Friday's Letters

I am so ready for this week to be over.  It was one of the worst I have had in a long time.  I am ready to get on with the weekend and forget about my troubles.  I have been a huge Nancy Negative -it stinks.

Dear Weather Man couldn't you have called for better weather this weekend?  Seriously dude - rain from Friday to Sunday?  Is this a joke?  Did you not know that I am going camping?  Jokes on you we bought rain boots and suits.  Bring it.  Ummm... actually don't because I have a feeling you're a lot more powerful than me.

Dear People Who Should Pity My Weather Problems seriously look at this.  It's not fair right?  Can you rain dance?  Please commence immediately if you can.   Because look at all this rain.   p.s.  Dear Blog Readers In case you can't read Canadian weather - I so kindly provided the American translation - because you know..... I need your pity. 
{for Canadian Eyes Only}
{For American Eyes Only}
Dear Work You were challenging this week.  I hope we can get on better next week.  Shesh. {I really like saying and writing the word shesh almost as much as gee whiz - it's true I'm old} 

Dear Wonder Forest  Thank you for your post on 'Facebook Pay To Promote...Calm Down.'  I was getting annoyed reading each begging update to ensure that I add their page to my newsfeed pop up on my feed every millisecond.  I am thankful for people like you who take the time to teach the masses.    p.s.  Dear Dedicated Hope Squared Readers - if you haven't read this post already do it....now, please and thank you. 

Dear Husband I am so thankful for you.  I wouldn't have made it through this week without you.  I hope everyone finds their 'Steve'.  You're so rational about things I wonder how I would have made it through life without you.  Luckily I don't have to.  Thanks for keeping me grounded.

Dear Fellow Blog Writers did you get a chance to read Cami's post  from First Day of My Life on replying to blog post comments?  If not you should read it.  And then come back here and tell me your thoughts on it.  I'll wait.  Because I really want to know.  To reply or not reply?  I am having a hard time keeping up with my e-mail.  I e-mail all day at work - to come home to e-mails from the blog.  Sometimes I just want to write a post.  Sometimes a comment makes me want to respond.  But not always.  I want to know what the general consensus is.  So tell ME!  Thanks.


  1. I don't know a rain dance but I'll keep my fingers crossed! It seems pretty awful out there today so maybe this will be the worst of it. Either way I'm sure you guys will have a great time getting away. As for replying, I try to reply to all but it usually takes three days :S I'm lazy apparently. Also if it just says "cute post" or something, I find it hard to respond other than a "thanks." Just doing whatever you feel like doing :)

  2. Sorry you had a craptastic week, Emily!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that it gets better.
    Dude. I had no idea that Canada used celsius. I guess for some reason I just assumed that all of North America used Fahrenheit? What is wrong with the U.S?
    And yeah, ditto the thing on the post from Dana.
    Happy weekend, yo!

  3. I try to reply to every comment I get but sometimes there's nothing to say or I just get buried. It CAN get hard to keep up with but I just make it part of my routine.

    However, unless I ask a very specific question that I'm really worried about getting an answer to, I'm not coming back to your blog to see if you replied so if you're taking the time to reply make sure it comes to my email so your time is appreciated. That's just my opinion though!

  4. Good thing you put up the American weather translation or I would have been lost! I hope it's one of those times the weather man ends up looking like an ass cause he was so wrong. Have fun!

  5. I try to reply to all my emails...even if it's just a simple thanks. Sometimes time isn't on my side but I try. I hear what she means though. Though I really love some of the bigger blogs and like to comment on them, I don't most times because I feel like it just gets lost in the mix.

