Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Memories from Camp

We got home a few hours ago from a dreary, rainy, but still alright camping trip to Killbear Provincial Park.  I still haven't showered therefore I still smell like campfire.  Don't judge me.  I am delaying the inevitable - Monday morning.  And since it's been awhile since I have actually left the house with my camera - I thought a good way to share some of our camping photos would be to participate in Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Since I didn't know the themes - I had to stretch a few of these.  But I hope at the end you'll want to pack your gear and head to the woods for the weekend.  Except make sure you listen to the weather man - he's usually good at warning you about things.

Here are my interpretations from camp.

1. Shine
The sun was definitely not shining - but our fire was.  The weekend would have been a total bust if we weren't able to at least enjoy a campfire.  It provided us all with a little shine.  And delicious marshmallows.  It's official - I am still a master marshmallow roaster.

2. Fast
You're probably thinking - wood?  What does this have to do with fast.  Well when it's rainy and you're sitting around a fire all day - this wood burns fast.  Also - weekends away totally go by too fast.  Regardless of the weather - I still wish I was sitting around our fire, roasting marshmallows, listening to the rain.

3.  Left
The wind is crazy along Georgian Bay.  At least it was this weekend. I mean look at the wind pushing the tree to the left.  {clever huh?} The rain stopped long enough for us to take a walk to the beach.   The lake shore is rocky, large and beautiful.  I wish the weather was better so we could have taken advantage of the beauty. 

4. Peace
The one good thing about camping during a rainstorm {yes there is such a thing} is that you literally get the campground to yourself.  There were a few other brave souls toughing out the weekend - but the park was basically empty and extremely quiet.  It's definitely the peace and quiet us city dwellers are looking for.

 5. Plain
Do you know how hard it is to find plain black rain boots for women?  I mean ones that don't cost a bazillion dollars.   Nearly every pair I found had some wild pattern on them.  I don't get it.  I just wanted plain black boots.  Instead Steve got to live out my dream. 

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  1. I love that image of the campfire- it's fantastic! Your composition on the welly picture is great, as well.
    In non-photo talk, Hunters are the best wellies- and they come in plain black. They're a little pricy, but well-worth it, and last for ages.

  2. These pictures are GORGEOUS! Love the one of the fire :) Can't wait to read all about your trip... I'm dying to go camping!

  3. Sorry your trip wasn't so sunny, but I'm glad you still went and had fun! The big question is...did you get to try the cinnamon rolls or will it have to wait???

  4. I haven't been camping in years but I do remember some "rainy" days out camping and yes it can be miserable but it can also be fun.

    Loved your Left Shot, what a great tree.
    Also enjoyed the Peace shot, such a lovely view down that country road.

  5. Umm, yes. I want to go camping.
    And why are your pictures of fire so freaking awesome?! Now I just want to release my inner pyro and run around with my camera taking totally BA pics of fire. Totally normal, right?
    Glad your weekend was good even though it was a little rainy!!

  6. Theses pictures are AMAZING! Love shine and left the best! Beautiful.

  7. I was thinking of you all weekend and wondering if you guys toughed it out. You are officially campers!!!

  8. These are great. I love shine and peace. So wonderful!

  9. do you know how hard it is to find rain boots for women with normal sized calves? Costco was carrying Hunters and I could barely sausage my legs in them.

    the fact you braved camping despite the weather forecast makes you my everyday hero.

  10. Very cool set! You couldn't have captured the sparks from the fire any better, I can almost hear it. Also really like your "peace" shot. And I hate to break it to you, but I've got some plain black boots very similar to your husbands... maybe check at a farm supply store (earlier next Spring).

  11. All of your photos are stunning! I really can't pick a favorite! :)

  12. Those photos are SO GORGEOUS, and they make me want to go camping!

  13. Beautiful interpretations all the way through - I especially love shine.

  14. My friends and I are always looking for ideas for a scavenger hunt. As our children get older, it becomes harder to keep them inspired. I love this idea.

    April @ 100lbcountdown.com


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