People Watching

One of my favourite things to do in Vietnam besides eat, swim, suntan, and shop, was to people watch.  This might not be as entertaining as people watching in Walmart - because I am convinced that holds the first place title of all time - but the people of Vietnam could run a close second. 

From traffic to siestas Vietnam offers a good selection of activity for you to ponder about the choices these people are making. Sometimes they seem brilliant - and sometimes you're left really wondering how a country that small still has so many people populating it.  I know one thing.  I'd rather take a stroll with my heard of goats in the rice paddy than take my non-existent dog for a walk around the block in Toronto. 

However safety is usually an after sight when making decisions in Vietnam.   Today I am sharing some observations about daily life in Vietnam over at Alyx's from Everyday Is A New Adventure. But don't worry - I am a safety first type of girl.  Grab your helmets {or not if you're a bit more daring} and head over there.  Now.  You're welcome.


  1. I love people watching too! It's one of the best ways to pass time anywhere you find yourself.

  2. I loved having you today! Thanks for bein' awesome!

  3. Loved your guest post, Emily! And the picture is amazing!

  4. lol! i loved your guest post!! especially the picture with all the bottles! hiiilarrr!


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