  6. So... here's my two cents (tuppence? I don't know which of my mental currencies to use) on the blog comment thing. I think it's a bit tedious to respond to "Great Post" with a "Thanks for reading" or whatever. That seems fake and superficial, even if I am truly appreciative of people reading. I just don't know what else to give someone who gave me a (hopefully sincere) but content-lacking comment. Sometimes I make those comments, but it's more my way of giving their post a thumbs-up- and I don't need a reply to that. BUT. It does annoy the crap out of me when I make a comment on a blog post that I feel is well-thought-out, or I ask a question, or some other normal conversation-starter, and there's no reply. I actually have stopped following a couple of blogs for repeated occurrences of this (as in, more than 3-4 times), because I feel that if I'm going to take my time to read their post, then write back a thought-out comment, I'd like to know that they cared/appreciated/noticed it enough to reply. Maybe it's my youngest-child syndrome, but it's true. So no, I don't think that you have to respond to EVERY comment, but I also think the whole "blog community" and interaction part is cast aside when there's NEVER a reply. That said, the whole "no-reply-blogger" thing is getting old, FAST.
    Whatever you decide, though, if the comment-maintenance is causing you stress, then don't worry about them- your time and mental-happiness is more important than the feelings of People of Blogland.
    Anyway. I hope your weekend is surprisingly pleasant, relaxing, and fun!

  7. Just found your blog today and I am IN LOVE!

  8. Lovely Friday letters <3

    Ok, so, if I were to leave a comment that says "Great post...!" that's a spam comment for suuuuure!

    But - I can't wait to hear what everyone else has to say!!!

    Your Steve is so precious & your love is beautiful. (duh.)

    The weather in FL is bi-polar...it says it was DEFINITELY, 70% supposed to rain today...but, it's sunny.

    Happy Friday!

  9. Here's my two cents, which is probably not worth much... especially since we won't have pennies soon anyway... I think if someone asks a question, there really needs to be a reply, preferably in the questions section because many others might have that question too. I don't think every comment needs a response, and as a reader, I don't expect a response. I mainly try to respond to questions and new followers (thanking them). It would get crazy if you had to say thank you to every comment left on your blog!

  10. I have started replying back to comment on the blog post since blogger added that feature. I like the conversations that get going and then my responses to questions and such are available for all to see, not just the person who asked them. But I totally agree with her post...I hate no response at all. It bums me out for sure!

  11. Ugh, I totally hope it doesn't rain the entire weekend for you. Personally, I don't think camping in the rain is all that bad. Just bring lots of bailey's, a deck of cards and a good book. You might find that actually relax MORE because there are no hiking or swimming temptations.

    As for the blog comments, I agree with Gesci 100%.

  12. Sorry your week was sucky! And I hope that you get better weather than is forecasted for this weekend.

    I did read Cami's post and I agree with her. I understand if bloggers that have 500+ followers don't get back to every comment, but it does kind of annoy me when bloggers with 13 followers never respond to a comment.

  13. Doing a rain dance for you. I really want to see the cinnamon rolls in oranges!! And about the replying to comments thing...I reply to most, but definitely not to all. We have lives outside of blogging and I think everyone understands that!

  14. Hope the rain stays away so you can enjoy your camping trip. But if even if does rain, it should be fun. (I don't mind camping in the rain :))

    I read Cami's post, and I think replying to comments depends how many comments you get and how busy you are. It isn't always necessary to reply to someone's comment, especially if you don't have something to contribute. But I do think it's a nice thing to check out new commenters blogs and I always try to do that. But part of why I blog is for the connections with other people, so I guess it just depends.

    The one thing that really gets to me is the people who don't have anything to contribute, or don't even read the whole post, but comment just to get you to check out their blog. That's just my twenty cents! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  15. rainy camp means lots of cuddling, giggle. Hope the weather doesn't spoil your fun. Make happy memories. Hopping over from the bloglovin hop. Following you on bloglovin now xo

  16. I hear you. This week was awful for me too. Here's to a better June!

  17. I just found your blog via Clare at C Squared W! Love finding other Canadian bloggers. Sorry the weather wasn't ideal for your camping weekend. Hopefully you had a great time anyway!

  18. you deserve weathyer-pity to the max. Life in dreary weather is hard and those of us that experience it suffer big-time. Pity-party is in order ;)


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