Emu or Ostrich?

Have you ever fed an emu?  Or and ostrich?  I have.  To be honest - I can't quite remember if this is an emu or an ostrich.  What's the difference between them anyways?  Well anyways - I fed this huge bird.  It was hilarious.  Also I have been considering changing my hair back to brown - fall is coming so it seems like perfect timing.  Yes? or No? 

So I am procrastinating!  I have a ton of stuff to do - but it just seems more entertaining to answer Gentri's seven questions.  They are always so good - how could I resist?  I couldn't.  So here I am - not doing what I should be doing - showing you pictures of me feeding an emu or an ostrich - or just a large bird.  Did you know that people can ride them?  I saw it.  And am terribly afraid to ever want to try it.  Anyways - answers to the questions.  Right now!

1. Hamburger or Hotdog?

Aren't there all kinds of disgusting things in hotdogs?  All kinds of disgusting things that make them taste delicious.  Ummm...I don't know about you but there is nothing more delicious than a vendor dog.  Especially after a night out.  Or even on a weekend afternoon.  Let's get real I'd eat vendor dogs for breakfast if I could.   And dinner.  I think it's the mustard.  I really like mustard.

2. If you had to live on another planet which would you choose?

I am not well versed in all the planets - and the perks of any of them. Mars seems like it would be rocky - and I am not sure if there are trees. I would need trees. Also men are from Mars right? Someone told me that. And you go to Jupiter to get more stupider. I think Saturn is a pretty planet - so I will be shallow and pick the pretty one.

3. Share a photo of an outfit that represents your personal style

I know - you want to be me! Listen - I am anything but fashionable.  I like clothes - but I don't think they define me.  I like to be comfortable.  Sometimes I like to wear a dress.  But mostly I want to wear ridiculous PJ pants with mismatching tops.    Oh and $70 slippers - that's haute couture.

4. Would you rather get ready for the day or get ready for bed?

I am not sure if the pictures above tipped you off - but I would be happy if I never had to get ready. I hate getting ready. So much wasted time spent in front of the mirror doing my hair, putting on makeup, picking out clothes. I'd rather wear my sweats and shower periodically. Am I disgusting? Or incredibly lazy? Probably both.

5. Choose between never having eyelashes or never having eyebrows?

I hate my eyebrows. They grow up into these devil horn things. They are ridiculous. They are so messy. My eyelashes - I love. They are naturally full and long. Sometimes a tiny bit of mascara is all I need. I would be sad to give them up - but sadly I think I would look ridiculous without eyebrows. So my eyelashes would have to go.

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would love to know! I am all over the place. But honestly - I think I want to be a mom. I think I'll officially be a grown up when someone calls me mom. Even though the thought scares me to death.

7. Do you set your clocks right on time, or a few minutes ahead or behind?

Always ahead. ALWAYS. I am notoriously late for everything. I have to set three alarms in the morning. Steve has two. That's right - we have five alarms going off. Mornings are kind of crazy around here. Hence never EVER wanting to get ready.

Sans Eyebrows or Sans Eyelashes?


  1. When I was a little girl... probably about 8, an emu tried to eat my sweatshirt! I was standing there looking at it, and (s)he just leaned over the fence and grabbed the front of my sweatshirt!

  2. Looks like an Emu! M used to have an Emu farm - he could tell you the difference between emus and ostrichs!

    I wish I could eat hot dogs but I got food poisoning once and cant do it anymore - I have tried!

  3. YES! Dye your hair dark :)
    And for some reason I'm scared of ostrich's/emu's. Don't ask me why.... but I won't ever try feeding one! :)

  4. hahaha! It's ok, i love sweats and if I'm not out in public, working, or at school, I look homeless.

  5. pretty sure it's an ostrich! for some reason it made me think of "Dude where's my car?" when they called the ostrich, a lama haha.

  6. Uggh, getting ready in the mornings is one of the Biggest things I do not look forward to in going back to work. There is nothing good that happens before 10am and 2 cups of coffee. Nothing.

  7. It's an ostrich. I worked at Zoo Atlanta for five summers as a teen and my last three were spent in hoof stock, which included the lone ostrich, Edy. She was my buddy. The emus were not, however, as the one time I was in their pen (to clean up after a huge storm) I was bitten on the butt by one. And that triangle bruise hurt for a week!

  8. I reeeeaaaallly hate getting ready too. I get BORED. Is that weird?

  9. There is a warrant out for your arrest by the fashion police. And that's why I love you. I love the dark hair, btw- but you can easily pull off both!

  10. Your hair looks great either way, but I love going darker in the winter... it just feels more natural.

    I LOVE your pajama pants! So fun.

  11. So in my old department at work, we used to get bored and have animal of the day discussions. The emu was one of them. And the ostrich was another one. We would pretty much just sit and read wiki articles aloud to each other when we came across neat facts. So this of course makes me an expert, you know?

    So based on my expertise, I'll have to say that it's an ostrich. It looks more ostrichy than emuy anyway. ;)

  12. I say ostrich! But I've never met one before, so yeah... I'm a new follower to your fun blog!

  13. I actually really like your hair dark - you could totally do it :)
    oh and can I just say, mmmmmm mustard!

  14. I hate getting ready too, especially during the summer when you get all sweaty and messy within hours anyway.

  15. Your number 6 could ditto for me perfectly (does that English make sense? I might have messed that up...) That's how I feel perfectly. And I love all your answers. You're pretty dang funny!

  16. I would have to go with no eyelashes, too - no eyebrows would be freaky. did you ever see the picture of anne hathaway on pinterest where they photoshopped out her eyebrows? it was scary - and had an awesome caption that said "and this is why people need eyebrows" or something.

    I also hate getting ready - I stay in my PJs all day and never get dressed until 5 minutes before I have to leave the house... so therefore I am also always late!

    I am totally a 3 alarm gal. I'm hopeless in the mornings! And I can sleep FOREVER. Once I overslept for my job that started at NOON. I woke up at 12:20 pm after a full night's sleep... not good!


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