Are you thinking 'Damn Emily, I am totally digging your post intro title?'  Well did you see the awesome 'The Clipping Mask- Photoshop Tutorial' that Kristen from Confessions Of A Graphic Design Student posted this week?  I was inspired by it.  But I didn't use photoshop for this - instead I used Illustrator - in four easy steps {maybe I will create an Illustrator version?}.  I am conflicted about what I need to use Photoshop for.  I like it - but not when I am messing about with design.  I like it for photo editing - and that's it.    Anyways - if you use Photoshop and want to learn how to jazz up your fonts - check out the tutorial.

So currently I haven't been up to much.  But check out this....

Katie {AKA the CSS Wizard} taught me how to do this

You're thinking 'So what - you added an image to your post!'  - nope!  I didn't.  With some borrowed code from Katie - I CSS'd the eff out of my template.  Oh and in the process mistakenly deleted some code for my date and comments - but whatevs man - this means I no longer need to open a new file to create these header/ title tags.  Effin' brilliant.  If I wasn't married - and didn't want to already marry Carrie Underwood I would ask Katie to be my wife.

I am joining Randalin for her weekly currently link up - because she inspires me to sit down and think and reflect on what's been  happenin' in the life of E-Ho.  Here it is, after a long awkward intro.

Missing - My Father-in-law

It's been a rough few months for our family - and everyday his presence, knowledge, humour, wit, perspective has been painfully missed.  We are thankful that he was able to share in this moment with us - but it's sad to think he won't be there for the rest of it.

Dreaming - Of Coding

For real!  Did I ever tell you that I have an obsessive personality?  If I am interested in something - I am really into it.  And I try to learn as much as I can about it.  I Google.  I buy books.  I practice.  Practice. Practice.  And then all of a sudden I'll lose interest and get obsessed with something else.  I am sure that this is the reason my teenaged relationships never worked out - girlfriend was crazay!   Currently I have been obsessing over code.  So much that I wake up and I am still thinking about it.   Why can't I get obsessive over cleaning?  That would be more practical.

Loving - The Temperature Drop

Thought there was a heat alert issued today by the City of Toronto - it has got nothing on that last heat wave that we had.  It nearly crushed me.  Good riddance five day migraine.  I ain't got time for that.  I am digging breezes that don't feel like disgusting smoggy dragons breath.

Laughing - At Ted

Steve and I went to see it few weekends ago and I am still laughing.  Have you seen it yet?  I want to see it again.  I love Seth MacFarlane - so I am not surprised that I loved this movie.  Obviously the premise is ridiculous - but come on it's still funny.


Wishing - i was camping

We are trying to plan out a few more trips this summer - but honestly I wish I could camp every weekend.  I love being away from the daily grind.  Away from technology {though I will attempt to upload an instagram}.  And I like just being in nature.  The food, beer, and marshmallows are an added perk.  And seriously what's more relaxing then reading next to a morning campfire? 

What have you been up to currently?

Harvesting Kale


  1. Haha, I want to see Ted so bad but I have serious ADD at movies and pull my phone out, shake my leg, and talk. So, I will wait until it comes out on DVD. Ps. Do you want to design a header for my blog?

  2. Yay!! So glad you got it to work! I dream of blog design on occasion too.. Obsessive minds dream alike?!

  3. I love currently posts like this. :) And my husband and I went to see TED too. I laughed SO HARD!! :D

  4. Thanks for linking up, my friend. I think you have brought a few non-mom bloggers to the link up this week, which is fun and kind of refreshing.

    Kale has got a monopoly on obsessive cleaning. I'll just bring him over sometime and we can give him a spray bottle and let him do his thing.

  5. I saw Ted on tuesday! I laughed soo hard!! I have a loud laugh if I find something really funny. so I'm always afraid someone is going to shhh me or I get kicked out. but it was super hilarious!
    That's my boy was really funny too, if you enjoy Adam Sandler!

  6. I can't waittttt to see TED!!! hahaha I love the trailer. And home girl needs to share that title/tag/code secret- I should know but I haven't really dived into my CSS textbook :/ I heart you for the shout out- THANK YOU! You're amazeballs.

  7. I love learning the coding stuff! I *think* I know how you did the coding in this post, but I'm not positive - did you do one of the h1 header things (like you can do for the date and sidebar headers) and apply the css to the post? I know, I know, my technical lingo is too good to handle, right?

  8. Currently: Missing reading your posts! Been in a blog funk and totally disconnected.
    Impressed with your new found CSS skills! Katie does totatlly rock. Come to think of it she's who helped me sort out my blog design as well!

    I'm the same about obsessing and then droping. I'm hoping my current blog hiatus isn't a drop. Fingers crossed

    have a great weekend!

  9. What a fun idea for a blog post! I will have to try that sometime! I get so craft blocked that I think this would be great to get me thinking! Thanks so much for sharing and I am a new follower from the GFC Hop over at The Life of the Not So Ordinary Wife!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Ted=Awesome. There are no words for how much I enjoyed 85% of the movie. The other 15%, well, I was on the verge of crying. I'm sure you understand. But that was 85% pure comedic genius

  11. Maybe your lovely coding skills code help me out? :)

    I don't want "labels" to show up at the bottom of my post, but when I change the option in the layout section- It does nothing.

    According to my Google research, it's a common problem! I can't find anything about fixing it though.

  12. I'm such a CSS/HTML newb. I would really love to learn more, I think I'll check out some books on Amazon. Thanks for sharing! :)


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