Are You A Fist Bumper?

Who coined this phrase?  Because I want to shake their hand.  Or maybe just fist bump them - because of germs and stuff.  Doctors fist bump now right?  I hope so.  Anyways -  I want to design a print with these words and hang it in my office.  Both at work and at home.  I need to work on the 'act like a lady' part - but I think I've got the other pieces down.  Lady is already working like a boss. 

Since I have been busy you know working like a boss - I thought I'd finally participate in 'High Five For Friday' from Lauren at From My Grey Desk.  Though as I mentioned before - I probably wouldn't be high fiving anyone - I'm a fist bumper.  Well - sometimes.  It doesn't usually work well in the professional setting - but I'll work on instituting it.  So let's rename this link up to 'Fist Bump Friday' for my sake.

The Friday Five

1.  I want to see 'The Campaign' so badly.  Seriously - aren't you all secretly crushing on Zach Galfianakis?  I am sure he's getting tons of babes these days.

2. I want this Anthro dress so badly - but sadly it's no longer available.  If you own it and want to send it to me that would be wicked awesome.  Well depending on the size.  E-mail me if you need my dress size.

3. I think little Pusser {Basil} is going through a bout of Kitty Cat Depression.  I am going to take him to the vet to get it checked out.  I think because we are so busy in the summer that he is lonely.  Maybe it's time to consider a companion.  Though I am a bit afraid of how he'll react.  I think a vet will help me make this decision.

4.  Speaking of Basil - his birthday is in 12 days.  He'll be eight in human years and according to this chart - he will be 48 in indoor cat years.  Dude is getting old.  


5. This weekend I am going to drink 100 of these. Because that's what happens when you work like a boss.

what up with that?



  1. I love that dress. You'd look very cute in it. I think Mikko is having major depression! I've been spending my day trying to cheer him up but I think I'm annoying him. :( I'm trying to convince myself it's the rain but I'm not sure it bothers cats the same way :S

  2. At my old job we used to elbow bump so we wouldn't spread germs! And I want to see The Campaign too!! I'm trying to talk my boyfriend into going with me this weekend! Too bad you're all the way in Canada or we could go together!

  3. That dress is ADORABLE. And I really like that quote. :) You should share the poster when you make it. Have a great weekend girl.

  4. Drew and I want to see that movie too. We crack up at every single preview! And Sawyer is having some issues too...he's actually on kitty prozac (yes this exists) because of his cat fight when I was on vacation. He has been anxious and stressed ever since. The vet definitely knows best...hope you get things figured out!

  5. Have you checked on ebay for the dress? I wanted an anthro coat that was discontinued, but I found it on ebay for $130 buy-it-now, and the coat was originally $240. The person bought it when it was on super discount for $75, so they made money but I got a deal. And it was tags-on. I felt smart (that rarely happens with clothes or technology for me!).

    Also, that chart is insane- my childhood cat was 100% outdoors and she lived to be 19- so she would have been 400 years old! Okay, I may be exaggerating. But really. I hope Basil feels better... if he's cat-picky, maybe a dog for company?

  6. I want to see The Campaign so bad!! I saw the preview when i went to see Magic Mike and saw crying from laughing!! The trailer you posted is my fave!! haha! I have a shirt from JCrew that looks like that dress!! And I recommend getting a companion for your cate. I did and my older cat is happy/annoyed but never lonely :) And thanks to your chart y older cat is "24" and the younger one is "13" no wonder the older cat gets annoyed haha. Great post!!

  7. heck yes for working like a boss!!
    and our kitty has seemed really depressed as well!

  8. "like a BOSS" ...please tell me you've seen The Lonely Island's Like a Boss song? I'm pretty sure I've already commented on here about that...

    P.S. I think I'm really slow because I'm having the hardest time reading that cat chart.

    P.P.S. If you want to piss someone off you should prank text them about cat facts.. I thought you might find this amusing: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mattcherette/masterful-cat-facts-texting-prank

  9. That dress is adorable! I love the color! :)

  10. I am sooo super super excited about The Campaign. It has to be hilarious, there is no other option.

    Also, I love the kitty chart, my poor old kitty getting on up there in age as well.

  11. Howie Mandel is a fist bumper and I know this because I read his biography, the hard copy (truth).

    I'm super attracted to funny guys - who cares about looks when I'm laughing with my eyes closed - don't believe me take a look at my high school boyfriends.

    Our BIG dog Dakota is 13 in human years making him like 120 in dog years - we're just waiting on that letter from the Queen.

    Loved this post, as usual.

  12. I love this quote...I'm so glad you shared it!

    I'm also super excited for The Campaign. It looks hilarious!

  13. Love it! Sorry I haven't been by in a while!

    How's it bumpin'????

  14. I'm definitely a high fiver, but I'll make an exception if I meet you in person. ;-)

    Also, I will tell you that getting a second cat did wonders for our household! Really. They learn so much from each other, and they're able to connect in a way that humans cannot. If you have the space and the funds to do so, I highly recommend rescuing another cat!

  15. My cat is 15 in human years - he's off the chart!!


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