Hey, Hey! - You, You! - I Want To Be Your Girlfriend!

Unfortunately Biebs is way to young to ever be my boyfriend - but if I was 10 years younger you can guarantee that this broad would be lusting after him.

Now this week for Lena's Tuesday Ten - she asked peeps to share their top TV Boyfriends.  I've had to take a few days to think this one over but I think I have finally come up with a pretty impressive list.  Enough to validate my good taste in men.  Because I do have impeccable taste!  Before we jump into this you should read a bit of back story on my past crush obsessions.  Now you can see where I am coming from.

Are you ready for this?

E-Ho's TV Boyfriends

[ONE] Chuck Bass [Gossip Girl]

Am I the only one still lusting after Chuck?  Even after ditching my loyalty to regularly tuning into GG every week - I still have this soft spot for Chuck.  I mean he's Chuck Bass!  The only thing that would make him more attractive - a Chuck Bass with a British accent.  The writers should have totally worked that into the storyline when they ventured off to Europe and Chuck lost his memory temporarily. 

[Two] Don Draper [Mad Men]
I always imagine that Chuck Bass would grow up and be exactly like Don Draper.  However this past season had me considering mine and Don's relationship status - but the season finale gave me hope that maybe, just maybe, the slick and debonair Don Draper would be returning.

[Three] Dylan McKay [Beverly Hills 90210]

Originally a Brandon girl - but recently converted to a Dylan fan.  Dylan has that bad boy rep - but is seriously just misunderstood.  It's no wonder why Kelly chose him in the end.  Too bad it never worked out.  For her I mean!

[Four] Nate Fisher [Six Feet Under]

Please tell me that you have all watched the entire Six Feet Under series and fell in love with each character just as much as I did!  Thank you!  I loved, LOVED, loved Nate's character.  I think maybe I fell in love with him after this line "Well, you know, love isn't something you feel, it's something you do. If the person you're with doesn't want it, you know, do yourself a favor and save it for someone who does."

[Five] Lucas Scott [One Tree Hill]
This is probably just to prove that I do still have a thing for the 'good boy'.  And also I am not sure if it's just my attraction to Chad Michael Murray or what.  But I was really bummed when they wrote Lucas off OTH.  Even though that did mean less Peyton tears - I still enjoyed his character.

And because I think ten boyfriends is just too many - I am going to stop here.  However the other five would include McDreamy [Derek Shepherd], McSteamy [Mark Sloan], Jim Halpert, Pacey Witter, and Seth Cohen [Because who doesn't love the funny guy?].

Who are your TV boyfriends?


p.s. Thanks Google for the images.


  1. Ah, "I'm Chuck Bass"...gets me every time. Haha! Also, I feel a little weird in actually enjoying a Justin Bieber song

  2. Ned from Pushing Daisies.
    All day, everyday.
    (and night...)

    'scuse me. I need to go...

  3. Good choices. Clearly Chuck Bass is the best choice. I miss him (and our weekly dates to watch him).

    By your title, I was slightly worried you were going to go with Chad Kroeger. Oh Avril. Such a disappointment.

  4. THIS. POST.

    I have already confessed my wildly inappropriate obsession with the Biebster - I don't care if I'm 9 years older than him, he's 18 now, it's okay - No, no it's not. But we'll just pretend so I don't feel like a pedophile.

    And Chuck Bass gets me every damn time. Yum. I would die a happy girl if he ever said "I own you" to me. Ahem.

    I think I'm going to make my own boyfriends post for next week. I've seen a bunch lately and now the wheels are turning!

  5. I am a huuuuuuuge Six Feet Under fan! Can't get enough of the show and the characters.
    And Dylan McKay? I had a poster of him on my door.

  6. Love this. Your taste is definitely very different from mine... but I love Eric Delko from CSI Miami, Jesse Metcalf in Desperate Housewives (are you starting to see my type...?), oh and who can forget AC Slater from Saved by the Bell??? The Mexi-Mullet was hot back then!!

  7. Chuck Bass. I cannot even. I love that man.

    You said Chuck Bass with a British accent could be better? Get ready cause I'm about to blow your mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34hGkIAhnBk
    Watch this right now.

  8. Heck yes, Chuck Bass. ps I'm older than you, for whatever it's worth, so I am the oldest blogger living on the planet.

  9. I never watched GG, so I don't know what that fellow is. But he can definitely be your TV boyfriend. I am down with that. The 2 I am also lusting over are Lucas Scott and Don Draper. YUM!

  10. Ughhh oh my god Lucas Scott.......soooooooooooo nummy:):):)

  11. Ummmm excuse me, but what are you doing stealing all of my fake boyfriends? This needs to stop, you homewrecker.

  12. Chuck Bass, Dylan McKay, Justin Bieber, I feel like you and I were separated at birth!! :) I always did love the bad boys. The opening scene in 90210 when Dylan would raise his one eyebrow, SWOOOONNN!! :)

  13. I've been pretty much obsessed with TV men since Zack Morris. Now a days it's most definitely DON DRAPER... omg I effing love him. Oh and Eric and Jason from True Blood... yum.

  14. Oh my... Mc Dreamy and Dr Hunt from Grey's too... I'm a sucker for his real life accent. hha


  15. Yes!!! I loooved Nate from Six Feet Under. He was adorable!

  16. omg, Jim, all the way :3 sooo cute!

    found your blog through the wonderful wednesday linkup and am now following :)


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