Last weekend I went strawberry picking with my mother-in-law for the first time in nearly 20 years.  I loved it.  I should have been born a farmer.  Or at least a farmers daughter.  Except I wouldn't want to love on an animal farm - just a farm that grow vegetables.  Hopefully I will be blessed with this in another life.  And to top the weekend off - we made jam!   I need sew myself a jam making apron.

Now before you all wonder how I turned into a little old lady so quickly - let's get on with me telling you what's been going on around here currently.  Besides picking strawberries and making jam.

Ha-ha!  I actually just laughed out loud. Because I guess the only think I can tell you is that I made jam. It's hot in Ontario right now.  It's too hot to cook.  So yes I currently made jam.  Is this cheating?

Don't tell Steve but I am totally digging the new (to me) Unearth album Darkness in the Light.  It has got me through a few work days.   I've always had a thing for unearth. 

Beer - it's perfect beer drink season.  And Popsicles - still.    Oh and air conditioning.  We don't have it.  I usually don't need it.  But with temperatures this in the high 30's with the humidex that's like 100 + for those of you south of the border.  It's basically hot.  And it makes me crave anything cold.  Anything except winter.  I hate winter.  But I also hate migraines.  Why Canada must your weather be so extreme?

Policies.  Not like official government policies - but policies at work.  It's exhausting.  And makes my eyes twitch.  And my head hurt.  And sometimes they make me want to crawl under the desk and die.  OK that was a little dramatic.  They aren't that bad.  But not as fun a blog writing.

Jimmy Fallon.  Dude is funny.  He makes me laugh a lot. Last Night's Show: Will Ferrell, Ellie Kemper and Tight Pants! - Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Harvesting Kale


  1. Jimmy Fallon is great.
    And that jam looks delicious. If I came to Canada would you share with me??

  2. It is hot here in Ontario! I have been dying these past few days, and not leaving my AC'ed house. It was 45 with the humidex here yesterday!

  3. No A/C? Oh dear. We don't have AC or hot water right now and I've been crying about it all night. You're entitled to pretty much all the beer and Popsicles you want now. I'm so jealous you went strawberry picking! I've always wanted to do that. Hope you have a great weekend away lady! So wish we were still able to come :( Enjoy the gorgeous weather!

  4. No AC?!?!
    Forget that shizz, I have mine cranked up and I'm debating whether I should take my pants off.

  5. i've never had AC but we usually don't need it where i'm at. i've never picked stawberries in my life. only raspberries and blackberries which i'm aching to do. but its not the season for it yet.

  6. I want some jam!! I've also been wanting to go strawberry picking so you are not an old lady alone. Haha. Did you try the jam yet? Was it amazing?

  7. I LOVE that you made jam! Oh my yum :)

  8. omg, feeling you on the heat right now. im in nyc and it was 100+ this week and i didn't have an a/c in my window. im originally from florida so this was basically sacrilegious but i bribed the bf with gummy bears and mt dew to put it in for me! hahaha!

    also, ahhh i want to go strawberry picking!!

  9. Hi! I just found your blog & love it!! I so wish I could go strawberry picking!!!

  10. Strawberry picking and jam making are on my bucket list this summer. Sadly, I think I missed the season in Texas. Our strawberry season starts somewhere around March, which always feels weird to me since I grew up in Ontario.


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