What's On Your Bucket List - Vlog Link Up

So prior to preparing for this 'blow your mind' vlog that you are about to see {are you ready for this? } I had only ever created a bucket list for the city that I live in.  I did this in an attempt to get to know my city better.  To date I haven't crossed one thing off that list.  I am good at writing lists - but bad at sticking to them.

When I finally started to think about this list {that was only yesterday} - I decided to break it down into two parts.  One my most desired travel/adventure activities and second my most desired life/personal goals.  I am not sure if this is my be all and end all list.  But these are definitely some things I want to accomplish in my lifetime.

I am going to warn you - it's long.  How do you keep a topic like this short?  It's impossible.  But before you watch all my awesomeness in all it's glory make sure you also check out my co-hosts.  Because without them - all this wouldn't happen.  Right? Right!

And seriously YouTube?

Here are a few things I want to further explain from this vlog

@2:58 - I talk about floating in the dead sea reading a book - this is what I want a picture of

@4:10 - I talk about wanting to go to the moon with Virgin Galactic.  OMG!

I hope that wasn't too painfully long for you?  If you made it through - thanks.  And sorry.  I thought about cutting it short - but I didn't.  Basically because I have no idea how to edit videos.  I am OK with that.  It's not my thing.  So thanks for linking up and I can't wait to hear what's on your bucket list.  And don't be shy - grab this button and put it on your posts.  Word up sista friend.  OH OH OH - And mark your calendars for Wednesday August 15th, 2012 - for the third vlog link up.  We'll keep you posted with the topic and details. 

Hope Squared
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{P.S.  This link up with remain open for 7 days - so you still have time to link up until next Wednesday}


  1. That was awesome! You have such a comprehensive bucket list... and your beer tour sounds like a winner. I would totally do that.

  2. spaghetti is WAY better in Italy.
    I also would like to ride a camel. Half of my bucket list is about riding animals, for pete's sake.
    heck yes to the helicopter, fo' realz.
    That's all I got.

  3. "person, girl, woman, lady, broad, I don't know..." hahahaha!
    My sister rode a Galapagos tortoise at Zoo Atlanta. When she was 3. I *think* that might have been easier on the tortoise than a grown person, girl, woman, lady, broad... !
    There's a phenomenon in my house known as "spaghetti belly"... sounds like you might be familiar with this!
    Your hair looks fantastic, BTW. You already are 'blogfamous' in my book... AWWWWWWWW!

  4. So... I for sure loved this! You're funny, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blog!

  5. LOVE this idea! I haven't done a VLOG in FOREVER. Just saw this on Chelsea's blog (Life is a Sunset) and will totally schedule mine for tomorrow since I already have a post up today.

  6. LOVE IT! 3 points:
    - Flash mob: YES!
    - I was forced to ride a mechanical bull once. My friends were all drunk and I was not. So I pretty much just sat there and then waited for it to throw me off. It was a little sad but probably really funny.
    - Girl, you are heading towards blog famous. You rock!

  7. I watched your vlog before bed last night, and you crack me up! I seriously love how funny your cat is at the beginning! Also let's go to the galapagos together... We will ride a turtle and it can drop us off at the marine iguanas. 2 birds 1 stone! I loved the link-up!

  8. Pay off debt, buy a house, and move to California. Ditto. Let's have a blogger's cul de sac! You can be the blogfamous activities director.

    You crack me up. I'm not even sure which my fav part was because I busted up laughing like 5 different times.
    You've got quite the adventurous bucket list there.
    I liked the end too where, the more sentimental ones.
    I was going to say more but my brain just went blank.
    Oh. I live like 200 miles from the artic cirlce and I've never been.
    I had a whole bucket list of things to do while living in Alaska but never got around to doing any of them. And now we're moving so yea. :(
    I'll have to just fly up here one summer when I'm older and do all that stuff.

  10. Oh my gosh, yes to all of these things. And if you and Katie set up a blogger's cul-de-sac in California I am moving in. I will provide the cakes and poodles. Can you imagine? They'll have to add us to the tour of celebrity homes. And we can practice our Spanish together!

  11. Dear Emily, you are a funny genius. I loved this! You're so smart... I should have totally made a small written list to work with. Good thinking. I love the clip board too. I think if you keep up this level of awesome, you are going to become blogfamous before you know it. Question: when you become blogfamous, will you take me with you? I wanna go there too.

    I also really wanna ride a mechanical bull. And tortoise.

    Petting a penguin is on my list too.

  12. Bahaha you are hilarious! I will have to add every single one of these to my "Leap list"

    I hopefully will find time tonight to make one so I can link up!!

    ps. Love your canadian accent :)

    xo Shane

  13. glad to discover you and your blog through this! :)

  14. You are looking fancy lady!

    Your list is hilarious. I hope you get to do it ALL!

  15. I love that your cat helped you and that you've ridden an elephant! I too swore in my Vlog, glad I wasn't alone!

  16. Your cat was adorable. And I also swore on my vlog I actually had to redo it, lol!!

    Seriously did you get dolled up for the video? Cause you looked gorgeous.

    Im also claustrophobic! So an igloo I couldn't do. Active volcano??? Heck no! Lol

  17. Okay girl. I love you even more now. :) I watched the whole thing and smiled throughout...and laughed out loud a couple times too. Loved your bucket list, and I'm totally going to add my very first vlog to your link up too. :)

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    Hope to see you there, and thank you!


  19. Man, I am extra special. Totally forgot about the vlog, but then did it on Saturday. And then forget to actually link it up for the link up. Until now, with 7 hours to go. Haha, one week later... :)

  20. Your vlog was great! Such an awesome list. I pretty much want to do everything you listed!!! And I love how you always drink beer while you vlog = amazing!


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