes it takes a link up to inspire me to want to write.  If you hate that.  I am sorry - it's just how it is - I am a busy lady.  Anyhow - when Britt from The Magnolia Pair posted the  prompt for the 'from blog life to real life' link up I kind of got excited.  Not only because I think she's amazing.  Beautiful. And funny.  But because I have a lot of blogs on my reader that I love - like a lot.  And I also love any chance I can to show them off.  Because seriously you should love them too.  Trust me I don't like bad stuff.  OK some people might think that last statement isn't true - but I do have somewhat good taste when it comes to the blogs I like. I mean I am sure the peeps I am about to mention below wouldn't disagree.  Here it is my take on from 'Blog Life to Real Life'.

Yes I do!  Here are some you might know.  And if you don't check them out.

First.  Randalin from Harvesting Kale.  I've known Randalin for a good 10 years now.   Our lives are a lot different now {she is a mom and I am not} and we have now traded drunken nights on the dance floor for occasional lunches with giant drinks. Same same but different. Except we don't pull our cars over to throw up on our way to work on Sunday morning.  We are mature now.  Well Sort of.

Second.  Lauren from Lemon Trees and Bumble Bees. I met Lauren a few years ago.  I went to high school with her husband.  I wish her husband would guest blog for her some time so you could meet him {and mine for that matter}.  He's funny.  I've gotten to know Lauren better since they moved to Toronto last summer.  I imagine we will spend a few weekends drunk on a patio this summer or dancing to Mariah Carey on some random dance floor. Unless my situation changes?!

Third.  Vikki from Live.Laugh. Pull Your Hair Out.  Vikki is my sister-in-law.  I love her muchly.  She is funny.  She likes the same things as me.  It's perfect.  And she has the best house ever.  I am excited to have babies and bring them there to play.  Hopefully my kids wont be afraid of horses - because they have two.  And I heard there is talk of adding more?

What a tough question.  There are a few bloggers that I am dying to meet that it's too hard to decide.  However since I can fit those other bloggers into other questions {and this is making this sound like the last pick - which it totally isn't - not at all} I want to meet Alyx from Everyday is a New Adventure.  I just recently started following her blog and she has grown on me like a bad fungus.  Or a good fungus.  She is nothing like fungus.  But seriously she is laugh out loud funny.  I envision us riding bikes, telling ridiculous stories, and laughing until our bellies hurt.  Hopefully she feels the same otherwise this declaration is going to come off a bit stalkerish.   I mean seriously - check out this girl.  Wouldn't you want to hang with her?

That's right - I stole this picture from Alyx's blog.  But did you know that she sewed this skirt.  Another reason I want to meet her.  So we can sew our little hearts out.  

This is perfectly timed as a vlog link up I just co-hosted was dedicated to closets.  Some brave bloggers took us both into their closets and some came out.  Now that I have had an opportunity to see into some of your closets.  I would select Jen's from Punky and the City.  She seems to have a lot of great stuff in there. That sequined sweater.....lady please! I have my eye on that.  But honestly -  I just like her style.  I think I'd find a lot of great stuff in there.  I think I'd have to drop a few pounds before I could fit into anything.  Or maybe she could just gain some weight.  That would be easier for me.  If you want to check out her closet {and I think you should} you can see some of her most prized items here.

Well this is easy.  I would want to be stuck with both Kate from Priceless Adventure and Clare from C Squared W since they both live on an island.  And Katie carries mace and Clare can make a rockin' Cocoa tea.  They both live in Dominca.  I feel since they have first hand knowledge of island living they would be my safest choice.  Plus they would both be a lot of fun to hang out with.  In case you want to know about some #thirdworldproblems that they deal with check out this guest post they both put together for me.

Allison from Nestful of Love.  Like I don't talk about her enough, right?  We first connected over our love of cats.  And then our connection developed further over our love of camping. And crafting. And cooking.  Seriously if you don't follow Allison's blog you are missing out on a great piece of the blogosphere.  She blogs about her adventures.  She is always doing something fun.  And you might wish that you got to marry her super sweet husband {or someone like him}. I command you all to go and subscribe to her blog.  You can thank me later. 

