Who is Zola Man?

I have been searching for a reason to share this picture with you.  Please tell me you are laughing at it right now?  In case you can't quiet grasp how funny this picture is - I will explain.  You see that it a stick man.  An actual stick man.  Or a stick woman?  I don't know.  I am not well versed in stick people anatomy.  Anyways - this is supposed to be a funny picture of me, because today I am joining  Gentri Lee for a round of seven questions.  And well this is a funny picture taken by me.  Take it or leave it.      

My artistic talents are limited to drawing stick people.  And when I lived in South Korea this talent never went unnoticed by my class.  You see at this time there was a popular cartoon of a stick man super hero name Zola Man {maybe it's still popular?  But I doubt it}.  Stick men then became zola men.  Therefore I was amused when my husband found a real live zola man when we were camping a few weekends ago.  

Here is a snippet of what I am talking about.  It's pretty ridiculous.

It makes no sense.  Don't try to understand it.  Unless you understand Korean - then maybe you can explain it to me?  Until then - let's get to understand me a bit better.

Have you not heard that I am the most stubborn girl in the world?  Seriously.  I will fight everything inside me to prove to you that I am not sick.  I will not go to the doctor unless I am with a fever I can't sweat out or literally on my death bed.  I've been lectured many times by doctors that I should have come in sooner.  I'll go to work until they force me to go home.  As you may know, Canadians are entitled to access to free Public Health care.  Well on March 10, 2011 {that's my birthday - update your calendars} my health card expired.  I just renewed it last week. Not only do I have buns of steals but  I seriously have an iron immune system. I am basically the bionic woman.  OK - I do all this with a whole lot of complaining. And whining.  And cursing.  And self medicating.  But I'm not sick.  I'm never sick. 

What a great question.  I have been dealing with this very exact thing lately.  What I do is I set goals.  Not large unattainable goals - but small ones.  Goals I know I will be able to accomplish.  Sometimes a few quick wins is all you need to get you back on track.  If all that fails - I escape!  As explained here.

 As I have entered the lovely age of 32 - I have come to realize that time goes by way too fast.   I remember as a kid waiting for Christmas or your birthday or summer break was painfully long.  It all couldn't come fast enough.  Now as I am older I wish I could savor more moments.  I am fearful that my life is going to pass me by before I can have time to actually enjoy it.  On vacation I am great at taking in everything and enjoying every moment.  I really have a hard time doing that at home.  Between the daily grind, the chores, and other expectations - there just isn't enough time.  Let alone time to savor it. 

Who wouldn't want to be a unicorn?  Well me I guess.  I am not into horses - so I am not sure I would want to be one.  Or a horny one.  I'd want to be a fairy.  It would be pretty cool to be super tiny and have wings.  I guess?  Maybe that wouldn't be cool at all.  I'd give it a try though.

I am a major procrastinator.  It's really bad.  Let's take my blog e-mail for example.  I have let unanswered e-mails in my inbox for well over two weeks now.  The more I think about it - the more I think about other things to do.  I am like this with all things in my life.  I put everything off until the last possible moment.  I am trying to work on this in my work life - but it's really a challenge.  I am easily distracted.  I have a feeling that even though I claim that I was born ready - I am totally lying.  Don't let my eagerness fool you. 

I am so awkward.  Unless you introduce yourself I won't make a first move.  I am also really bad at small talk.  When I am uncomfortable I freeze and become extra introverted.  My shyness usually comes across as snobbery.  I am really not that snobby.  I just like to feel people out first.  I have a pretty good gut - I try to stick to what it tells me. 

Bahaha - if you ask my husband this question he'd just laugh at you.  I am a really terrible grocery shopper.  Like I don't do it at all.  Steve also hates this task.  This means it only happens when we are desperate to get it done.  I then discovered through my work an online grocery shopping company.  Shut up right?  Nope.  It's true.  You order your stuff online.  And then schedule a delivery and it shows up on your door.  And it's only $10.00 per order.   It's a procrastinators dream. 


  1. Who wouldn't want to be a unicorn...me. lol Thanks for the morning snickers! :) People think I'm snobby too, or mean, but I'm just so awkward and shy I get nervous!

  2. woah. $10 is totally worth it. Except I do like actually going to the grocery store. I just always forget things. :P
    People think I'm snobby when I'm just shy too. and I am the same with #1.

  3. I'm so bad at wishing time away and I'm trying to be better about that. I'm always anticipating the next thing instead of stopping to enjoy the moment even if the moment is not exactly the way I planned it! Life needs to sloooowww down! And I'd love to be a fairy. Haha.

  4. For some reason - you as an introverted person completely surprised the crap out of me. You're so personable and open in your blog. BTW that's definitely a stick woman - trust me I know these things.

  5. I didn't even notice the stick person at first! Too funny.

    I am also terrible at the small talk, which is probably why I'm with Kris - he's an expert. When we meet new people, he's automatically in charge of the small talk. It's too bad I can't bring him to work with me....

  6. Wait a second... do you seriously do your grocery shopping online??? That's crazy!
    I can't blame you, though... I'm not a fan of grocery shopping, either.

  7. I chose Pixie which is pretty much the same thing as a fairy. I think being super tiny and having wings would be awesome. I would probably annoy the crap out of people!


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