Campfire Orange Peel Cinnamon Buns

There is something about cooking over a campfire that makes me want to cook all.the.time.  Seriously Steve should just install a campfire in our front yard and I would cook up a storm.  I'd also be 400 plus pounds - so it's probably good that we don't.  I love marshmallows.

In preparation for this years camp season I have been scouring Pinterest and blogs for campfire recipes.  I even attempted to host my own camp tips & tricks link up.  Allison from Nestful of Love linked up a post where she gave some campfire 101 cooking tips - including a recipe for Orange Peel Muffins.  Now because I also stalk Allison on Pinterest {you should too she pins awesome stuff} I saw that she recently pinned a new Orange Peel recipe for Orange Peel Cinnamon Buns from trulysimple.com and I knew I had to try them.

Here is the E-Ho version of of How to Make Campfire Cinnamon Buns - in an orange peel.  I am not really great at tutorials or reviews or storytelling so I hope I do this justice.

If I was a better blogger I would have remembered to set up a gorgeous shot that would have made you all think "Wow this lady has got it together!" but no - instead you get the only picture I took that contained all the tools and ingredients.  So just in case you can't decipher what I have labelled in this photo let me lay it out for you

1. A baking pan {I just brought a cake pan that I never use at home. I feel like this pan is for mom's of the 80's. No one makes mom cakes these days - do they?}  

2. A spoon for scooping  

3. One container of Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns {this package included 8 buns}

4. Navel Oranges {I brought 6 - just in case I got hungry}

5. Cutting board {optional}  

6. Tin foil {aluminum foil}

7. Knife  

8. A bowl for the orange guts {not shown - or brought}

      You can get the pyromaniac of your group to complete this for you.  Luckily that's my husband.  He is serious about his fires.  This is why 99% of all my camp photos are of fire.  But you can't deny that it's pretty rockin'.

      I think if I do his again I would prepare this step at home.  At this point no one was really interested in eating the guts of four oranges so a lot of it was wasted.  Plus packing oranges is bulky - it would have been easier to just bring the peels pre-scooped. Also I have a huge bear phobia and am convinced that bears like sweet smelling food.  I don't want to risk dropping orange guts on the site to attract the bears I am avoiding like the plague.  And lets face it - scooping oranges is messy!

      Get an assistant to help you put the rolls into the orange peel cups - your hands will be sticky plus you don't want to do all the work yourself.  I used the regular sized rolls since the oranges weren't humungous. But next time I am going to try the Cinnabon Version. 

      This part is the worst - the waiting  I am impatient and wanted to eat them immediately.  But it wasn't a long wait since our fire was so bad ass they only took about 25 minutes to bake -  Just keep an eye on them until they are baked to your satisfaction. The review on Pinterest said they smelled delicious as they baked - but  I didn't notice any aroma while they were baking until I pulled up the tinfoil.  This is probably a good thing since I had imagined our site being swarmed by bears that very minute.  I need to remember to bring a bear whistle on my next trip. 

      At this point I was super excited that this even worked.  And they smelled amazing.  I let them cool for a few minutes before putting on the icing.  This is a perfect opportunity to get in a few food shots for the blog. 

      Yes I looked like this all weekend - what of it?!  You totally want to hang out with me, right?  Lucky for you I have no shame and love to post ridiculous photos of myself.  But seriously - I just cooked cinnamon buns over a campfire, did you??  I was pretty excited.

      Verdict - these were amazing.  They were the perfect way to warm up on a chilly, rainy campsite. We made them for dessert - but you could totally make them for breakfast.  The oranges give them a tiny hint of orange flavour - that I wasn't sure would be nice - but actually made them taste even better.  I will definitely be adding these to future trips.

      Let me know if you try these on your next camping trip


      1. These look so cool and so much fancier than regular camping food. Maybe I could pretend I'm glamping if I make these.

      2. Those look to-die-for Emily! I have this problem where I cannot just eat one cinnamon roll.. so we never have them at my house except for Christmas because on Christmas no one can judge you if you eat 5 cinnamon rolls.

      3. These look incredible!!! I'm so excited to try next time we go camping! :)

      4. Looks great! What a wonderful idea!

      5. So I just sent this to my camping buddy with hopes that she's all OMG!MUST!HAVE! (as I am).

        I can't wait to try this! :)

      6. Holy Crapola! Those look AMAZING!!!! I'm totally going to make those at the cottage this summer. wowza!

      7. I"m so glad these turned out so well! They look freaking amazing. I'm about to try these in our backyard firepit because I don't think I can wait until another camping trip! YUMMMMM!

      8. So as I said in my blog post today, I hate camping, but if I were to get these cinnamon rolls, I may be able to make an exception. These look amazing!!!

      9. AMAZING!! And GREAT photos. I have a total crush on this post. New follower!! XO

      10. These look good!! I might try them this summer!! :)

      11. I don't think step 6 is optional! These look delish.

      12. Nom! Nom! Nom!
        Those look and sound amazing.

      13. Umm..these look fantastical. I think that they will make an appearance at our next bon fire!

      14. Holy freaking delicious. I want to go make these RIGHT NOW!! What an awesome idea.

      15. Oh wow - these look incredible!!

      16. these look amazeballs.
        Would you usually eat the orange guts?

      17. I found this video after reading this post. I can't tell you if it really works or not. but it might be fun to try while you're out camping. I'd definitely try it if I was back home!

      18. Wait a FREAKING minute. How have I never heard of this before?! That looks scrumptious! I need one, but I'll probably have to do it in the oven considering I don't think I'll be camping soon. I love this! Thanks for sharing you bad-ass woman, you.

      19. REALLY!??? I'm in awe right now and my stomach is totally growling!

      20. Holy Crap that looks good, what a great idea! Ahh makes me want to go camping so bad!

      21. You make camping look fun. And cute. I would totally camp with you anyday.

      22. WOAH - that is cool! Never in a million years would I have thought of that. I bet the slight orange taste was delish!!!

      23. That is so awesome!! Have to pin these to remember to make them sometime :)

        Thanks for linking up to The Pinterest Project!

      24. YUM!!!

        And oh my gosh, I <3 you!!!! :D
        Thank you for linking up!

      25. OMG, I LOVE orange cinnamon rolls. I'm starving now. Thanks for linking up! Newest follower of your blog

      26. I so need to try these!!! Thanks for sharing =D
        Newest follower

      27. This is so cool and looks delish! Makes me want to go camping:)

        I found you through The Pinterest Project and I'm now following

      28. Omg, these look amazing!!! Thanks for linking up!


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