Lo from Our Crazy Ever After.  I have had the pleasure to get to know Lo on a more personal level.  We iMessage at least a few times a week.  She even phone-bombed me one day.  It was the best surprise ever.  I want to talk to her on the phone all the time.  But seriously Lo has the biggest heart.  Where mine is three sizes to small hers is three sizes too big.  She is always looking out for new bloggers.  She started the Blog Tap {which is on hiatus at the moment} which is a platform for new bloggers to connect with other bloggers.  Genius right? She offered a free blog design giveaway for new bloggers with under 100 readers.  Even though I am older than her - I look up to her.  She is the best virtual friend I have ever had the pleasure of having.  I hope all this sentiment makes her cry {not really}.  Actually I think she is on a blog reading vacay and will probably never read this. 

Besides me? (this is an outtake from yesterday) I am really good at laughing at myself and basically I think I am hilarious.  I am sorry if you don't.

But...tough call.  Not really!  There are a ton of funny/crazy bloggers that I read/follow/stalk/creep.  It's just too hard for me to pick just one.  Here is just a snippet of my daily funny list add them to your reader and it will be like reading the funny pages; Our Crazy Ever After, Everyday is a New Adventure, Shades of Gray, Mish Lovin' Life, Emmy June Born In May, Trial By Sapphire and obviously The Magnolia Pair. and so on...

Since Kristen from Confessions of a Graphic Designer is working on her public speaking and leadership skills - I would definitely want to be casted with her.  Also she swears like a sailor {like me} so she wouldn't be offended by the number of f-bombs that I drop on the daily.  She also drinks so I wouldn't be a drunken fool all on my own.  And and and she loves music just as much, or maybe even more, as I do.  We would have nightly 90's living room dance sessions all the time.  No one would even think of voting us out.  If it's that type of reality show? Seriously when we are breaking it down to this...please.  p.s.  I still know every word to this song. 

Hmmm..to be honest I don't know a lot about what other bloggers do.  Maybe I am just not paying attention?  But if I was to seriously consider swapping a career with any blogger it would be with Kate from Stripes and Polka Dots.  Kate works from home and does graphic design.  Basically it's my dream job.  However I don't have the skills, like she does, to make it lucrative.  If I did - I would.  My other alternative would to have my sister-in-law's job - she's a stay-at-home mom.  Everyday that gig is becoming more appealing to me. 

Are you serious?  This is impossible to answer.  I like so many blog designs.  I don't even know if I have a favourite.  But I will direct you to a few that I have bookmarked for specific features.  Is that cheating?  I don't care.
  • Sarah from Silly Grrl - I really love how the navigation bar sits right at the top of the page above the header. 
  • Arvee from Flutter Happy - I love the overall simplicity of this layout.  And lately I have been swooning over any blog with a side header. 
  • Natalie from Our Love in October - contrary to what I just said - I love her header so much.  I wish I had a similar picture so I could replicate it.
And there are so many other blogs out there that I couldn't include in these answers - but just know that I still have mad love for you, like all the ladies hanging out on my side bar.  As I was filling this out I felt like I was playing favourites - and that's not the case.   Lately I am struggling with this blogging etiquette thing - it's official.  Emily Hope has #bloggerproblems


  1. 1. this is random, but I have been looking for the exact font you're using on your picture for FOREVER. What is it??
    2. Pahahaha, "except we don't pull our cars over to throw up on our way to work on Sunday morning." I once puked ALL OVER my car... it was disgusting. I tried to puke in a bag, but it had a hole in it. I'm sure you wanted to know that.
    3. AHHHH OHMYGOSH. I SEE MY FACE ON YOUR BLOG (thank you for not choosing the ridiculous picture. Or maybe these pictures are ridiculous. whatever. all I know is that i am HONORED. For realzzzz.) And ummm yes. Bike rides. Laughing. Me watching you dance on a patio to Mariah Carey (or is that weird? I'd dance, too). We'd have a grand old time. It would be a blast. Oh, and we'd sew. Like you said. Because I could learn something from you. And it would be fun.
    4. Dude. Jen has an awesome closet. With like, a bajillion ridiculously awesome sweaters. Or should I say "cool?"
    5. Yes, you are the funniest blogger. I will agree with you.
    6. This is like, the longest comment ever. You could probably make it into a book. A really awesome book. But add pictures of cats, because that would make it cuter. And better.
    And now I am leaving. Goodbye.

  2. DUDE. I am NOT even a fashion blogger (or a fashionista for that matter/Praise God cause my fashion sense is drunk) and I won best closet?? Oh, i REALLY love you. And a little FYI. My closet items are magical.. in that one size fits all. Yup. Like sisterhood of the traveling pants. Which I think Miki mentioned earlier. So come on over and borrow some COOOL shit!!


