What Makes Me....Me!

I was lucky enough to have won some ad space on Jessica's blog, Lovely Little Things, for the month of August.  I am a newer reader of her blog and have enjoyed getting to know her better.  She is honest.  Adorable.  And loves cats.  I know this because she usually likes all the Basil pictures I put up on instagram.  If you follow me you clearly know what I am talking about.

Anyways - I am late to the game - but Jessica hosts a weekly link up called 'Smell the Roses' where basically she gives you a task that allows you to stop and reflect.- you know - smell the roses.  My life could use a little more rose smelling.  So I am jumping on the bandwagon -  and for week 31 - the task was to make a collage of  the things that make me..me. 

I thought this was going to be easy - but it was actually difficult to narrow it down to just a few pictures that sum me up.  But it was also sort of fun to go through some old picture files - and now I clearly want to go both camping and on vacation.

Here's what I came up with..

1. Travel - I love exploring new lands. Embracing new cultures.  Being out of my comfort zone.  And lazing by the ocean.  Each time I travel - I grow a little more as person.  I wouldn't be the person I am today if I didn't let my inner travel bug lose.

2.  Being outdoors/camping - we only started camping last summer but we both fell in love with it quickly.  There is just something refreshing, besides the air, about waking up in the woods and cooking your meals over a fire and to have the entire day ahead of you.  This has also provided us an opportunity to explore our country a bit more.  And man - Canada is pretty.

 3. Canada - As much as I want to travel and be away from home - Canada is home.  Even in the dreadful dead of winter.  The snow - as much as I hate it - is pretty.  The peacedful feeling you get after waking up to a fresh blanket of snow - and then sad feeling you get when you realize that you then have to venture out into it.

4. Self-confident - after 32 years of life - I am finally OK with how I look.  I spent so many years worrying about if my make-up looked good.  If my outfit was stylish enough.  If my hair looked ok.  Seriously I spent way too much time in front of a mirror getting ready.  Changing outfits.  I am now proud of the fact that I can get out the door in under an hour. And I would only be slightly embarrassed to be seen in this outfit.  Mostly because the boots are way to big for me.

5. Beer - As ridiculous as this is - I really like beer.  A lot of life's moments are just better celebrated with a cold beer.  I can't cook dinner without enjoying a beer.   Maybe I have a problem - but it's like I am always getting fall down drunk. Lady just enjoys a beer.  I want to go a beer tour in Europe.  That would be a dream trip.

6. Creating - My favourite things to do are when I have a chance to be creative.  This is why I hate mundane tasks.  I love to sew.  I kind-of like to cook {but don't have the time to meal plan or pump out meals 7 days a week}.  I like graphic design.  I love leaning how to code.  It's those things that let me create that make me happy.  Monotony drives me insane.

7. Basil - Ummm...I kind of like my cat.  Basically as a 32 year old woman without children - this is it.  It might seem crazy to you that I post a gazillion photos of my cat.  But would it seem crazy if I was posting that many of my kid?  I never understood the whole animal attachment thing - but I totally get it now.  Dude owns a large piece of my heart.

8. Ambitious - When I have my mind set on something I will work extremely hard to get it - sometimes too hard. A co-worker left this message on my desk one day.  I've kept it under my work phone since then.  I look at it everyday.   These words mean a lot to me.

9. Marriage - I never really understood why people got married - until I actually got married myself.  Even though it's mostly for the legality to me marriage means a lot more than that to me.   Even though I am sure I am the worlds worst wife - I still think that Steve and I do pretty good at the marriage thing.  I'm sure we could work on a few things - we aren't perfect - but I am happy with our new marriage.  And I can't wait to spend my life exploring it further. 

What makes you...you?

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  1. Emily, I'm honestly surprised that all the pictures weren't of Basil.

    But that's probably because we currently have five cats and they would probably take up my collage space.

  2. 5. Are you missing a "not" in there?!?
    Also, when you do this beer tour of Europe- because I am sure you will- Brussels, while having some of the best beer ever (and I'm a REALLY picky beer drinker), only has one brewery that does tours (that we found, at least)- and their beer SUCKS compared to the other local beers you can order at brasseries. I was quite disappointed. If you get up to N Yorks, though, Masham has two breweries- Black Sheep and Theakston. We just did Black Sheep's tour (finally) recently, and I'm gonna get around to posting it one of these days...
    This is a great collage of Emily! I love it (and your magic!)!

  3. yay for #6, I sew too! Beautiful blog and design and I LOVE your nick-name. Now following you via the blog hop and would love a follow back..all the best!Monica

  4. I love that little note. What a great reminder that we all need sometimes. And three cheers for marriage :)

    P.S. I host a weekly instagram/phone pic link-up on my blog. If you have 20 seconds today, I'd love for you to link up this post and join the party!

    Happy Monday,



  5. I love that you love Basil as much as I love my puppy, because it makes me feel better about my puppy addiction. We are in this one together!

  6. Love you collage! I linked up too! Love what you said about self confidence! I too have felt the same way and wish i had learned earlier that it doesn't matter so much what others think so long as you feel good about yourself!


  7. Woot Woot for marriage, we're rocking out with it but there is always room for improvement.

  8. Basil is awesome, and I love all of those pictures on Instagram! I'm glad you finally "met" Jess. She's my Blog Little Sister, and she's just darn great. :-)

    I loved your collage, and I feel like I learned these things about you from past posts!

  9. I'm a new follower, your blog is awesome! Ohhhh your cat is sooo cute too!

  10. haha being new around here, the basil thing is cracking me up!

    Have a great week ahead! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

  11. Hahaha I was wondering if you noticed how I always creep on your cat pictures ;) I just can't help it...they're all SO DANG CUTE!

    I'm so glad that you won ad space on my blog, because you've become a daily read of mine because of it!

    Moving on...
    I love your collage!
    Obviously my favorite is #7...
    But #8 is a close second.

    Thanks for linking up this week, girl :)


  12. Camping & traveling are my two favorites! I am sure you had tons of fun. & it looks like you did from the pictures :)

  13. I LOVE this idea!!! Love it!! I may have to do a post of my own now.
    Thanks for linking up today.

    You are awesome E-ho! =D

  14. Emily, you are just so dang endearing, 32-year beer drinking cat lady that you are. Is Carlsberg your favorite beer? It seems to frequent your photos the most often. ;)

  15. I love this. I just absolutely love how honest, heartfelt and overall positive it was. Way to go girl!


  16. I love this idea and post! So honest and refreshing - and inspiring! Thanks!

  17. I just have to say that... I love every single thing that makes you .... you! Mostly because you are awesome and amazing and all that good stuff.

  18. That note from a co-worker is PRICELESS!

  19. damn Kimberly stole my comment... give me a sec, I'll come up with another... okay here it is: your cat's name is ridiculously awesome - I actually love basil (had you named him thyme, we'd have issues cause I strongly dislike that herb).


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