What's On Your Feet? VLOG Link Up

I thought by vlog number four that I would have this vlogging thing under my belt and would basically at this point be an expert.  But I am not.  I am actually terrible in front of the camera.  Is this what it looks like to talk to me in person?  I apologize for that.   Thankfully most of you will never witness that.  Thankful for your sake.  Shesh!

I also thought that I would get better at shortening them - expect nope - they are just getting longer.  So I am either a) warming up and/or b) rambling because I am still uncomfortable.  Also once I am comfortable - I am a true chatterbox.

Well I got home late this evening - Steve went out to play Frisbee in the park.  What your husband doesn't do this?  And I got to work pulling out my sad looking shoe collection.  I learned that I really need to reconsider the kicks I am wearing. But hey - you won't see any crocs kickin' it around here.  I can guarantee that.

After {or before) you watch this in all it's glory - make sure you check out my awesome co-hosts and witness that they probably are sportin' cooler shoes than this broad.

What's on your feet? the 10 minute version

{Apparently YouTube needs more DuckFace}

Are you still here? If you are - amazing! And if not - how are you even reading this?   I just want to clarify that I rarely speak in the third person - so at the 9 minute mark I am not sure why I busted into that.  It's must be because I was talking about my blog persona.

Oh and I totally just Googled the 'Shoes On Table Superstition' and obviously wikipedia is a reliable source - but the first two paragraphs have now caused me to chug my third beer and sleep with one eye open tonight.  

And one last comment - I totally stole my 'Peace Out Suckas' from my sister-in-law's kids.

Anyways - I hope this VLOG inspired you to record and link up one of your own?  I really can't wait to see all your kicks.   We will be keeping this link up open all week {until midnight next Wednesday} - so even if you don't have a vlog ready for today - go get one ready for tomorrow.  Or the next day.  And just because sharing is caring and we are all carers here, right?  Grab this button and put it on your post so your crews will know where to find us.

Hope Squared

And mark your calenders for Wednesday September 19, 2012 {or tell Siri to} when we will be back with our next vlog link up.  Topic to be announced early September.  Keep an eye out.  Also if you think you have an awesome idea for this link up - hit one of us up!

{This link up will remain open for 7 days - so you still have time to link up until next Wednesday - no excuses}


  1. Yay for barefoot hippies! I hate wearing shoes with a bloody passion. But if you've gotta wear them, they might as well be awesome.

    32 year old women should wear whatever shoes they want! You rock those falling apart, pink laced shoes!

    Oh my god... those rain boots. I am dying of jealousy. DYING. They are amazeballs.

  2. I've purchased shoes before that I thought were boots but they were slippers and I still wear them lol

  3. haha.. if you check out my vlog i have a pair of coverse that i love, STILL wear (even though I'm 32) and "shouldn't" fit, but they do!
    and new shoes on the table is def bad luck! ;)

  4. Oh i'm totally with you, i'd much prefer to be barefoot!!

  5. I am with you on being a size eight but having wide feet!! I have to buy 8.5 just for the extra width.

  6. I have the widest feet for a small person! So I feel you on that!

    And I'd also love it if I could go barefoot everywhere. I hate choosing shoes to go with my outfits and I hate smothering my feet in shoes!


  7. Great link up! Sorry I couldnt join in this week =[ x

    Lotte xoxo

  8. Emily you crack me up! I love your Roxy Slipper story, ha ha. That better be the best pair of slippers you have ever worn. Also your wedding shoes are gorgeous! I did the same thing, I wore them down the aisle and for some photo, and then bailed on them.

  9. I totally have the slipper shoes but Kris has banned me from wearing them outside of the house - which is ridiculous b/c he wears Toms with a hole so his baby toe sticks out.

    Anyway - loved watching this. I MISS YOU!

  10. Great rain boots! Fun blog party. Thanks for hosting.


  11. I had to leave my TOMS in Germany, and I have yet to buy a new pair!
    Hahaha, "I can just throw them in my garden." HA! I love it. Pink laces are always better when they're biodegradable.
    And... yay moccasins!
    Haha, oh my goodness, I love that you thought those slippers were boots. I probably would have thought the same thing!
    Those rainboots are sweet. Friggin awesome.
    Loved seeing all your shoesies!! :)

  12. I was cracking up the whole time I was filming my vlog because I was barefoot the whole time. I kept thinking I should cut down to show my bare feet but couldn't figure out how to work it in, haha. Loved this prompt!

  13. I was cracking up at your post! I linked up a "pretty girlie things" post, included of course a pair of fabulous yellow wedges from Anthropologie! Lovin' your blog, thanks for hosting!!

  14. You're wedding shoes are the prettiest!
    I can't believe you can walk in those heels at work! I fall up the stairs while wearing flats LOL

  15. Yes, I did watch the whole thing, and you are awesome. Let's be barefoot hippies together. You'll just have to accept that I'm terribly short without shoes, though. ;-)

    Your Roxy slipper boots made me laugh! They look so cozy, but I'm sure you were shocked and/or disappointed when you realized that your winter boots were actually glorified slippers!


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