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This will probably be the only time you'll hear me complain about this - but MAN IT'S HOT!  I can't stand it.  Mostly because with wicked temperatures in the high thirties {like 100 for you Americans} I am blessed with even more wicked migraines.  Migraines that make me dizzy even when laying down.  Migraines that make me want to throw up.  Migraines that make me me want to rip my brain out.  Seriously - it feels like it's on it's way own.  Plus we are still sans ac. And I am out of Advil.  So basically I just wanted to complain. 

But here are some things I've been up to lately that I am not complaining about.

Sometimes I am so easy to inspire - and then sometimes I can't seem to find inspiration.  At all.  I feel like I am having one of those funks.  I've mentioned a few times that I have multiple hobbies - and this is the reason why.   But lately I can't seem to get inspired.  Someone please INSPIRE me.  Actually you know what - my husband inspires me everyday.  With everything he has been through these past few months it's amazing that he keeps so positive and so level headed.  I only wish that I could take life in strides like him.

Anything cold.  As I mentioned the weather is whack.  I want Popsicles. ice cream.  beer.  salad.  anything that doesn't require me to turn on the stove.  Oh and I love cherries.  I love when they are in season in Canada because they don't require me to take out my life's savings {which isn't much by the way}.  I can eat cherries all day - everyday. 

Long weekends.  And summer hours.  Breaks from the daily grind.  Lately I have been enjoying my personal time - and I feel a lot better for it.  I love working and I love being busy - but lately it's been really nice to just sit and relax and do nothing.  OH and also I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had to discover Ontario.  It's truly a beautiful place.  I've been learning about moose.  about beavers.  and bogs.  and sometimes the odd lily pond.

Of course because Howard Stern is a judge on AGT (America's Got Talent) I have had the pleasure to start watching this show. Because if you didn't know - Steve loves Howard Stern.  I assume that this love affair can only be comparable to the one I have with Carrie {yes totally on a first name basis}.  I know Steve would leave me to marry Howard.  Anyways AGT is somewhat entertaining.  Especially this guy.  Ridiculous. 

To understand the difference between HTML and CSS.  It's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo - but I have been tinkering and have learned how to do a few new things.  Of course I should give some credit to the blog design course that I took through the Blog Design Network - What! What!  And Katie from Priceless Adventure -  who is always available to help and pumps out some gorgeous designs I might add.  I am really excited to work on a few new designs and then finally start to rethink my own.  Because lets face it the current state of Hope Squared is well.... it's old. Boring. and not functional.  I don't even have a search bar.  I suck.  But knowing is half the freakin' battle.

Whatcha been up to lately?  Link up here. 
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  1. [shakes fist] no search bar!!! :)

    I hope it's gets better... and cooler. I, too, love cherries. I could eat them all day. I miss having loads of cherries (because they are all imported here and so spoil fast) and GA peaches. There's nothing like a GA peach. I like the lilypond pic!
    Enjoy your popsicles, and cold stuff. Hey, put some fruit in jello! That's a great cold snack!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Emily! My advice is to just play with your design! Leave it a few days & come back to it & play some more. Think about functionality first. What you want above the fold. How you can make it different than everyone else's.

  3. Warm weather is nice, but HOT weather.... is a different story completely. It's not quite so hot where I am, but I'm totally into the summer foods like you. Soda, watermelon, salad, anything fresh. Yum :)

  4. I wish I worked summer hours, aka didn't work during the summer. Love Howard Stern, like seriously. Annnnnd now that you understand HTML teach me. And help me build a patio you encouraging person you.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. They said on the news today that tomorrow will almost be twice as hot :s stock up on popsicles!

  6. I don't have a search bar either... I'm holding out til the new design. We're in the same boat chicky, I'm also having a hard time getting inspired. Meh. It comes in waves- eat some ice cream and give yourself a break :)

  7. I feel you on the heat girl. It's so disgusting!!! And I'm sorry about your migraines...that probably makes the heat 10 times worse. Hope you are feeling better soon. Oh and you aren't the only one without a search bar. Will you teach me how when you learn more mad design skills? Haha.

  8. It's seriously too hot to be inspired. Like, you may think of something inspiring to do, and then it's all "oh I can't do that - it's too hot." WORST. I'M DYING OVER HERE. We also don't have a/c and my migraines are also TERRIBLE.

    Miss you lady. Let's hang soon. Preferably somewhere with air conditioning. YORKDALE, WHAT?

  9. Just came across your blog and LOVE it!! I have literally been stopping in almost every single gas station I pass and getting a Popsicle. I'm ready for this insane heat to stop already...


  10. Feel better. I agree it's stinking hot!

  11. I'm starting to learn the HTML and CSS stuff but damn I am lost in the sauce sometimes.

  12. I totally get it! I am in Michigan on vacation and it was the hottest day since 1933. And our A/C went out. Hopefully you get a break soon and it will get cooler. The heat has made me SO exhausted and has given me plenty of headaches too :/

    Just found your blog on the GFC Link Party. New Follower :)

    Join my "All Things Pretty" Blog Hop!

  13. Just wanted to tell you that I suffer from chronic migraines and I feel your pain. I cant imagine having to deal with a migraine/headache with no ac! My advice- cold towel on your head/eyes, dark room, celing fan!

    Found your blog via Blissful & Domestic Blog Hop- Newest follower :)


  14. Ughhh, I am a migraine sufferer too and summers in Arizona don't help them one bit! Hop you are feeling better! I'm stopping by from the hop and am now a new follower:) Would love if you could stop by Crazy Mama Drama when you get a chance;)




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