When I Crush - I Crush Hard!

When I was a much younger I used to get these crazy obsessive crushes on stars.  Like when I see an eight year old crying because she is within smelling distance of Justin Beiber {or is it Beibs?  OR JB?} I totally get it.  I've been there.  Maybe I never got a chance to cry my little eyes out - but I seriously would have.  I probably would have fainted too. 

As I started thinking of all my past crushes that were basically boderline obsessions I thought it would be fun {I didn't really - I just didn't have anything else to blog about} to share them with you.  Because you all care about this right?  You were all totally thinking "HMM, I wonder who Emily was crushing on when she was eight?!"  Well no need to worry about this anymore - because it's time to learn this valuable information.

Who was your favourite New Kid On The Block?  Mine was Donnie Walhberg.  I eventually migrated toward Joe - but Donnie always stole my little kid heart.  I had an entire wall in my bedroom dedicated to posters pulled from BOP and Tiger Beat Magazine all of Donnie.  I am pretty sure I referred to myself as Mrs. Emily Wahlberg. I wanted to wear ripped jeans like his.  I wanted to be this girl.  I would have DIED.

The moment I saw Leonardo on Growing Pains - my little girl heart exploded.  It was love at first sight.  I started to remove the Donnie posters and add in some of Leo.  His performance in Basketball diaries - outstanding.  I do love an adult Leo - but a young Leo steals my heart.  I mean seriously.

And in the midst of all the Donnie Dubb and Leo crushing my heart remained true to Corey Haim.  I loved him from Lost Boys to Dream a Little Dream.  I used to dream about how we would get married and have tons of babies.  I then forgot about him.  And like my childhood  he passed away on my thirtieth birthday.  I was devastated.  I still am.  Corey we can get married and make babies in another life.

As I grew older my teenage heart moved from movie stars to men with guitars. In punk rock bands/ And with tattoos.  A large portion of my teenage live I spent fantasizing and obsessing over Tom from MXPX.  I once got his autograph at Vans Warped Tour and died that we touched hands.  I even went as far to framing a picture of him and putting it on my bedside table.  I am not sure what is more embarrassing the fact that I loved Tom or that I LOVED Magnified Plaid (MxPx).  I could also add in Kurt Cobain and Russ Rankin to this list.  But Tom would win hands down. 

Oh and then there was my crazy obsession with Carrie Underwood - straight from American Idol all the way until now.  Seriously if I ever change teams I will marry Carrie.  Unless she wants to marry me now - then I will seriously consider it.  I mean look at her - she is smoking!   I once paid $100 per ticket to see her live at our local casino.  She is much too popular to play  there now - but it was glorious.  I even announced on Myspace that the general public was jealous of our relationship.

{Typical MySpace Pose - good thing I pulled this pic of myself off MySpace.  The one time I follow the rules}

And then I fell madly in love with a boy I met stalked in the college library.  A boy I followed all the way to Asia.  A boy who made everything make sense.  A boy who made me less crazy.  A boy who laughed at all my jokes.  A boy who makes fun of me and taught me how to laugh at myself.  A boy who asked me to marry him.  A boy I said yes to...and felt like a movie star.  A boy that makes those other obsessions seem mediocre.

{all images that aren't of Me or Steve - have been stolen/borrowed/used from Google Images}


  1. LOVE Carrie Underwood!
    And this is hilarious! I need to do a recap on my past obsessions ;)

  2. So so so cute!!! I love it! I actually had a crush on Jonathan... but I recently heard he came out so I've given up that dream. It was very tough to give up though!

  3. This was a hilarious post and very cute!!

  4. Why, yes. I have always wondered who 8-year-old Emily was crushing on. Actually, I've lost sleep over it.
    You should also know that we wouldn't have to fight over men if I came to Canada to visit. I'd gush over Justin Timberlake and that one Hansen brother while you went goo goo gaga over Leonardo.
    Anyway. I love that pic of you and your man - it's perfect.

  5. What a fun post! My first big crush was Keanu Reeves :)

  6. I was a fan of Joey myself! :)

  7. you had me at obsessed with NKOTB! we could totally be bffs!! haha
    I've started a post similar to this one [I know I am a terrible blogger] but I haven't decided if I will post it or not. My ending is much different than yours! it just might involve a current UK boy band. :S haha

  8. new follower from the gfc hop! :)

    cute blog!


  9. I have lots of things to say. First, your blog is totally adorable. I love the way it's set up and the graphics are great! Second, I was a Jordan girl myself until, you know, he grew up and stuff. Or maybe I grew up... either way. Third, I love that you had a crush on a guy from MXPX. I didn't know that many people even know who they were! And last, you and your husband are totally adorable and I can't wait to read the post below this on your guys' wedding from his side.
    (Found you through the blog hop, definitely following.)
    xo, Sarah

  10. Oh Emily - you are showing your true age with these ones! I'm with you all the way - except I was a Jordan fan. Oh, and not sure about Tom from MxPx. I did have a major crush on Davey Havok though.... which I might still have.... Hmmm.

