A Brown Haired E-Ho!

Sorry Randalin!  And Sorry Krysten!  Or should I be apologizing to myself for posting such ridiculous photos?  Probably.  But listen - this is what a brown-haired E-Ho is like.  Or at least this is what she was like.  Do you still want to be friends with me?  I am a notorious picture ruiner.  Think about it - and get back to me.

Also thanks for all your stories and comments about the emu or ostrich debate.  I decided to do a little detective work and it is confirmed that I have in fact fed an ostrich.  Well I am assuming this since we visited an ostrich farm - however they could have mistaken an emu and called it an ostrich. Since it was in Vietnam - it's quite possible.  I think I am going to have to write up a post explaining the differences between the two.  Just to avoid any further confusion.  First I must consult our local zookeeper.  I will follow up shortly.

Until then - want to know what's going on here lately? Or currently? Or whatever?


I'm too lazy to cook.  But this weekend we are going camping and I will be cooking up a storm.  Hamburgers. Hot dogs.  Marshmallows [not together].  Cinnamon buns - even.  I can't wait to enjoy a few days outside - and cooking by campfire.  All meals should be cooked over a fire.  Everything just tastes better.


The new Emily Giffin book, Where We Belong.  I've been on the first chapter forever.  I read at night and usually fall asleep after one page.  At this rate I will be finished the book sometime next year.  I hope to get in some solid reading time this weekend. 


That I could live off a starving artists income. Basically I wish I was 22 - went to school for graphic/web design and started my own home business. Also I wish hindsight wasn't 20-20. Seriously - hindsight makes you just feel bad. I mean - I am never going to be 22 again - so how is this knowledge useful? It isn't. UGH! I wish I could retire. Or win the lottery. Or own a pair of moccasins.


How I am going to spend my vacation in September. I have so many plans and ideas - but I have a feeling that this staycation is going to end up with me on the couch watching reruns of Six Feet Under or The O.C. [both shows I've been wanting to watch all over again].

Looking For

Time! Seriously - there isn't enough time to get all the things I want to do - done! Maybe I should consider spending my staycation time on some of these things? But that's no fun. So if you know how to stretch your time - or have some basic time management skills - hook a sista up! Boob grabs are free! So I'll pay you in high fives.
What are you up to currently?
Harvesting Kale


  1. Considering some of the other photo's you could have used, I can't really give you a hard time for picking this one. I mean, it's basically impossible to find a picture of you not grabbing someone's boobs from this time period.

    I finished Emily Giffin's new book at Grundy Lake last weekend, so I know you will do it this weekend. I hope you guys have an amazing time. WARNING - it was COLD at night. Bring those sexy pj's of yours and your slipper shoes.

  2. Take me camping with you, pretty please :)

  3. Are you going to dye your hair brown? Because you really should.

  4. ummm I started writing a 'currently' link up and our cooking and reading sections are almost identical - although if I actually had my hands on Em's new book (waiting on the sis to hand it over) I'd probably be done by now - I love me a smutty Griffin novel.

  5. First off, hello! I'm a new reader! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon you but I'm glad I did!

    Here's what I'm doing currently:
    1. Reorganizing my blog. After moving, again, I got a little lost so I'm taking some time to plan posts and write about what I really want to share.
    2. Finding a job. I just moved to Toronto and finding a job has been hard. I'm in the transitional period between just working for money and trying out a career.
    3. Making friends. I've been working on making friends! It's weird trying to make friends when you aren't in school. It's a lot harder!
    4. I've been cooking a lot lately. Lots of strange ingredients that end in a great dish. I should be writing these things down...


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