    No but really, on a serious note. I LOVE this idea for a link up, such a great way to show some bloggy love. And not in a sponsorship-kind-of-way... I sorta wanna do this too!

  3. Oh yeah and LOLLERZ at Alyx's comment. I'm still embarrassed at how many time I said "cool" in that vid. Also, I would like to hang out with you guys if that's ok. I can't sew or drink beer with a smile on my face or anything like that, but I can bring candy? And jokes?

  4. Great pics, Em! I found Alyx through you and she is a crack up. I'm also still holding out for a blogger camp with the Dominica girls plus Amira & Lo and basically all the peeps we want to hang out with in real life!

    I love your vlog outtake. I actually just came here to see your vlog...so I need to do that now. YES...I love you so much I'm still trying to follow along from Vietnam. (ahhh we're finally here. first day & loving it!)

  5. You are so sweet! I loved reading these! I tried to start this the other day, but felt like I was leaving people out and just couldn't make decisions. Haha. Can't wait to check out a few of these other blogs! PS. Your VLOG is awesome. Please keep these coming!

  6. Can I tell you how much I love that you posted a video to Shoop on here?!?! That pretty much made my day! Hahaha. This post is really fun, I may have to do one. And thanks for the island shout out - Katie and I would definitely show you the ropes {mace and cocoa turd tea!} if we were stranded :) I'm with Em, the camping trip some day would be amazing!!!

  7. So many awesome bloggers here. So little time. I love the idea of this post because it gives so much more insight than just "I love this blog!" It's a great way to find new blogs to read.

  8. First - I have now watched that outtake 3 times. It cracks me up! Second - I can't wait for some Mariah Carey in Korea Town (although they don't dig me like they did you!) and of course some drinks. I'm trying to convince D that I should be a stay at home wife/mom too. I figure if I clean the house enough (since I never do) and fatten him up with good food this summer, he may be swayed. Wish me luck. Oh and you would be my pick for funniest blogger :)

  9. I have the answer to all your problems: Move to Dominica & become a Real Housewife. You can sit on the beach & drink all day until you make a baby!

    There was so much goodness in the post, and I love that Salt-N-Pepa was the soundtrack to it. Those girls are legit!

    {p.s. I sorta felt like I was playing favorite too - no fun!}

  10. You went all fancy on me! I love it girl, you've got major design skills my friend! Loved these, and I need to jump on the wagon and meet some new ladies! Thanks for linking up, so so excited!

  11. Okay, okay, okay.

    THANK YOU for listing me with those other funny dames, but seriously? That outtake video is the BOMB. I don't even say "the bomb," but it's totally the bomb. Da bomb? Am I saying this correctly?

    Also, I absolutely love all of the reasons you listed Kristen as your fellow reality TV castmate! Bahaha! TOO GOOD. It's so refreshing when others can still curse with some class. I feel like I'm always trying to censor myself!

    Your post is awesome, and of course, BEAUTIFUL. Stop showing the rest of us up, yeah? Or should I have said "eh"? Too easy. ;-)

    Happy Friday Eve, Emily!

  12. Just found yo through the link up and I am a new follower! Love your blog! You did a great job on this post!

    -Simone @ busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com

  13. awww I would TOTES be your cast mate!!! We could form an alliance... and the only way for others to join would be to perform every word to Shoop... while drunk.


    I love this link up... I want to join but I would have such a hard time choosing! You would definitely be most funny/blogger i'm dying to meet... I watched that outtake 5 times and it got funnier... haha!

    i heart you miss hope!! xo

  14. Can I just say, I am in love with your sense of humor already and I just got to your blog?! I love all these blogging ladies and can't believe I've yet to meet the amazing Hope! Look forward to keepin up with your adventures :)

    xo Shane

  15. Allison from Nestful of Love is SUCH a sweetheart :) I adore her!

    I have A LOT of reading to do this week(end) - yay for new blogs!

    Thanks for much for linking up, girl - and I hope you enjoyed your day!

    OHHH and one more thing - totally jealous of how awesome your post looks. I tried to put something cute together for mine...FAIL!

    :) xo

  16. hahaha I love the outtakes video! Every time I vlog I wind up saying something stupid and cursing at myself before I start over, haha.

    And thanks for the shout out! My job is pretty sweet, now I just need to figure out how to make bigger bucks doing it. And I disagree, you've got the skills girl!

  17. Found you through this link-up! You have such a fun, blogging voice...if that makes any sense. But yeah, totally following you now!

  18. I want to be on your reality show, booze and cursing, consider me a pro :)


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