  11. I was a Joey McIntyre fan, but I love Donny Wahlberg on Blue Bloods now. I'm a new follower from the gfc hop. I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and I'd love for you to join in some time.

  12. Love this post, NKOTB are a close second to my husband too!

    Popping over from the hop, Im your newest follower and can't wait to read more!


  13. I had a secret crush on carrie underwood :P

    I'm a new follower, found you through the GFC blog hop :)

    Kerry @ www.oh-so-amelia.blogspot.co.uk
    Stop by and say hi sometime

  14. Love this. I wasn't a NKOTB girl. More BSB but I get it. And Carrie Underwood? Yes 100%! I have told D repeatedly that I would leave him for her. I saw her in concert in Hamilton and now I'm waiting for her to come to Toronto again. And that picture of you and Steve is super cute.

  15. I had a crush on Leonardo too! I absolutely loved him. I am a new follower via the GFC blog hop!


  16. Leo was such a cutie, wasn't he? And now he's become a hottie ;)

    Visiting from the GFC Blog Hop. Really love your blog and now I'm a follower. Greetings from Indonesia!

  17. This was great! I showed my kids the video and they wanted to know why the boys were dancing weird and why they had rips in their pants. Classic!

  18. Haha, this is awesome. I had a crush on Jon. And Dylan McKay.

  19. I was obsessed with MxPx in high school. Ok, so I still listen to them when I'm in the car alone. Shhhh.

  20. OMG - NKOTB!!!

    My favourite was always Jordan. Me and my friends would do their dance routines all the time. *blush*


    ps visiting via the GFC Blog Hop

  21. This is awesome! Who didn't love NKOTB? I must say my big crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas.... aka JTT from Home Improvement. Stole my young heart. Who knows where he is now. ~Stephanie

  22. See, I knew we could be friends- no shared crushes to fight over! A girl in my 2nd grade class had her leg pretty badly broken, and got a poster of NKOTB plastered over the cast. That prevented any potential crush action there for me. My earliest crushes were Davy Jones and Jack WIld, who played The Artful Dodger in Oliver! the movie. When I focused on crushes younger than my mother, I set my eyes on... Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
    *hides head in shame, backs into a corner and runs out the door*

  23. What an AWESOME post! I was totally wondering who you were crushing on at 8 :) I would have to agree with most of these- but I was OBSESSED with Tom Delonge from Blink 182. I even slept with a poster of him above my bed. Ohhh teenage boys, what heartbreakers! But I love what you said about your hubbs at the end.. so cute <3

  24. Those Wahlberg brothers grew up nicely too. :)

  25. whaha so funny, I also totally had a Leonardo Dicaprio crush. Also, why did we so muh like the dance moves of those guys that I now find terrifying?



  26. Ok this is just amazing. And hilarious. I watched the music video....I can't get over that dancing!

    I also fell madly in love with the Growing Pains Leo Deo. And then I had Nick Carter tunnel vision.

  27. I remember when I was in 7th grade a friend and I went to an *N SYNC concert. We both loved them but she acted SO nonchalant about it.

    Until the lights went down and they came onstage and she seriously exploded my eardrum with her screaming. It was too funny.

    I've never been crazy obsessed about a celeb... until my last Maroon 5 concert. Suddenly Adam Levine was onstage and I almost wanted to cry I was so damn in love lol.

  28. omg!! yes, leo. i was obsessed in growing pains and through titanic, but then i went through a stage after titanic where i was all, it's not cool to like leo.

    i was temporarily insane.

    my heart belonged to nick of the BSB and i even went to the NKOTBSB concert in DC last year and then a couple months ago went ot a nick carter concert in NYC. im happy to report though that while some ladies (at least 25) were acting like they were still 8 year olds crying their eyes out i have luckily grown out of that stage.

    also, i saw a movie with corey haim in it on reruns in like 2000 (im pretty sure it was made in 1988) and i became obsessed with him after-the-fact. totally normal right? hahah

  29. Yep, love all your crushes! I found you via the GFC blog hop and am happy to be your newest follower! I'd love for you to follow me back at http://www.two-in-diapers.blogspot.com. :)

  30. I have to admit... from 3 until 6 or so, I was absolutely in love with NKOTB... and I was all over it when they all tried to have solo careers. My cousin is still in love with Joey to this day. We've talked about going on the cruise. You could go with us?

  31. How has no one mentioned that it is absolutely disturbing that Donnie is singing these awkward lyrics to a six year old girl?? Amidst men thrusting in the background, no less! That poor girl probably went through years of therapy to get over the trauma of being musically molested.

    Of course, I would have loved to have been that girl at that age. Sometimes I question my mother's parenting decisions in letting me listen to and bear visual witness to such awful music and dancing at such a tender age.

    Found you via my sister, Empirically Erin!

  32. Hi! I was an NKOTB fan too!! Loved me some Jordan Knight!! New follower from the Sunday Blog Hop at Blissful and Domestic! I'd love to see you at my place sometime soon!
    Barbara @ Chase the Star


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